Dark Romance Books: Ain't About The Money

dark romance books ain't about the moneyThis is one of Jamila's dark romance books that ended up inspiring her to write a full length novel. If you like reading free romance romance books online and pregnancy romance books, you'll enjoy this salacious excerpt from one of the best steamy romance stories by Jamila Jasper.

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Bijou Carter is a gorgeous, full bodied and warm writer from New York. Her social life is going nowhere in the dead end down she just moved to. Her frenemy Greta is her only source of entertainment. That is, until she meets Sam, a flirtatious, sensual man with a passion for dancing.

Bijou takes an instant disliking to Sam and the excessive forwardness he’s learned from his life growing up in Philly. When a thug tries to grope Bijou, Sam springs to the rescue. Bijou begins to notices that Sam is actually rather brave… and quite attractive.

One night together and she finds herself smitten… and pregnant. She tries to reach out to Sam but can’t seem to get a hold of him. He’s having reservations of his own. Sam’s worried that Bijou has figured out his secret: he’s not just a wealthy guy he’s a billionaire . Bijou of course has no idea why he’s pulled away from her. All she knows is there’s a baby on the way and she’s starting to fall for its father.

Trust me, it ain’t about the money…

Dark Romance Books: Ain't About The Money


Bijou didn’t like Greta very much. Something about Greta had always rubbed her the wrong way. The girl just seemed unstable, and not the kind of person you’d want to get upset at all. But since Greta seemed to have taken a liking to her and since she didn’t have many friends in this town since leaving New York, it only seemed appropriate that Bijou give her a chance. Bijou was a short, dark skinned writer with a warm smile and rubenesque body who had left her small time position in the city to be a big fish in a small pond. Bijou had long curly black hair that hit the middle of her back and unusual topaz colored eyes. She had a very beautiful body but was constantly plagued by the terrible men she chose to date.


She couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. She knew boisterous outgoing men were not her type. These men had no values (a judgment she had made based off of no factual information). These were the men who would get up and leave you for another woman the moment their fickle minds decided it was time. Despite Bijou’s constant pursuit of beta male nice guys, she found they treated her no better than the alpha males she desperately avoided. Another woman would have decided that it was time for a change, to start giving guys a chance based on who they actually were as opposed to who she perceived them to be. Bijou just figured she should swear off men. Her guard was up and she was tired of getting her heart broken.


Her “friend” Greta was a tall, Anglo looking girl with stringy blond hair and an intensely violent nature. It was pretty bizarre. Greta was an intern at the same agency that Bijou worked for and even if there positions within the agency were completely different they had been thrust together due to their closeness in age. Greta had a very strange attitude towards Bijou. She could act totally sweet and supportive but other times she was intensely jealous. Bijou concluded that the girl was nuts but kept hanging out with her because she always supplied a constant stream of weekend entertainment.


That weekend, Greta had dragged Bijou to a salsa club. Bijou thought the entire thing was totally uncomfortable. She’d taken one salsa class in her life and she wasn’t very good at it. The men there seemed confident to the point of arrogance and had no qualms about feeling up every woman they danced with. Bijou wasn’t a prude, but she considered herself to be too classy to be felt up by a guy who’d spent the entire night feeling up ten other girls just like her. Greta ordered them both cosmopolitans and they sat at the bar. “Look at that guy damn he’s so fucking hot!” Greta yelled loud enough for the guy to hear her if he’d been listening. Bijou looked over at him. Sure on the outside he was pretty attractive. He was taller than average and oozed sensuality which Bijou interpreted as being sleazy.


“Looks like kind of a sleaze ball,” Bijou said dismissively. Greta wasn’t listening to her. She was just staring at the man making his way around the dancefloor like a pro. Sam was tall, tanned lightly with green eyes that seemed to gleam even in the dimness of the bar. He was clearly muscular and athletic, an all around gorgeous guy. But Bijou had already determined he was a sleaze and as they continued to stare at him, both her and Greta noticed that he had flirted intensely with maybe five or six of the girls he danced with. Probably trying to sleep with all of them. Bijou had thought to herself.


She was lost in her own judgmental thoughts when the handsome man they’d been observing was suddenly standing right in front of her. “I’m Sam. Let’s dance,” he said and grabbed her by the hand, barely waiting for her response. How rude! Bijou was pissed but she couldn’t say no. He was already spinning her around the floor and all she could do was follow the beat of the music to avoid bumping into someone as he took her on a journey around the dancefloor. Greta was still at the bar, bitterly sipping on her cosmopolitan, clearly jealous of the attention Bijou was getting from the guy that she had spotted first after all.


As he swung her around like a rag doll, Sam was actually trying to start a conversation with Bijou. He didn’t really mean to be so rude and crass; his life in Philly had made him rough around the edges but deep down he was a good guy. Bijou just saw him as an attractive womanizer and she’d already made up her mind to remain closed off to him. “So what do you do for a living?” he asked Bijou. “I’m a writer,” she said, narrowly avoiding stomping on his feet. “Yeah? That sounds like a lonely career for a woman as beautiful as you are,” Sam said, looking intently in her eyes. Oh please. Did he really think that line would work on her? “It’s not lonely,” Bijou said. Sam pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “A woman like you could never truly be lonely” before spinning her out, pulling her back in and dipping her back.


After they had danced for a couple songs, Bijou felt like she’d overstayed her time in his arms. Plus, she wasn’t very good at dancing salsa and she felt a little seasick from all the spinning. Bijou kept herself steady at the bar. Greta was off flirting with some guy twice her age. Bijou felt the liquor taking control of her body. The room was unsteady. She felt clumsier on her feet than when she was dancing with Sam. Ugh. She felt like she was going to be sick. When she turned away from the bar to keep an eye on Greta, another guy was right in her face. Unlike Sam, he was not very attractive. He was tall, sure but he had a body like the Pillsbury doughboy and pungent breath she could smell before he opened his mouth.


“Hey,” he slurred and then leaned in closer and said, “I want to fuck you so bad pretty lady. Whaddya say we go out back?” He grinned afterwards, as if he’d just made an appealing proposition and not suggested something utterly disgusting. Bijou tried to step back but the bar obstructed her ability to escape. “That doesn’t sound like a good idea,” she said, trying to be gentle lest she instigate the man to attempt something further. He needed no instigation. The drunken man moved closer and moved his hand to touch Bijou’s ass. “Hey! Leave me alone!” she said in a loud voice, hoping someone would hear her in this loud ass bar and help her. To her surprise, she saw Sam walking over with a determined look on his face. He tapped the drunk on his shoulder and said, “Hey are you bothering this nice young lady?”


“She’s mine asshole. Back off,” the drunk said to Sam. Big mistake. Sam pulled the guy away from Bijou and landed a right hook on his face. “Let’s get you out of here,” Sam said, grabbing Bijou’s arm and leaving her assaulter on the ground clutching his bloody nose. Once they were outdoors away from the loudness of the bar, Sam asked her, “Hey are you okay?” Bijou was shaken. She couldn’t believe that guy had actually groped her with all those people around! What’s worse was that there was no one there to see her or help her except Sam… the guy she had judged for being a total sleaze. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little shaken,” she said.


“Well what do you want to do? I know you just met me but if you wanted to go grab a coffee, just get away from here, I’d be happy to. And don’t worry, I won’t try any funny business,” Sam said smirking, as if he knew just what she thought of him.


“I want to go home. Do you mind driving me there? I came with my friend Greta, but I’ll text her. I can give you my address,” Bijou asked, practically pleading with him not to leave her there a moment longer. Sam looked down at the beautiful dark skinned girl with her round cheeks and her beautiful fluffy hair. How could he say no to a woman like that?


“No problem at all. I’ll take you home” Sam said. He took off his jacket and put it around Bijou’s shoulders as they walked to his car. Bijou’s eyes damn near popped open when she saw Sam’s car. She didn’t know much about luxury vehicles, but she knew an expensive custom car when she saw one. Holy shit. This guy must be loaded! Bijou thought to herself, trying her best not to mention the obvious elephant in the room. She began to feel embarrassed when she thought of the house she was about to lead him back to. Of course, Bijou was proud that she could actually afford a house at her age, but she felt very humble sitting in Sam’s luxury car.


They started driving and Sam began talking and to Bijou’s surprise, he wasn’t actually talking about himself. He asked her about her career, where she was from and even asked her the kind of questions Bijou thought you would only ask someone who you were seriously considering as a romantic prospect. Was Sam just being a gentleman or was he actually into her? Bijou couldn’t tell. He seemed like he was just going through the motions of chivalry and Bijou still hadn’t ruled out that all of this was an excessively elaborate ploy to get in her pants.

When he got to her house he said, “Hey why don’t you take my card. I’d love to meet up with you again during the day. Somewhere that’s not a seedy bar with the occasional salsa night.” Sam flashed her a huge smile; Bijou couldn’t help but notice the way the smile cracked across his entire face in a really genuine way. She took his card and thanked him profusely for driving her home. As she was walking up the stairs to her house Sam called after her half joking, “I would have invited myself up but I think you’ve had enough sleazeballs for the night.” Bijou laughed and her laugh filled the empty streets as she went upstairs to bed.


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