Short BWWM Books: Billionaire's Lust in a Snowstorm

short bwwm books billionaire's lust in a snowstormCheck out one of Jamila Jasper's most creative short bwwm books about a black woman who has a steamy love story with a billionaire. If you love romantic stories featuring attractive alpha male billionaires and if you consider yourself a fan of torrid interracial romance books, you'll enjoy this quick but pleasurable read by Jamila Jasper.

Amber Kendrick is an African American heiress to a small house in the midwest and an entrepreneur with a love for business. However, spending so much time working leaves her lonely and lusting. When a huge snowstorm hits her tiny midwestern town, Amber gets into an accident and is luckily saved by a tough white alpha male who seems like a regular farm hand but he owns enough land to make him a billionaire. After sharing a passionate night with Amber, things spiral out of control and there's a good chance she could be having a baby for a man she'll never see again...

This book is a delightful countryside story that will definitely keep things warm for you throughout any cold and stormy weather...

Short BWWM Books: Billionaire's Lust in a Snowstorm Excerpt


The storm was supposed to hit later that evening and Amber was anxious about being alone in her countryside home in Glenwood. Her parents had left her this house after college and although she loved it, winters in Illinois were incredibly stressful. Amber had started up a couple small businesses and the comfortable cottage served her needs perfectly. One of her businesses was an Etsy store where she sold hand-knit items and antique jewelry. The other one was her wedding planning business; she’d already successfully thrown two rustic themed weddings in towns near by. Amber was doing quite well for a woman in her mid-twenties living on her own; her romantic life was suffering, but she was quite financially comfortable.


Amber had grown up relatively well off but had prided herself in her ability to start off this business all on her own. She didn’t need a man to help her pay her bills, buy her clothing, jewelry or anything at all. She was the independent black woman the media despised and vilified at every turn. Despite her pride, Amber couldn’t help but fantasize about meeting a mysterious stranger who would sweep her off her feet. It was a silly fantasy, but she blamed it on the loneliness of living in a quiet suburb.


She pulled on her cashmere shawl and turned on the television for reports on the weather. As she sat on her giant couch, she wondered what it would be like to have someone there to warm her up in such terrible weather. Amber hated to feel like a lame single girl always fantasizing about a big strong man taking care of her, but something about the winter weather made her crave company. Amber especially hated that her fantasies were often occupied by white men caring for her. Maybe it was the taboo within her community, or maybe she just hadn’t been shown the love she thought she deserved from black men. Whatever it was, she fantasized about broad shouldered white men swooping in and saving her from potent loneliness. The local meteorologist droned on in his usual monotone, “The storm will hit around five pm today we urge you to leave the house early for supplies. We expect power outages so make sure you have your generators ready to go!”


Amber didn’t have a generator, but she was well stocked with fleeces, furs and cashmeres that could easily take her through a few days of a power outage. She hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Amber decided to get working on one of her projects while her computer was still up and running. She was putting together a binder of options for a particularly picky bride whose wedding would be in July. This woman was absolutely nuts and had a list of demands longer than any Amber had seen. It would be a challenge, but a nice one compared to the small, midwestern weddings she was used to hosting.


She looked through her binders, magazines and websites laid out on her modern work desk. Everything was crisp and neat. Amber was really a stickler for cleanliness and precision. She put her glasses on and focused intently, trying to figure out which color schemes would work for her incredibly picky client. Amber was a beautiful, slim girl with an athletic body - she was a cheerleader in high school. Her hair was black and always in a high ponytail, her eyes were a deep mocha color with flecks of hazel. Her physical appearance had been her major focus during high school and she had been kind of a slut. During college she began to focus on her business and trying to figure out a way to establish herself in the world. The house - a gift from her parents - had certainly helped, but everything else she had was hard work. She was glad that she’d put these shallow days of sucking and fucking everything in sight to rest. Yet it was going on two years since she’d even kissed a guy and she felt incredibly restless about it. Her body wasn’t meant for this. She craved connection.


Amber’s cellphone rang; the theme song from the O.C. blasting through her home until she scrambled over to her couch to pick it up. She wondered who could be calling her right now as most of her friends and family in the county were likely preparing for the impending storm. Amber pressed “Answer”. A thick raspy voice screeched at her from the other end, “Am! Am?! ARE YOU THERE?” It was her best friend Bella - short for Isabella - who had a habit for giving people undesired nicknames and for being the neediest person on the planet.


“Hi Bella, yes I’m here, there’s really no need to yell,” Amber said, frustrated that Bella would choose now of all times to call. “What’s wrong with your voice?” Amber continued. Bella coughed, hacking up mucus loudly without covering the microphone, “Well, I’m sick,” Bella responded and then proceeded to have a loud and exuberant coughing fit on the other end. “I need your help Am. I need you to pick up a few things for me before the storm,” Bella continued, spitting up something that sounded quite phlegmy after her request.


Amber was always ready to help her friends out, even with their most ridiculous requests. She was definitely what some would call “eager to please” and what others would call “a doormat”. She leaped off her couch, hoping she could jump into action before the storm and asked Bella, “Ok so give me a list of everything you need, I’ll write it down and hopefully I’ll get to your house before this damned storm hits.” Bella hacked and wheezed again - she was somewhat of a drama queen - mumbled “thanks, Am,” and then rattled off her list.


Amber put on her thick black wool leggings, furry Ugg boots, oversized J. Crew cashmere sweater and a peacoat. She grabbed her keys and purse on her way to her car. She hadn’t installed her snow tires yet for the winter, but she was certain that she would be home before the storm hit and caused any damage. Amber started the car, and rubbed her hands together furiously as she waited for the engine to warm up. The drug store was a few miles from home and Bella’s house was even further out.

Amber arrived at the drugstore and looked at the long list she’d written down. Bella had given her a list of things that mostly seemed to have nothing to do with getting over a cold - a pair of white socks, Tylenol PM, shampoo, four AAA batteries, a new loofah, Sudafed, Cough syrup, Tums, four magazines, red nailpolish, nailpolish remover and finally “like six bags of candy”. She looked around for all the items and as she was walking to the check out line, she was moving quickly, focusing on getting home before the storm hit her neighborhood. SMACK! She bumped directly into a tall man who looked to be around her age. “Oh my goodness I’m so sorry!” she cried out, and bent down to start picking up her stuff. He crouched down to help her, “My name is Gabriel,” he began, “don’t worry about it, I know it was an accident.”


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