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Complete List Of Full-Length BWWM Paperbacks By Jamila Jasper | Interracial Romance Collectors Rejoice!

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Welcome to my master list of BWWM romance novels I have published as Paperbacks. I'll give you the direct link to buying Jamila Jasper on Paperback. All paperback books are 5"x8" so that your collection has a portable, uniform look.

"Bookmark" this page as I'll update it often as I work on expanding my catalog to have a further reach.

The list will take you from "most recent" to least recent releases. If you have a book that you want to see as a paperback that isn't currently available, COMMENT on this post.

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Complete Paperback Collection by Jamila Jasper 




📚 Killer Love Paperback:

📚9-Inch Addiction Paperback:

📚Beauty & The Biker Paperback:

📚Silver Fox:

📚Silver Fox 2:

📚Get Pucked Paperback:

📚Mr. Too Big Paperback:

📚The Sicilian Brotherhood I Paperback:

📚The Sicilian Brotherhood II Paperback:

📚The Sicilian Brotherhood III Paperback:

📚Alpha Bait Paperback:

📚Jealous Ex Husband Paperback:

📚Bad Boy Heaven Paperback:

📚French Kissed Paperback:

📚The Biggest Ego Paperback:

📚SEAL's Captive Paperback:

📚Ex Con's Captive Paperback:

📚Hitman's Captive Paperback: [LAUNCHING DECEMBER 21st 2018]

Wild Winter Lust 

bwwm romance novel new release kimono











Get Wild Winter Lust paperback:


Sleeping With The Mafia

mafia swirl romance











Sleeping With The Mafia Paperback =>

Cocked & Unsheathed

cocked and unsheathed dark romance books











Cocked & Unsheathed paperback =>

The Situationship

bwwm romance romance comedy novels











The Situationship paperback =>

Bound & Gagged

books similar to 50 shades to grey











Bound & Gagged paperback =>

Out of Bondage (Book #3 Becoming A Riccardi Series)

bwwm books out of bondage bwwm mafia romance jamila jasper











Out of Bondage paperback =>


The Family Secret (Book #2 Becoming A Riccardi Series)

our best contemporary romance novels jamila jasper the family secret











The Family Secret paperback =>

Mad Mafia Love (Book #1 Becoming A Riccardi Series) 

dark romance books mad mafia love jamila jasper











Mad Mafia Love Paperback =>

Ride A Cowboy











Ride A Cowboy paperback =>

Father by Choice

books similar to 50 shades of grey father by choice











Father by Choice paperback =>

Blue Eyed Hunk

romance novel excerpts blue eyed hunk











Blue Eyed Hunk paperback =>

Stripped Bare

bwwm books stripped bare











Stripped Bare paperback =>

This is the end of my full-length novel paperback list. If you'd like to see a novel as a paperback that isn't available, please comment on this post down below. I take my customer's inquiries seriously and will work to make the book available for you as soon as it's possible.


Dark Romance Books: Sleeping With The Mafia by Jamila Jasper

mafia swirl romanceSleeping With The Mafia is another one of Jamila's BWWM books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. This series was published after Jamila's Mad Mafia Love series

This mafia romance story is a second chance romance set in Boston. In fact, there are even references and hints to the fact that they may be set in the same universe. (Easter egg for you!) 

This novel is your typical mafia romance but with even more KINKY situations and drama than you're used to.

Get your copy of the eBook here =>

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Check out the description: 

Benito Orsini won’t take no for an answer…

He’s been dreaming about owning her heart for a decade.

No matter what secrets she’s hiding, he needs to get her between the sheets.

His old high school sweetheart has aged like a fine wine.

One night of passion is all it takes for him to change her mind.

He’s well endowed with the perfect length & girth plus a heart of gold.

Sheba Lewis is head over heels for this mafia ringleader.

But Sheba has a decade old secret. 

And when it gets out, things won't be pretty.

Free Romance Novel Excerpt | Sleeping With The Mafia


June 2007

She stared off across the river. The lights near the boathouse illuminated just

enough of the path that she’d be able to see him coming. There was no one else

here. The usual haunt for high school students looking for some privacy to hook

up was abandoned in favor of the prom dance floor. Sheba usually found the

boathouse creepy. But in the past year, she’d come to watch Benito row with the

varsity team and they’d made many memories here. Enough to quell her fears.

The deep, forest green of the river coated with a few spots of yellow algae

emanated a coldness only familiar to those who spent their lives deep in New

England — in small town Massachusetts specifically. Sheba had attended prom

for a few minutes. Not long. Her socially acceptable date did nothing for her,

despite the fact that he was a star on the track team, had deep chocolate brown

skin and dreadlocks that fell to his waist.

He was handsome. Just not for her.

Her pale yellow dress, cinched tightly at her waist and the tulle flowed to the

ground. Sheba had this dress hand-tailored by a seamstress in Boston for over

$500. Her father’s graduation gift to her. Sheba sighed. Benito was late. As


Sheba kicked off her shoes. Once out of the Steve Madden brown wedges, she

was down to her regular height of 5’5”. She tiptoed towards the edge of the

dock. The river had a damp, fresh scent and the smell of the evening dew added

to it. It was early June, which meant that nights down by the river were still

chilly compared to the warmer nights of summer.

Sheba hated waiting.

She hiked up her dress, just above her knees and sat down at the edge of the

dock. She dipped her toes into the icy water and then recoiled. For a split second,

she feared that something lurking beneath the surface of the river would reach up

and grab onto her toes, pulling her under. And no one would know.

Frustrated, she pulled out her new Sidekick.

“Where r u??”

Sheba sighed and set the phone down. The school’s campus was safe, but that

didn’t mean she intended on staying down here indefinitely waiting for Benito.

Sheba’s long, relaxed hair was dyed an ash brown color. She’d had it pinned up

in a bun with a Swarovski crystal pin holding her hair together. She took out the

pin and stuffed it into her clutch. Her long hair fell down the middle of her back.


“Jesus Christ Benito!” Sheba exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“I’m sorry my love.”

She stood up and rushed up towards the path where Benito had emerged.

“I had a lot of trouble breaking away.”

“Fine,” She whispered.

They embraced. The two eighteen year olds pressed lips together and their

tongues clumsily explored each other’s mouths before they pulled away. Benito

looked at Sheba closely, analyzing how beautiful her medium brown skin looked

in her yellow dress. Her blue-green eyes shone underneath the light from the

street lamps.

“You’re alone?” He whispered.

“Of course.”

They kissed again. Benito ran his hands through her long hair as they kissed.

Getting away from the party had been difficult, especially since his sister

Katarina had been keeping a suspiciously close eye on him.

“How was Chris?” Benito whispered.

Sheba smacked him playfully, “Oh shut up. Chris was fine… I told him over and

over again that it wasn’t a date and he still asked to hook up.”

“Oh no,” Benito said, chuckled.

Sheba looked into Benito’s eyes. His brown eyes glistened with mischief. His

brown hair was gelled up into spikes and his suit fit him so well, she couldn’t

help but feel woozy.

“And what about you?” Sheba asked, “How was Charlotte?”

Benito rolled his eyes, “She was… Charlotte. Bragged to everybody that we

were going to be a thing. She thinks because we’re both going to Oxford that

we’re meant to be.”

Sheba wrinkled her nose. Benito smiled and kissed her on her wrinkled nose.

“You don’t have to worry about Charlotte,” Benito replied, “She’s way too high

maintenance for me.”

“I don’t know how you got away from her.”

“Skill,” Benito replied with a smirk.

His face turned serious for a moment. He grasped Sheba’s hands and pressed

them to his lips.

“I have something important to tell you Sheba.”

“What is it?”

Benito muttered, “My parents are moving us back to Italy.”


Sheba pulled her hands away from him.

“I just found out today. My mother wants us to be closer to Oxford. And she

wants me to become more fluent in Italian.”

“You’re already fluent!” Sheba exclaimed, “And what about us! What about

vacations? When are we supposed to see each other?!”

“I don’t know,” Benito said.

Sheba could see he was just as scared as she was, despite his attempts to hide it.

“I don’t know,” Benito repeated, “But this won’t change things between us.”

“I don’t believe you,” Sheba whispered.

Benito saw the tears glistening in her bluish green eyes. He wiped one of her

tears away and kissed her on the cheek.

“Tonight is not supposed to be about that.”

“I know.”

“So…” Benito continued, “Let’s forget it. We will solve the problem of my

mother later.”

“I don’t want you to go…” Sheba whispered, pressing her head to Benito’s


He kissed her forehead and pulled her close.

“Don’t worry Sheba. I promise… I will come back to you as soon as I can.”

He tilted her chin up so her lips would meet his once again. He kissed her cheek,

her lips and then her neck. Sheba exposed the flesh of her neck to him, allowing

Benito to graze his teeth.

“I promise you… I’ll make your first time worth your while…” He whispered.

Sheba clutched onto him. His jacket was still on and the Italian wool beneath her

fingertips was a sensation that would always remind her of Benito. Her hands

were shaking as she touched the first button on Benito’s shirt.

“It’s okay to go slow.”

Sheba nodded. She began to unbutton Benito Orsini’s shirt. As his tanned,

Italian chest came into view, Sheba could feel herself getting excited. From the

time she’d first started dating Benito she’d wanted this. But she’d still wanted to

be in love with him first. Benito, more experienced as he was, still had the

patience to wait. He had been willing to take things slow with Sheba,

introducing her to her first kiss. He’d made out with her for the first time and

taken the inexperienced nerdy girl on a slow romantic journey.

The only issue was their relationship was a secret. It had to be that way. Sheba’s

parents wouldn’t have approved because they thought the varsity athlete was too

much of a ladies man. Benito’s family didn’t approve of him having a

relationship with a non-Italian. So they’d kept their secret and met up in the

middle of the night to touch lips beneath the moonlight. Their expensive country

day school in New England had many secret spots where they could meet up

after hours at the library.

So they did. Sheba had been anticipating this night for months. Beneath her pale

yellow prom dress, she wore matching white underwear that hugged her curves

tightly. Benito’s mischievous smirk as he unzipped her dress caused her to feel

something between her thighs. This sensation was unfamiliar, something she’d

only experienced once in a while after a particularly long make-out session.

Benito took his jacket off and Sheba finished undoing his shirt.

“Let’s go behind the boathouse,” He suggested, “We’ll have more privacy.”

The grassy knoll behind the boathouse was totally abandoned. The only risked

they faced was the night watchman emerging from the path. But he only came

through once every couple of hours and Benito was sure they’d have plenty of

notice if by chance someone did arrive.

Benito led her behind the boathouse and lay Sheba down on the grassy knoll.

Her hair sprawled out behind her like an angel’s halo. Her breathing grew heavy

as Benito positioned himself on top of her. He kissed her neck again. Her

bosoms heaved beneath him. Benito could feel himself getting hard in his pants.

He’d been chasing after Sheba Lewis for two years. Now that he’d finally had

her, Benito had found himself more than craving her. He was in love with her.

Completely, and totally in love. His mother’s news about the move back to Italy

had not been taken well. Benito had smashed a few of her heirloom vases and he

had hell to pay when he returned home.

Sheba… He’d do anything to stay with her, to remain where he belonged with

Sheba in his arms. He began to pull off her dress. Sheba’s skin reacted to the

cool early summer air, prickling with gooseflesh as Sheba’s shoulder became

exposed. Benito pressed his warm lips to her shoulder and he slipped Sheba’s

dress down around her hips.

The white bra holding Sheba’s breasts into place sent Benito’s dick hard at

attention. The contrast of the white bra against her brown skin drove him wild.

Sheba’s gorgeous dark skin was one of Benito’s favorite features. He unhooked

Sheba’s bra, causing her breasts to swing into view.

His dick twitched in his pants. Benito slipped Sheba’s dress off and slipped her

underwear over her hips. She was naked beneath him. Benito slipped out of his

pants and began slowly kissing her.

“Are you sure you want this?” Benito whispered.

Sheba ran her hands through his hair, and touched his cheek, pulling his face

close to hers. She kissed Benito, the man she loved more than anyone in the

world. Benito, her first love, of course she wanted this.

“I’m sure,” Sheba whispered.

Benito kissed her. He released his member from his pants and lined it up with

Sheba’s entrance. She had no clue what to expect. She closed her eyes as Benito

began to slide his hardness inside her. He went slowly, exactly as he’d promised.

He kissed her as he started to press inside her inch by inch.

Sheba felt a mixture of pleasure and pain as Benito began to slide inside her. He

was the first man she’d ever had and she knew she would never regret this

moment. His lips were pressed to her neck as his entire hardness was inside her.

With his full length buried inside her, Sheba needed a few moments to adjust.

She breathed her way through it, eventually adjusting to the pain so she would

feel only pleasure.

Benito began to thrust inside her. At first, he stroked nice and slow. Then he

began to pound into Sheba harder… She moaned as Benito thrust that first deep

stroke. Sheba began to feel immense pleasure unlike anything she’d ever felt

before. Her wetness gripped Benito’s dick like a vice and she began to feel heat

building in her core.

She let out a loud moan and Benito was encouraged to pump into her harder. He

whispered, “I love you,” into her ears as he continued to thrust his hardness

between his girlfriend’s legs.

“Don’t stop…” Sheba whispered.

She’d been afraid from the moment she first felt Benito’s hardness against her

entrance, but now that she’d adjusted to his size she was eager for climax. She

gripped Benito’s athletic back muscles and pulled him deeper inside her.

He obeyed her demand for him not to stop and began to pummel her wetness

with fury and excitement. Sheba let out a loud cry as she experienced her first

climax of many. She grabbed onto Benito as he sank his lips into her neck again.

He felt her body vibrating as she moaned in climax beneath him. Sheba wrapped

her legs around him and for a moment they paused, enjoying the forceful

euphoria that existed between them.

“Keep going… keep going…” Sheba urged him.

Benito began to thrust into her again. This time, he pushed his dick into Sheba

with long and slow strokes. Her face contorted into pleasure beneath him and he

could feel himself getting harder as he watched her face twist into pleasure and

her body writhing beneath him.

He grunted, struggling to hold back a climax. Sheba grabbed his ass cheeks and

pulled him deeper. Benito pounded her wetness a few more times before he

released. He grunted and released inside of her. As far as he knew, Sheba was on

birth control and they’d both been preparing for this day so long that they’d both

been tested. This was 100% safe and 100% perfect first time for her.

Benito kissed Sheba again on the lips before pulling out of her. He got dressed as

Sheba slipped back into her underwear. Benito watched as she slipped back into

her prom dress. Sheba smiled shyly as she saw him watching her. Benito could

never keep his affection for her to himself — even in the past when she’d

rejected him so many times. Eventually, he’d won her over.

Before they were together, she’d had Benito all wrong. She’d mistaken him for

another crude varsity athlete who only wanted one thing. But he’d waited a

whole year before making love to her. And just like he’d promised, her first time

was perfect. Sheba inched closer to Benito.

“Come my love,” He whispered, “Let’s lie back and look at the moon.”

The full moon overhead had added to the pithy illumination of the street lights.

They lay back with fingers intertwined, staring up at the stars.

“Do you think Charlotte’s wondering where you are?” Sheba giggled.

“I hope not.”

Benito leaned over and kissed Sheba on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about her,” He replied, “I see you enjoyed yourself.”

Sheba felt heat rushing to her cheeks.

“I did. Think we could do that again?”

Benito chuckled, “Not now princess. Let’s just enjoy prom night. I promise…

There will be plenty of time.”

Sheba nuzzled close to Benito, resting her head on his shoulders. Benito began

to stroke her hair, running his hands through the strands. They stared at the moon

and then the river, rushing along past the dock.

“Even if I go,” Benito said, “I promise you Sheba, I will come back.”

“It’s hard to believe,” Sheba said.

Benito kissed her forehead.

“Well you have to believe me. I won’t abandon you in this small town,” Benito


Sheba knew what usually happened to couples after high school. She wanted to

have faith in Benito. So far, he’d proven himself to her. But she was scared. He

was her first love and losing him would break her heart. Sheba knew that. Still,

she was just young enough to have a tender response.

“I love you Benito,” She said.

Benito smiled. It still excited him to hear Sheba say these three little words.

“I love you too, Sheba.”

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