Romance Novel Excerpts: Book #4 | The Navy Seal Brotherhood | BWWM Brotherhoods Series


Coming this February is something a little new for all of y'all. You may have read London Brotherhood Book I, Book II, and Book III. This month, Jamila Jasper presents Book IV: The Navy SEAL Brotherhood. So uhhhh... Why are you doing this? You might be asking yourself. Not everyone loves mafia romance and in 2019, I wanted to write a LONG interconnected series so we may not say "final" goodbyes to our characters and we can cherish them all year long. I also wanted to build a connected universe where events in one part of the series may play a big impact later on.

That being said, I know why y'all are here. Hell, it's why I'm here. We love romance stories. We love steamy scenes, sexy white men, and all the thrills that come with it.This book will have all of that. And the bonus? You can read this as a standalone or continue the series. You won't be missing out. OK, I've chatted a lot about this book. All of this to say that if you're looking for what is expected to be one of the top romance novels of the year from Jamila Jasper, a Navy SEAL bad boy romance or if you just love romantic stories, you'll want to check this one out. Read the FREE sample below.

Watch the trailer here first:

Romance Novel Excerpts | Book #4 | The Navy SEAL Brotherhood 


“I don’t want to hear another word of complaint. Usmanov is paying us each five figures for a two day trip and I know all of you motherfuckers need the money.”

We stood shoulder to shoulder, at attention, as Tyrese walked back and forth in front of us with a mean look in his eye, desperate to convince us that this mission was worth an iota of our time.

“CHUBB!” Tyrese barked, “With the gut you’ve been putting on, I know you need money for more food.”

Chester Chubb’s sallow cheeks turned scarlet. Tyrese stopped in front of Robbie next.

“PEÑA! Your mamá needs her rent paid and we all know it. If you stopped spending money on liquor and girls, maybe you wouldn’t still be here.”

Robbie didn’t flinch at Tyrese’s denigrations. By now we were all accustomed to his method of motivation. Tyrese’s boots crunched into the earth.

“HARWOOD! You don’t need the money, but you’re a crazy motherfucker and we can’t do this shit without you.”

“YES, SIR!” I replied.

Tyrese continued.

“ELLIS! We need you ‘cause you’ve got a kid in every country your sorry ass set foot in and when these ladies come knocking on your door for child support, you’ll need every dime you can get.”

“YES, SIR!” Bubba Ellis shouted, with a vigor that only a man who has successfully dodged child support in multiple countries for a decade could muster.

“ZHANG! Stand up straighter, boy. We need you more than anybody ‘cause you’re the only motherfucker who can keep these bastards in line. NOW, DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY MORE COMPLAINTS?”

“NO, SIR!” We responded in unison.

“Excellent. At ease gentlemen. Let’s review the mission after training tomorrow. I want all of you there at 0800 sharp.”


“Good. You’re dismissed.”

An intense morning workout left all of us dripping in sweat. Six months ago, we’d begun our work as a team rooting out Muslims in the desert and tracking Syrian ex-pats who might have been spies out in Kuwait. Our last teams had… disintegrated so to speak. Tyrese and I were the only ones to survive a mishap out in Iraq, and he’d been promoted to team leader of this new band of America’s most dangerous soldiers. SEAL Team Gamma formed six months ago and since then we’d been on mission after mission in the desert, interspersed with week-long training camps in the harshest climates in the world from the Australian outback to Siberia. When we heard about Tyrese’s latest plan for us while we waited for our next government contract, none of us were thrilled.

In the locker room after our intense workout, we stripped down, except Ellis, who never showered after workouts, and lathered up. Peña was pissed. So was Chubb. Zhang never let anything ruffle him and didn’t talk much anyway.

“Lorde has lost his damn mind,” Chubb grunted with his harsh Georgia twang.

“A princess,” Peña sneered, “We’re Americas most dangerous soldiers and he expects us to transport a fucking princess.” 

“He’s lost his damn mind,” Chubb replied.

Zhang added calmly, “We’re getting paid, at least. Well.”

“Fuckin’ chinks only care about money,” Chubb sneered.

“Watch your language,” I retorted, “That ‘chink’ is your brother.”

“Whatever,” Chubb replied, “Ain’t like he minds.”

Tim Zhang remained quiet, coating his body in soap. We’d lost our shyness about showering together during bootcamp. It made no difference who was naked and for how long anymore. We’d seen too much together and been in too many situations where showers were never an option to be too particular about it.

“We leave tomorrow too. A Russian princess, what the hell does she look like you think?” Chubb asked.

Peña snickered, “I’m sure you’d like to give it to her but you’ve got to get through Ellis first.”

Chubb hollered, “Ellis? That motherfucker can’t have any more kids without his wife losing her damn mind on him. See I know women, Penny, I know women, and she’s had it up to here with his cheating.”

“What do you know about women, Chubb?” 

“Hey, I’m married motherfucker. I’ve been married. More than you can say.”

“I don’t need marriage to get what I want from women.”

“OHHH, burn!”

“Shut up, Penny,” Chubb snarled.

He’d never learned to pronounce Robbie’s last name right so he called him whatever his little Southern mind told him too — often some butchered version of Robbie’s actual name. This week he’d settled on “Penny”. 

“She’s a spoiled Russian princess,” I reminded them, “It’ll be over and done with in two days. It can’t be that bad.”

“I’m sure she looks like Ivanka,” Chubb said, practically drooling.

Robbie and I wrinkled our noses in disgust.

“Ivanka Trump looks like the bottom of my shoe,” Robbie snickered.

I couldn’t help but crack a smile, knowing that it wouldn’t take more than that to get under Chubb’s skin. He threw a punch, and Robbie dodged it easily. Robbie tossed the soap to me and I lathered up, cracking a smile as I watched the two idiots try to wrestle each other naked. Robbie at least, seemed to be enjoying himself. Chubb finally caught hold of him and threatened him, but before he could land an actual punch, Robbie managed to diffuse the guy’s anger and he let go.

“Fuckin’ beaner,” Chubb muttered under his breath.

“Careful, Chet,” Robbie replied.

Chubb scowled, but he didn’t push Robbie any further. We left the locker and went our separate ways. I didn’t say much, but I had my own questions about what Tyrese was playing at. He didn’t explain it too well when I asked him privately. All I heard was that he owed someone — not the Russian — and that this man, some Oliver Cook, had saved his ass a long time ago. He owed him, and now, we were about to fly some Russian chick from New York City to Europe. This wasn’t exactly in the purview of the SEALs usually, except this woman’s father was a Russian oligarch and a US diplomat with enough clout in the country to make it a matter of national security. It didn’t make much sense to me, but Tyrese said all he was gonna say about it and it’s not my place to question my team leader. Start doing that and the whole team falls apart quick.

We had all we needed to know: One Russian chick needed to be brought safely from point A to point B. We had permission from Tyrese and high command to do the job, and once we were done, we’d get paid enough money to kick back and relax.

The next morning, I woke up at 0400, did calisthenics until I couldn’t breathe and then I pumped iron until my muscles shook. An easy mission like this meant busting my balls in the gym so I didn’t get lazy. I finished my workout a 0630 and downed breakfast: a protein shake with raw eggs, spinach, goat milk and ice. A day hasn’t begun until I’ve worked myself to the bone. The addiction to the endorphins kept my ass out of all the trouble liquor tried to get me into.

I showed up at the meeting place at 0745. Zhang was the only one there. He crouched outside the building in a squat with his eyes closed.

“What are you doing, fuckin’ meditating?”

Zhang opened one eye.

“Good morning, Mace.”

“Where are the guys?”

“Not here.”

“Not even Tyrese?”


“Mind getting on your fuckin’ feet?”

Zhang rose slowly out of his squat, balancing on one foot before putting the other down.

“You’re a fuckin’ freak show, Zhang.”

“Thank you.”

“Wasn’t a fuckin’ compliment.”

“I know,” Zhang replied.

Man that guy didn’t let anyone ruffle his feathers. Not even me. We waited a few more minutes. Robbie showed up next, then Tyrese, then Chubb, then Ellis. Our six man team assembled right at 0758 — early enough not to cause Tyrese to blow a fuse.

“Now that you’re all here, we’ll go to the office across the street. Look smart fellas. Usmanov is a tough guy and despite his protected status by our government, don’t think for an instant that he isn’t dangerous. Any perceived slight and I can’t control what happens to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Our voices sounded in perfect unison, like our training had taught us. We were one voice and one brotherhood whenever we wore the uniform. We walked in single file, steps in line with one another across the street. This part of the city was barely awake. An old Jewish woman selling roses was the only sign of life. She pretended not to be eyeing us curiously, but I could sense we were an unusual sight for this part of the city. Tyrese rapped his fists against an old wooden door.

A voice barked back in Russian. Tyrese responded some mumbo-jumbo I couldn’t understand and then the door opened. A dark haired man with icy blue eyes glowered at us and spat a single English word.


“Fellas, pull ‘em out,” Tyrese commanded.

We pulled out our IDs and the Russian checked them like he meant it. One at a time, he allowed us in. They were all armed, though if we’d meant business, their weapons wouldn’t have done any good. Each of us could take down three grown men, weapons or not. We were warriors. Guns were just a bonus. We walked down a long hallway. The deeper we got into the house (if you could call it that) the stronger the stench of vodka. At the end of the hallway, the fella who led us there pushed the door open and we entered a large study. Tyrese whistled and the six of us stood shoulder to shoulder in order of rank. 

It was clear who the Russian was, but I couldn’t figure out where his daughter was. He had a young woman standing next to him. I assumed she was his mistress. Her skin was dark, so dark that it was almost purple. She was tall, too. And skinny. 

“Mister Usmanov, thank you for agreeing to meet with us. These men are the proud soldiers of SEAL Team Gamma. They’re brave, smart, and best suited for the protection of your daughter.”

Oleg nodded.


His soldier left the room. We stood at attention, looking Oleg Usmanov dead in the eye. 

“Introduce yourselves,” he commanded, taking the reins of leadership from Tyrese effortlessly.

“Robert Pena, sir.”

“Thomas Zhang, sir.”

“Mace Harwood, sir.”

“Chester Chubb, sir.”

“Bubba Ellis, sir.”

Oleg nodded.

“Milena, step forward.”

The dark-skinned woman standing next to him took a step forward.

“This is my daughter, Milena Aminata Usmanov.”

The dark-skinned girl bowed her head.

“Hello,” she said quietly.

None of us dared say a word, but we were all thinking it. How the hell could a man the color of a fresh snow have a daughter as dark as a blackberry. Tyrese held his head high, as Oleg stared at each one of us, analyzing us with a vicious stare. I could smell the vodka on his breath, but he was by no means drunk. He walked down the line of us, just like Tyrese did.

“I want you to take my daughter away tonight. Do you understand?”

We paused for a beat. Tyrese nodded.

“Yes, sir!” 

“If anything happens to her, I have your names. I know your families. Even you, Mister Ellis, I know how many children you have. I can name more of your children than you can. Da?”

“Yes, sir!” We repeated.

“Take care of my daughter. If not, I do not need to say what will happen. Da?”

“Yes, sir!”


Oleg rested his hand on his daughter’s shoulder.

“Aminata, you are to go with these men.”


“Aminata, we discussed this. You are in danger. I promised protection.”

“I expected bodyguards, papa, not this.”

She still hadn’t looked us in the eye. Oleg rested a hand on his daughter’s shoulder and she brusquely brushed him off. 

“No, papa. I will not go with them.”

“This is not discussion, Aminata,” he growled, his English slipping as his daughter’s disobedience turned his cheeks a flush mauve.

“I don’t see why I have to leave.”

“It is not safe,” Oleg growled, visibly unamused to have his word questioned in front of his fresh hires.

“I am not going to leave, papa. You can’t make me!”

Her accent was surprisingly cosmopolitan. Except when she said papa, she would have sounded completely American, but with a nondescript accent that only comes from picking up the sounds of intonations of Americans from Texas to Boston. 

Oleg removed his hand from his daughter’s shoulders forlornly.

“I’m sorry, Milena.”

Her expression softened.


Oleg interrupted her before she could continue.

“Gentlemen, are you ready to prove you’re worth the money I spent?”

We waited for his command.

“Take her.”

“Sir, take her?”

“By any means necessary — without harming her,” he added the last bit as an after thought.

Hearing her papa suggest that she was now at our mercy sent the poor woman into what can only be described as a fit of madness. Her eyes widened and she turned away from us, forgetting the dignity and manners that had made her seem so poised and collected before. She screamed at her father.

“Papa, are you crazy!”

“I’m sorry, Aminata.”

“You’re crazy! None of you will tell me what’s going on. Not Vasily! Not Feodor!”

Tyrese nodded and Bubba Ellis lunged forward and grabbed the woman around her waist.


Oleg nodded and muttered, “Gentlemen…” before exiting the room. I guess he wanted us to do the dirty work but that didn’t mean he had to sit there and watch it happen before his very eyes. His daughter’s squealing hadn’t let up. Despite his size, Bubba struggled to hold onto her.



Robbie jumped in to help Ellis, and kicking and screaming, we took her out of the building and tossed her in the back of the car. The old Jewish woman was no longer selling her flowers, and the streets were empty. In the back of the soundproof vehicle, Robbie and Bubba sat on either side of her. I hopped into the driver’s seat and Tyrese in the passenger side. The other two followed in their own car. We put up the partition between the two of us, drowning out her sound even further.

Despite all that, she screamed for a full hour before she must have tired out and fallen asleep. Ellis put the partition down just a tad after she was quiet. Yes, she was definitely asleep.

When the book is live, you'll be able to find it here: You can buy the book directly from my website. Click here to buy direct. Thank you for reading through this excerpt. You can find a longer excerpt 100% FREE here:

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BWWM Books: Cocky Cowboy | Jamila Jasper

Howdy BWWM Books Lovers, hop in the saddle and let's skedaddle over to Omaha, Nebraska, the Western setting for my upcoming March release, what I expect to be one of my top romance novels of the year: COCKY COWBOY.

You've just become privy to a little secret and this is your first glimpse at not only the cover but a gripping free sample of the first chapter. Yeehaw! 

If you love interracial romance stories, or if you don't give a damn about color and you just want some hot cowboy action, this is the book for you. Check out the description and then check out this sample 100% free. When you're done reading the sample, share this page with your friends. 

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This should have been easy.

Hiding out from my ex in Omaha while helping an old woman on her ranch.

One problem…

Her son Kurt O’Connor.

I should have known better than to get involved.

He’s tall, a pillar of muscle, icy blue eyes… and cocky as h*ll! 

He doesn’t just want my body. 

He wants all of me. 

I must resist.

This is a romance novel between a 45 + year old black woman and a hot alpha male! 

If you think you're in for a wild ride... You're 100% right! 

Cocky Cowboy by Jamila Jasper | Romance Novel Excerpt 



“I’m not a good man. I’ve killed once before and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.” 


I sat, clutching my cup of coffee and staring wide-eyed at Sam O’Connor as she spoke. Her strawberry blonde hair sat in a loose French braid down her back. Her wrinkled face still carried a few scars and her earthy-brown eyes glowed with fierce intensity.  She shook her head.


“He said that to me,” she continued, “And he whacked me so hard I had a black eye for weeks.”


She chuckled, then gazed off almost wistfully.


“The day he died was the best day of my life,” she mused.


I drank the rest of my tea and set the mug down on the hand-carved dining table. 


“The boys,” she shrugged, “Well the boys missed their father of course. But I didn’t. Billy belonged six feet under. He’s just lucky I wasn’t the one to put him there.”


Helen smiled at me and nodded.


“Well, I’m so grateful you agreed to have me ma’am,” I said, pushing some of the hair from my blunt haircut behind my big ears that I inherited from my brown-skinned daddy.


Sam smiled weakly, “I’m just hoping you can help me. It’s like Billy’s ghost is haunting me, letting me know that I’ll never know peace, even now that he’s gone.”


Her eyes narrowed and she exhaled loudly.


“Enough about me. Helen tells me you’re a detective?”


“I was a detective. I quit and started working freelance five years ago.”


“That pays better?”


“Yes ma’am,” I replied, “Plus, my ex-husband was a cop. As we drifted apart, it made sense.”


“A cop huh? Did he hit you?”


Her forwardness surprised me, but it wasn’t a question I hadn’t heard before and it wasn’t a question I was afraid to answer.


“Yes ma’am.” 


She shook her head, “These men think as soon as they get a little bit of power they can treat women how they want. So long as you’re helping me out, you can stay here as long as you like.”


Helen nodded, “It will be a good long while before she’s ready to head back to the East Coast.”


I glanced at her and she nodded approvingly. This was the last thing I expected to be doing, hiding out in Omaha, Nebraska from the man I’d thought I would spend the rest of my life with. But in this room of just women, women who had all been through tough times at the hands of men, I didn’t feel alone.


Sam smiled, “I got sons about your age. Maybe a bit younger.”


“Two of ‘em,” Helen added, “How are the boys?”


Sam rolled her eyes, “Helpin’ me out and causin’ me mischief too.”


“Do any of them know what’s been going on?”


Sam shook her head, “No. If they know any more than I do, they haven’t let on.”


“I see.”


Helen grinned, pushing a few of her thin frayed dreadlocks out of her face.


“Nicki asks a lot of questions,” she said.


“It’s how I get closer to the truth.”


“We need some of the truth around here,” Sam replied, “Would you like something to eat dear? You’re awfully skinny. No good food out East?”


I grinned, “No thanks ma’am, I’m not hungry.”


Helen added, “Nicki used to be a vegan.”


“A vegan?” Sam raised her eyebrows as if she found the concept ridiculous.


“Not anymore,” I replied, “Anemia.”


“Well a good bit of meat never killed anybody. Out here, we slaughter all our own.”


“You got animals on the ranch?”


Sam nodded, “Yes ma’am. We got pigs, horses, cows, chickens… If you expect to stay ‘round here I’ll expect you to help. I’ll go easy on you. I don’t want to scare you off.”


“I’m a tough cookie. I can handle more than you think.”


“Well good ‘cause as I’m getting older the arthritis in my fingers acts up something crazy.”


She spread her fingers wide and then clenched them together in a delicate fist that hid all the bruises and calluses on her palms from decades of hand washing, roping cattle and tending the earth.


Helen touched Sam on the knee.


“I only got five minutes dear.”


Sam smiled, “When you gonna stop being such a rolling stone?”


Helen cracked her caramel colored skin into a smile, shaking her dreadlocks out of her face where they’d once again fallen. The silver and turquoise beads on her dreads clinked together, creating music with every movement of her head. 


“When life gives me a reason to settle down, I guess.”


At fifty, that had yet to happen. Helen lived out of her VW bus, traveling the country selling turquoise jewelry and tarot readings. Given her dreadlocks, her nose ring and her tattoos, she made a convincing fortune teller. I’d never asked her outright if it was all a con, but let’s just say I didn’t believe in her New Age woo-woo.


“You takin’ that rickety ole thing back over to Los Angeles?”


“Yes I am,” Helen smiled proudly. We all glanced at the VW bus that had taken me to Omaha parked out in the driveway. At some points on the highway, I wasn’t sure Helen was going to get me there in one piece. But now, she was heading out again, leaving me in a strange land with my suitcase of possessions, my modest savings and a house full of strangers.


Anything was better than staying in Boston. 


“Just make sure you drive safe,” Sam warned.


“I always do.” 


“And you stay away from that reefer,” Sam chastised.


Helen smiled and then winked at her old friend, promising nothing. 


“Take care of this one,” Helen told her, indifferent to my presence, “Make sure she don’t go back out there for a good long while.” 


Sam nodded, “Yes ma’am.”


“I’ll be fine Helen. I’m grown.”


Helen snorted, “You grown… I’ve known you since you were a child. You’ll always be Jamie’s little friend.”


Helen’s younger brother, now deceased, was the thread that had held us together. An old friendship from my childhood had been what ultimately rescued me from my husband’s mercy. Her rescuing had taken me further west than I’d ever been and further into the country than I was comfortable.


“I’d best be off,” Helen said when she was about to leave.


Helen had mastered goodbyes in a way I hadn’t. I teared up while hugging her but was sure not to let any tears fall. I was too old for crying. Too old to put up with a man beating me. Too old… That’s what everyone told me.


Sam was worse than I was, weeping about how she wasn’t sure she’d ever see Helen again. My guess was she didn’t get many visitors. We walked Helen out to her bus and she put on her Jimi Hendrix, blaring it from her tinny stereo as she pulled off. A dust cloud billowed into the unpaved road and like that her bus chugged off on the road to nowhere… 


Sam wiped her hands on her apron.


“That woman is something…”


“Yeah,” I muttered, “She’s something.”


“Braver than I ever was,” Sam continued, “That’s for damn sure.”


I didn’t respond to that one.


“I s’pose it’s time I give you a tour of the ranch. But I’ll let you get cleaned up and settle in first.”


“Thanks ma’am.”


“I got you a nice little suite upstairs. I designed it myself for guests. It’s got its own bathroom, own little balcony and everything.”


“I’m sure it will be lovely.”


“C’mon in then.”


Sam held the screen door open as I marched in beside her. Alone on the ranch with her and the sound of tractors outside, my isolation dawned on me. I hadn’t seen anything suspicious or felt any strange nagging at my gut, but even if I had, I’d now committed to spending at least six months out here. We creaked across the floorboards and up the stairs. Sam pointed to the two rooms at the end of the hall.


“That’s Kurt’s room and that’s Dierks’. Mine is downstairs. And yours is right through here…”


She pushed open the first door on the left which opened into a room far larger than I’d expected. Sam maintained the farmhouse decor, but a few modern touches like an air conditioning unit for the summer months, a memory foam mattress and a large shower made the space familiar. 


“It’s lovely,” I acknowledged, eyeing the well-curated decor of hens, roosters and other farm animals. 


The white sheets on the bed had tiny little cow patterns on them and the cozy comforter was ivory and real down. Sam opened up the old dresser, showing me where I could put my clothes.


“Now I’ll leave you to it for a minute. I’ll be up in twenty.”


“Thanks Mrs. O’Connor.”


She grimaced, “Please, Sam.”


“Sorry Sam.”


Her grimace turned into a smile and she walked out of the room, leaving me to my own thoughts for the first time since I’d entered her home. I peered out the window over the flat rolling fields. I’d expected Nebraska to be flat but the cornfields stretched out for miles and miles creating an almost impressive vista. 


The fact that I didn’t know a single soul in Nebraska except for Sam O’Connor was a relief to me. I was tired of answering questions about Dominic. I was tired of the judgmental stares or the whispers about the bruises on my arm. The rumors and the lies had chased me out west and now that I was here, I’d have a chance to start over. 


I turned over the events of the past month as well as my week long road trip with Helen. I unpacked my clothes in the drawer and hid my jewelry box under the mattress. I hung onto that box with all those memories of Dominic tucked inside, not because I wanted to remember him but because I’d let go of every other part of my identity. I needed something to remind me of who I was, at least who I’d been when I married him.


I unpacked and flopped back on the bed, running my hands through my new haircut, wondering where the heck I was going to find someone to do my hair in Omaha. 


A shout interrupted my ruminations. 




A bass drawl boomed across the open fields. 


Kurt. If I remembered correctly, that was one of Sam’s sons. I glided towards the window and pulled the lace curtain aside just an inch so I could peer through the window without detection. No one had mentioned to me that Sam’s sons weren’t too fond of each other.


A deeper, quieter voice responded, “Stop making a damn racket. Ma will be out here with her shotgun again.”


The voices came into view. Sam’s “boys” were men, younger than me, but still men. From my estimation, they were both in their mid-thirties. They were young, but not young enough to be considered kids.




“Listen, you need to calm down or I’ll sock you in the mouth.”




The brown-haired one spat at his blonde brother. The blonde one rushed him and a knock at my door forced me to turn away from the fight which had now gone silent — at least from the second floor.


“Are you ready?” 


“Come in!”


Sam came in with a smile on her face and flour on her starched white apron.


“Baking downstairs. C’mon it’s time for me to show you the ranch.”


“Yes ma’am.” 


I glanced towards the window but I couldn’t make out where her sons had gone. As we walked through the fields, the pens and the barn, I caught no sight of Sam’s sons. But you bet your bottom dollar I still had questions about them.


“How old are your sons?”


“Kurt’s 35 and Dierks is 32.”


Mid-thirties just as I’d guessed.


“They work for you?”


“Yes ma’am. Kurt works with the horses and he traps furs. Dierks manages the farm hands.”


“Do you have many employees?”


Sam shook her head, “Not since the first frost. They’ll start up closer to the start of summer. Right now it’s just Jack.”


“How long has he been working for you?”


“Jack Wilson’s an old friend of Dierks. He’s a mean drunk but he shows up to work on time and he don’t ask for much money.”


Sam’s country accent made her more personable to me and she got real comfortable as we moved around the ranch and she explained what my morning duties would be. I listened to her while absorbing every detail of my environment. This was my new home. Most importantly, this was the site of my newest case. Sam had yet to explain what was happening precisely, but I’d gathered from Helen it was something bad and that I’d need to be alert.


“I’ll take you through the fields to meet the Brody family.”




“Uh huh. Bitches too.”


I gasped and stifled a chuckle as I heard Sam cuss. She’d given off the impression that she was a good frontierswoman who minded her manners and kept her language polite. 


“What makes you say that?” I asked, both bemused and curious. 


Maybe one of those despised Brodys was what had been causing the trouble.


“When you meet ‘em, you’ll know.”


We eased through the cornfields and came to a small house. A man lay on the porch with a hat over his head. It was only when we approached the porch that I noticed this “man” was a woman wearing red lipstick. She was tan with freckles over her nose. Her hair was dyed black and she had a scowl on her pretty face.


“Good afternoon Mrs. O’Connor.”


“Hi Emma, is your mama home?”


If these people didn’t like each other, you couldn’t tell. Not yet at least. They hid their disdain beneath Midwestern politeness and broad smiles. 


“I’ll go get ‘er.”


Emma hopped to her feed, brushing her hands on her overalls and looking me up and down with a cheeky grin on her face.


“What’s her story?”


Sam glowered, “She’s a friend. She’ll be staying with me for a while.”


Emma snickered.


“Her? Out in Omaha? You warned her yet?”


I could tell Sam was getting all hot and bothered, but I could handle myself.


“I love Nebraska so far.”


“Yeah well, it’s a piece of shit.” 


Emma opened the door to her house and stepped inside, yelling up to her mother.




I started to understand where Sam was coming from and why she might not have been fond of the Brody family. Stomping down the wooden steps alerted us that Emma’s ma was coming. The woman pushed past her daughter to stand with us on the porch. Emma stood next to her mother, slouching and slinging her hands into her pockets. She had stretched ears, thick Kohl black liner and a few nose and liprings. Not exactly the “cowgirl” you’d expect.


“Hi,” Emma’s mother introduced herself, “I’m Nancy.”


“Nicki. Pleased to meet you.”


Her palm lay limp in mind as I gave her a strong, confident handshake. I pulled my hand away and she wiped hers on her denim.


Nancy and her daughter had the same sharp blue eyes, but Nancy’s hair was a wheat blonde color, likely what Emma’s had been too. She dressed in simple jeans and a t-shirt with her blonde hair falling down to the middle of her back in gentle waves. A kerchief wrapped around her head kept her hair from falling into her face.


“Sam,” Nancy said, folding her arms, “Are you here to make accusations again?”


“No,” Sam replied, “Wanted to show Nicki a friendly face.”


Her sneering look told me that Nancy was who Sam really had problems with. The feeling appeared mutual. 


Nancy snorted, “What the heck are you doing out here in Omaha? You look like a real urban kind of girl.”


The way she said urban made my skin crawl, but I ignored it. I was too grown and experienced in life to let passive prejudice get under my skin.


“I’m helping Sam.”


“The problems at the ranch,” Sam continued, “She’ll be investigating. She’s a private eye.”


Nancy raised her brows and smirked in disbelief.




“Yes ma’am,” I interjected.


Nancy chuckled, “So you think she’ll help you find out who’s haunting the ranch? Well we all know it’s Billy darling.”




I narrowed my eyes. Sam had led me to believe this was a real mystery, not something paranormal. I’m a detective — a shrewd one at that — I believe in what I see right in front of me. I didn’t believe in hauntings of any kind.


“Yes,” Nancy continued, “Didn’t Sam tell you.”


I looked at Sam with confusion, wondering what was going on and wondering if I’d come out here for no reason.


“You and I both know it’s not a haunting,” Sam hissed, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.”


“It sure looks like a ghost,” Nancy retorted with a shrug.


“And acts like a ghost,” Emma added.


Sam’s face reddened and I could tell she needed a way out.


“I’m sure you’ll explain the whole thing later,” I offered.


Emma chuckled, “Well good luck.”


Sam’s face now shifted from red to purple and I thought she was going to smack Emma Brody right in her smug face.


Before Sam could say anything else, we heard gunshots. Loud ones.




I recognized the voices from Sam’s fighting sons. The gunshots continued and Emma chuckled.


“He’s shootin’ at his damned brother again?”


Sam’s face went from pale to ghost-white.


“Want me to grab my gun and silence ‘em?” Emma asked, gesturing towards the O’Connor house with an imaginary shotgun.


“No,” Sam replied, “We’ll be leaving. I’ll deal with the boys myself.”

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