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Keep reading to get to your free sample. KILLER LOVE is a BWWM mafia romance and is slated to be my first gripping romance between a black woman and white man for the year. 

Check out the description:


Ryan’s been my best friend since 7th grade.

Nothing has happened between us.

Nothing can ever happen between us.

His family runs the local Italian mafia

I know he’s done things he isn’t proud of.

His rough life isn’t for me…

I prefer “playing it safe”.


Gina’s like a sister to me.

Lately, she’s been getting protective.

I’m done wondering “what if” about us.

I’m going after the woman I want.

I need her in my bed. I won’t take “no” for an answer.

I’m done playing it safe.

FREE Romance Novel Excerpt | Killer Love by Jamila Jasper


“She sounds like a psycho.”


I couldn’t help being honest with him. Ryan chuckled.


“She’s not a psycho,” he responded.


I leaned back in my chair, pulling the blankets up to my neck. The cold front blowing across the Eastern seaboard was no match for my parents heating system.


“OK,” I gave him a little wiggle room, “Tell me the story again.”


“We went out for a date at Dino’s, then we went back to my car… we… you know…”


“Had sex?” I filled in.


“Yeah we had sex,” Ry chuckled, “You don’t have to say it like its an accusation.”


I rolled my eyes. The last thing I wanted to think about was Ryan Maggio having sex. Ew.


“Go on,” I prodded him.


“Then she told me she loved me.”


“And that’s a perfectly normal response to you?”


He shrugged, “I’ve never had any complaints.”


“Enough!” I shrilled.


Ryan chuckled then kept on with his story.


“She showed up at my house the next day and was like all into it saying she loved me and she wanted us to get married. I dunno, it’s a little fast but she’s cute and I think she’s just one of those intense girls.”


“Intensely crazy…” I grumbled.


“She has issues okay,” Ryan defended her, frustrating me even more, “She called me the other day all drunk and confused to pick her up… I can’t just leave her.”


“Ryan,” I huffed, “Listen to yourself. You’ve only been on dates with her. And if I recall correctly, you found her two blocks down from your place. She barely seemed drunk. Read the signs!”


I could tell Ryan was boiling on the other end of the line. 


“You don’t know everything,” he huffed.


“I don’t,” I replied calmly, “But I know a crazy ass basket case when I see one.”


Ryan replied gruffly, “Some women are just intense. Not every girl’s all cold and restrained like you Gina.”


I stood up.


“How. Dare. You.”


Ryan and I never fought. Ever since he’d started seeing Kate, that had changed. Two dates had been all it took for him to fall under her spell. I could spot a woman like her a mile away. She uses pity to get her way, all the while playing men around her like a fiddle.


I blew up at him. Perhaps the living room wasn’t the best setting for the conversation because my parents eyed me with concern as I imagined Ryan’s were on the other end of the line. (I’d heard his mom Nicki shush his father at an alarming volume earlier.) 


“You know what Ryan, I don’t have to help you. You can keep dating batshit crazy girls and when they ruin you, you’ll have only yourself to blame.”


“Bit harsh Gina.”


“No, it’s not harsh. You need to pull yourself together Ry! I’ve known you for decades and you keep chasing after all the wrong girls. I’m getting tired of it.”


“As I said,” Ryan’s voice grew cold, “Not all of us can be emotionless like you.”


“I have to go,” I huffed.


“Yeah?” He replied, “So do I. I’m going to call Kate.”


“You do that. But when she gets your ass into trouble, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


I pulled my smartphone away from my ear and slammed on the red “end call” button.


“Ugh!” I huffed.

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