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I returned to America after six months in Switzerland.


Axel came with me, and met my mama for the first time. When she saw him, she nearly dropped her glass. She hadn’t expected him to be as tall as he was. With his extra time on the slopes, Axel had grown even more muscular so next to my petite, plump mother, he was a giant.


She smiled and wrapped him in a big hug when she saw him and welcomed him to the family. As I expected, my sister, India, and her husband were over to check out “Dream’s new man”. My other sister, Lou-Ann, was just as curious, but since her divorce she had a pessimistic view of all relationships, my new one included.  


I’d given few details about Axel over the phone and I think my family was surprised I’d ended up with someone who looked like he graced the covers of fashion magazines, but still had an outdoorsman’s strength to him.


Lou-Ann grilled Axel the hardest. She wanted to know everything about his background, especially when it came to women. Given the events at Voss, the subject was difficult for both of us. 


Axel’s English had improved, but was still peppered with French words and a thick Swiss accent. With patience, my family understood him and they were quite excited about the possibility of taking a trip to Switzerland to learn French and see Axel’s home.


My mama was set at ease when she heard that Axel already owned his own home. My success as an author meant she wanted to make sure he could “handle business” — which he could.


December, after our first meeting at Voss, my family came to Switzerland, staying at our house and another cottage in the village. They arrived on the twenty-third and greeted Axel with more warmth and excitement than their first meeting. Axel in turn was more comfortable with my mama, Chloe and Lou-Ann.


We spoke English at home often, so he’d grown near fluent in it. I was slower to pick up on the French, but I’d learned enough to befriend a few women around town who were most fascinated by an American woman, especially one who was “famous”.


On Christmas Eve, our home came alive. Lou-Ann had met a man from the village who she’d promptly invited to our family dinner much to my mama and Chloe’s disapproval. He was a strapping, young man — a little too young for Lou-Ann — but I didn’t mind more folks coming over to our dinner.


My mama and I worked all day in the kitchen preparing roast turkey, baked macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, homemade cranberry sauce, and a vegetable casserole. Axel grilled venison steak strips to add to the meal from a hunt he’d completed before my family’s arrival.


Axel’s family wasn’t big on Christmas, but his cousin from Germany, a roguish brown-haired man named Paul who looked like Axel, and his sister showed up. Axel’s sister, Thèrèse was quiet and stoic like he was, but far more petite. She had large blue eyes like his and chestnut hair which she wore cut short. I’d worried about bigotry from Axel’s family, though I’d never confessed to him, but was met with none.


As I’d taken an interest in Switzerland and France, his family took an interest in me. Axel’s sister brought expensive red wine from her winery for the dinner as well as a bar of chocolate. Before we sat down to dinner, Axel’s surprise guests arrived at the door.


I rushed to open it, flour on my nose and my apron cinched around my waist. 


“Joyeux Noel!” the two voices of the detectives erupted into a melodious greeting.


Luc and Leon had just returned from a vacation in Marrakesh after their promotion at the local station. I’d no clue they’d returned, but Axel had arranged for them to join us for Christmas. I hadn’t seen them in ages and I greeted each one with two kisses on the cheek.


We sat for dinner and ate. Throughout dinner, I noticed Axel was quiet. He responded to my sisters’ questions slowly, as if he weren’t confident in the answers to them. Luc and Leon, thrilled by the opportunity to practice their English, took control of the conversation, regaling my family with tales of their police work.


Luc and Leon couldn’t have a conversation without mentioning my latest release, a mystery novel featuring my leading lady Anette, set in the wintery mountains of the Alps. They were beyond flattered not only by the novel’s success but by the two detective characters, Hugo and Oscar.


After dinner, I led all the guests into our cozy living room where Chloe oohed and ahed over the handmade furniture. Leon helped my serve glasses of spiked eggnog and roasted chestnuts to my guests. After I’d served everyone, I noticed Axel was nowhere to be found.


“Leon, have you seen Axel?”


“Non,” he replied.


I narrowed my eyes.


“You sound like you’re keeping something from me.”


“Non, non, non,” Leon assured me, “I will fetch him for you.”


I served another round of drinks and as I stood in the middle of the room translating the word “Boyfriend” to French for Lou-Ann, Axel entered the room. He had a purposeful look about him. He cleared his throat.




The chatter didn’t silence immediately so Leon tapped the side of his tumbler three times with the dull end of a knife. Silence fell upon the room.


“I ‘ave something to ask Dream.”


Everyone’s eyes locked onto Axel. I’d seen him imprisoned and cool as a cucumber. As he stood before my family, I thought he would faint. 


He cleared his throat and approached me, clasping my hands together and pressing his lips to them.


Then, Axel dropped to one knee and reached into his pocket. As he tilted his head up towards me, his long hair which had turned more reddish in the sun, swept out of his face. His sky blue eyes gazed at me and he pulled a tiny emerald green box out of his pocket.


I recognized the box immediately from a local jeweler in town. On evenings, when we’d discussed getting married, Axel had often taken me into the shop to look at rings. I’d never imagined he would pull one out so soon.


I gasped.


“Do not cry yet, Dream,” he began, anticipating my tears of joy.


“You ‘ave changed my life so much since I ‘ave met you. You ‘ave taught me the power of loving a woman, of trusting a woman and what it means to care for someone. Meeting you at Voss was luck. The past year we ‘ave spent together was more. I want this to be my forever.”


He paused and gathered the strength to ask me the question that would change our lives forever in front of my friends and family.


“Dream Williams, will you marry me?”


I squealed and nodded, telling him that yes I would. He took my hand, which was trembling from nerves and excitement, and slipped the ring onto my finger. My family cheered, along with Luc and Leon who clinked their tumblers and initiated a toast.


This was really happening. 


Our Christmas Eve dinner went on until late. Christmas Day, we prepared to do the whole thing all over again. This time, Thèrèse helped, peeling carrots and chopping onions as my mama and I cooked again. Lou-Ann made the baked macaroni pie. Chloe cooked up a sweet potato pie for dessert. 


Swiss man in the family or not, my family had their African-American way of doing things which wasn’t about to change. The engagement served to soften Thèrèse’s  attitude towards me and she spoke with me in gentle French as we cooked. Her English was worse than her brother’s and difficult to understand but she tried her best to give my family soft smiles.


Towards the end of Christmas Day, she was laughing with my sister Lou-Ann in the corner and it was as if they were sisters already. 


Our home didn’t quiet down until Boxing Day. My family was in the country until the New Year but we all agreed that we needed one day to settle down and unwind from the festivities. 


I awoke on that morning, untying my silk scarf and admiring the ring on my finger that I’d yet to remove. The white gold band hugged my tawny finger. The three diamonds in the center were each large and glimmered brilliantly in the early morning light bleeding through the window. 


I choked back tears again. Axel had surprised me with the best Christmas gift I could imagine. From the moment I’d met him, he’d shown me all he could do for me and all he was willing to do. The moment I’d trusted him, my world had been changed and I knew a world where men cared for you rather than hurt you. The dating game I’d experienced across the Atlantic seemed so distant. 


I made a small pot of strong Swiss coffee that Luc and Leon had left behind and brought two mugs up to bed. Axel slept a little while longer, while I wrote. When he woke up, he sleepily muttered “Bonjour” and I knew not to trouble him until he downed the coffee. 


I heard him set the mug down forcefully on the side table.


“Bonjour,” I greeted him, walking over to the bed and kissing him on the cheek, then the lips.


“Good morning,” he muttered, “My future wife.”


We both smiled at that. He kissed me then drew my figure into bed on top of him. I squealed as I toppled over and lay on top of my fiancé. I straddled him and kissed him over and over again as his palms traced the outline of my hips and landed on my buttocks.


“Christmas was amazing,” he said, “I cannot wait to spend many more with you.”


“Moi aussi,” I replied, kissing him again.


Axel kissed me deep, pressing his tongue into my mouth and then flipping me over so I lay on my back.


“I must ‘ave you for breakfast,” he growled as he kissed my neck.


“So early?” I giggled as his stubble tickled my chest.


“Yes,” he whispered, “Now.


I had no desire to push him off of me. He slipped my nightgown up over my hips and revealed my black silk panties that clung tight to my hips and voluptuous thighs. 


He slipped the panties over my hips, pressing kisses to my soft stomach as he removed them.


“Do they know yet?” he whispered.


“No,” I shook my head, “Not yet.”


He pressed his lips to mines again, brushing the hair out of my face.


“Will you tell them before they leave?”


“I don’t want to talk about this right now.”


His hardness pressed into my leg and I couldn’t bear the thought of discussing anything else.


“Impatient?” he teased.


His cock twitched against my leg and my wetness throbbed in anticipation.


“Very,” I whispered. 


“Bon,” he murmured, kissing my neck, “Then you shall wait.”


I wriggled beneath him playfully, enticing him to remove his hardness from his boxers and enter me.


“Non,” he replied firmly, “You won’t tempt me.”


I reached my hand down and grabbed his cock through his flannel pajamas. Axel grinned and kept kissing me, unbothered by my teasing. 




He lifted my nighty up and kissed my stomach all the way down to my exposed mound. He pried my lips apart and pressed his tongue between them, rolling it around my hardened clit. I gasped as he plunged into my wetness. Each sliding motion of his tongue sent surges of electric pleasure emanating from my core.


“Yes…” I whimpered.


He lapped at my wetness more, pushing my thighs into the bed when I wriggled too much. He kept my pussy lips open and nibbled along the outsides while sliding his hot wet tongue between them. I bucked my hips each time his muscle flicked past my clit. I grabbed onto a tuft of his hair and ground my hips into his face.


Axel ate my pussy more passionately with his tongue pressed between my thighs. I climaxed, long and hard, squirting all over his lips. He licked all my juices up and planted a kiss on my stomach before taking his hardness and sliding it into me.


I cried out as his large cock entered me with one swift motion. We’d made love often, but I still gasped each time I felt him sliding between my thighs. He braced himself on the bed and groaned as my wetness gripped him tight and hot. 


“You’re so wet,” he growled as he began to pump into me ferociously.


I wrapped my legs around his back, driving his buttocks deeper inside me with my heels as he pounded into me. I moaned and grabbed onto his back, bucking my hips up to meet his every thrust. Within a few moments, I’d erupted again.


Axel kissed my lips.


“Je t’aime,” he whispered.


“Je t’aime,” he whispered again before driving his tongue between my lips.


I cried out as he thrust into me slow and deep this time. He took his time to deliver slow, loving strokes that hit the back walls of my wetness causing me to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.


“Oui…” he grunted, driving into me hard. 


I cried out, exploding in another climax. Our sheets tangled around us. The bed beneath us was covered in sweat. 


“I am not finished,” Axel grunted.


He rolled me onto my stomach and spread my legs far apart as I lay pressed into the bed. He stuck his fingers into my wetness and pulled them out drooling with my juices. After tasting my sex on his fingers, he thrust his entire length into me from behind, creating a loud slapping noise as his body slammed against my buttocks.


I moaned loud this time and he landed a louder smack on my ass as he started to plunge into me. From this angle, I went crazy. He hit my wetness in the right way, stimulating every inch of my body and forcing me into overwhelming euphoria.


“OHHH,” he groaned.


I moaned with him, arching my back so my buttocks allowed him greater access to my wetness. He spread my cheeks apart and slammed into my tight hole again. I climaxed around him, squirting more juices around his cock until they dripped down onto the bed. 


Axel couldn’t restrain himself much longer. His body tensed as he came close to an eruption.


“Cum for me baby,” I whimpered.


“Oui…” he grunted.


He groaned loud as he erupted inside me. His lust muscle twitched as his thick sticky liquid erupted from it, coating my walls in a mixture of our juices. When he removed himself from me we both shuddered from the pleasure of it and rolled onto our backs, gasping for breath.


We caught our breath and Axel immediately began, “We must tell them.”


“Why can’t we wait until after the wedding?”


Axel chuckled, “Because they’ll already be born.”


A lump formed in my throat. 


“I might be able to keep it from them,” I offered weakly.


Axel chuckled and kissed my cheek.


“You mustn’t worry,” he told me, “They will be happy for you.”


I nodded, “I know. I’m having trouble admitting it to myself.”


“Oui,” he nodded, “You are not too far along.”


“I’ll start to show soon,” I replied.


“Oui,” he murmured, “Our little boy and girl.”


He gazed up at me lovingly. 


“They will ‘ave your eyes.”


I chuckled, “And your chestnut hair, maybe?”


“Non,” he muttered, “Noir…Belle et noir…”


I smiled and kissed him back.


He touched my stomach.


“Names?” He asked.


“I’ve been thinking.”


“So ‘ave I,” he replied. 


He pressed his ear to my stomach, though I didn’t think he could hear anything.


“Deux. Two little babies.”


He kissed my stomach again and looked at me, craving the answer to his question.


“I like the letter ‘M’.”




“I was thinking something like Meghan,” I confessed.


He nodded, “Oui.”


“That’s it?”


“I love the name!”


“For the boy?” he asked.


“Say your name!” 


Axel pondered for a while.


“Marques,” he replied, “It’s a strong French name.”


“I like it.”


He seemed surprised.


“You wouldn’t prefer something en anglais?


“Non,” I replied, “Our babies will be French and American, won’t they.”


“Oui,” he replied.


“Then their names should reflect that.” 


“Oui,” he replied, “As long as they look like their mother… I ‘ave no problem.”


He kissed me again and brushed the hair out of my face. The sunrise had now entered the room full force. 


We spent the morning in each other’s arms as I agreed to tell my family that I was pregnant with twins when they returned to our home for New Year’s Eve. Snow fell at noon and we had no reason to leave our petite Swiss cottage for the rest of the day.


Axel put on his Christmas records, a mixture of Celine Dion and Nat King Cole. We danced around the house together, holding each other and kissing each other as we ended one chapter of our life and began another.


I was no longer only going to be Dream the writer, but Dream the wife and mother. Axel and I had defied the obstacles that could have kept us apart and we’d started a humble life in Switzerland. The luxury of Voss was something I’d always remember, but in the spirit of Christmas, I’d gained a new appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.


I had my simple Swiss cottage, my success as an author, and I’d soon begin the simple life as a mother with a family of my own. My dreams had unfolded all around me with “patience” as Axel liked to remind me. 


I remembered Bunny’s claim that the Alps were another world from the one she’d known. That was one thing she’d said that had proved accurate. I remembered the grief in her eyes, that came from her loveless marriage. A little love would have gone a long way for her.


I wondered for another moment what her life would be like since her husband had been locked up. Her sentence had been lenient. She’d be out of jail by New Year’s, I’d heard from Luc.


Axel kissing my neck distracted me from my musing’s about Bunny. In a way, she’d brought me closer to Axel, forcing us to prove our feelings for each other early in our relationship. It’s odd that what’s meant to drive lovers apart often drives them together.


But for that twist of fate, I was grateful.