Our Best Contemporary Romance Novels: The Family Secret

our best contemporary romance novels jamila jasper the family secret

our best contemporary romance novels jamila jasper the family secret

This book may be #2 in the series, but it's still one of our best contemporary romance novels. A sequel to one of our dark romance books Mad Mafia Love, The Family Secret continues the romantic tale of Eve and Nico...

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If you love mafia bad boys and gorgeous black female characters, I think you'll love this book.

Book #2 is set in Europe too and this book has even more drama and intrigue than Book #1.

Read the description below to get a small taste of what to expect.

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[[SPOILER ALERT]] If you haven't read Book #1, this description and excerpt may contain spoilers. 


Eve never thought she'd fall for a guy in the mafia. 

But she did -- and now they have a beautiful baby boy.

A tragic event devastates their family.

For their love to survive, Eve and Nico will have to fight against something bigger than both of them.

...And more importantly, they'll have to save their son's life. 

Our Best Contemporary Romance Novels Excerpt: The Family Secret


“We’ll get through this okay? Now we wait but… we’ll get through this.”

“Promise?” Eve whispered, trying to fight back the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

“Yes, I promise,” Nico whispered.

He kissed Eve’s forehead again and then moved back to her lips. As Nico’s lips pressed against hers again, Eve felt wetness building between her thighs. Her desire for Nico was mounting. They were both feeling raw, hurt and aggressive with their anger towards each other and towards the world. Their bodies were craving for a release to their anger and to all the tension that had built up since the night their son had been kidnapped. 

Nico began to remove Eve’s top. She looked away from him with a bashfulness that was unfamiliar to their relationship where things had usually gone off with a bang. Her emotions made her tentative to be vulnerable with him. Nico threw her top to the side and then pulled her close for another kiss. Once their lips touched again, Eve began to feel at ease. In Nico’s arms, it was easy for her to feel at ease. 

His hand gripped the small of her back, his warm palm pulsating gently with each deep kiss. Goose flesh prickled across Eve’s skin and she could feel her hardened nipples poking through her bra, practically begging Nico to suck on them. Nico took off his shirt, revealing his rock hard abs and flawless body to Eve.

His chest heaved with desire as his fingers then moved towards Eve’s pants. He removed her pants swiftly, leaving Eve standing before him in just her underwear. Nico’s cock was already bulging through his pants, eager for an escape. Eve could see his huge member, pushing the fabric towards her. His massive size never ceased to surprise her, even after they’d had a child together. Sleeping with Nico never stopped being titillating and rewarding.

She reached forward and felt the outline of his cock through his pants. His dick shifted with her touch and Eve undid Nico’s pants, causing the tempting bulge to push forward further. Nico’s pants slid to the ground and his underwear hugged his taut buttocks and thick thighs.

Nico moved forward, lifting Eve onto the kitchen counter where she sat with her legs spread and wrapped around his body. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed again. Eve allowed Nico’s hand to slide around to the hooks of her bra and he unleashed her bosom in the kitchen of their new villa. With her breasts exposed to the cool air, Eve craved the contrasting sensation of Nico’s lips grazing over her nipples.

He bent his head to her chest, eager to satisfy her. Nico’s lips wrapped around Eve’s dark brown nipples and he sucked hard, delivering erotic pleasure from her nipples throughout her entire body. Eve let out a soft moan and grabbed Nico’s thick dark brown hair as he continued to let his tongue rove over her breasts. 

Her pussy was growing slicker and slicker as Nico moved his head from one breast to another. As his lips and tongue pleasured each breast, his cock seemed to grow harder with desire. He could sense how wet Eve was through her panties and he was eager to slip his hardness between her legs. Eve herself couldn’t wait to feel Nico’s ardent thrusting.

Nico moved his head from Eve’s breasts and focused his attention to the wetness between her legs. Her underwear was visibly damp and her squirming led him to believe she was just as eager for him to slide between her legs. But before moving his cock between her legs, Nico had to make sure she was fully primed and prepared for his cock’s assault.

He took two fingers and began to fondle Eve’s outer pussy lips as she sat on the counter. They looked into each other’s eyes with just a twinge of guilt for the way they’d chosen to relieve stress. It was the only thing that could think to do as they inhabited this awkward space between action and inaction. 

Nico took his two fingers and began to slide them between Eve’s pussy lips. She bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out as Nico’s fingers slid past her entrance. Two fingers was a lot to start and Eve bucked against his hand as Nico’s thick fingers penetrated her tightness. She’d recovered since childbirth and her pussy was just as hot and tight as before.

Nico grunted as he thrust his fingers deeply between her legs and he started to thrust them in and out of her pussy with determined rhythm. Eve threw her head back and let out a loud moan. Nico grabbed onto her hips and continued to move his fingers in and out of her wetness. Eve let out a loud gasp again as Nico’s fingers traced around her g spot stroking her close to climax. 

Her pussy became wetter and wetter. Nico’s fingers were covered with Eve’s juices as he probed her folds. She clenched her pussy tightly around his fingers and let out a loud cry as a climax took over her body. Eve grabbed onto Nico’s neck and thrust her hips forward, allowing his fingers to press deeper into her pussy. He bent his lips to hers and sucked on her flesh as he continued to thrust his fingers into her wetness.

Another release followed and Eve writhed uncontrollably. Nico removed his fingers from her pussy and then raised them to her lips. He slid his fingers into Eve’s hot mouth and she clamped her lips down tightly around his fingers, sucking off the juices slowly. The honeysuckle taste of her pussy aroused her further. She slid her tongue all over Nico’s fingers and then he took his fingers out of her mouth with a look of rabid lust in his eyes. 

Eve smirked when she saw the way Nico was looking at her. She reached forward and grabbed onto his cock through his underwear. Nico slid his underwear to the ground and exposed his hardened member to Eve. 

She spread her legs wide as she sat on the countertop, inviting him to thrust his entire hardness deep into her pussy. Nico guided his dick to her sopping hole and then began to thrust into her sopping pussy. Eve moaned as Nico’s cock began to slip past her hole. Her wet pussy was still tight and he struggled to fit the head in her entrance.

Eve reached around and grabbed Nico’s ass cheeks, helping him slide his full length deep inside her.

“Slow baby… slow…” She whispered. 

Nico’s entire cock filled Eve’s pussy tightly. Her slit gripped his cock like a vice. Nico looked into her eyes and began to thrust into her nice and slow. Eve closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip as Nico’s fat cock began to slip in and out of her pussy as a steady pace.

“Yes… Yes…” She whispered.

“You like that?” Nico whispered.

Eve nodded.

“Yes… Harder… Please…”

Eve steadied herself on the counter and braced herself for Nico’s increased pace. He gripped her large ass cheeks and started to pound in and out of her tight hole. Eve let out a loud moan as she felt Nico plunging his dick deeper into her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Just like that baby,” Eve whimpered.

Nico found himself thrusting with renewed vigor. Eve held onto Nico’s back, digging her nails into his flesh. Nico’s muscles tensed as he continued to push his cock deep into her wetness. Nico was starting to pound into her with intensity.

“Deeper!” Eve cried out.

She writhed, twisting her hips as much as she could as he continued to press his dick into her. Nico’s warm, musky scent wafted into Eve’s nostrils. His raw masculine power turned her on, pushing her towards the edge of climax once again. Her pussy vibrated as she neared the edge of release.

Eve let out a loud cry as she came, creaming all over Nico’s cock. She threw her head back in ecstasy and balanced her weight on Nico’s palm. The fire of her orgasm spread throughout her body, filling every inch of her with absolute pleasure. 

While Eve was still impaled on his cock, Nico lifted her off the counter and pressed her against the kitchen wall. The only thing supporting her weight was Nico. He held Eve against the wall and kissed her, leaving his dick firmly embedded in her wetness.

“You like that baby? You like being so dirty?”

Eve whimpered, “Yes baby… Yes… Take me harder…”

With Eve’s encouragement, Nico began to pump his cock into her harder. He pressed her back against the hard wall and thrust into her soft wetness. Eve’s plump pussy was hot with arousal and she was already primed for another climax. Her deep brown skin was flushed with arousal a thin layer of sweat was building up on both of them. 

Eve wrapped her thighs around Nico as he pounded into her hard. His heavy grunting and the sensation of his thick cock throbbing inside her wetness drove Eve to another swift climax. She pressed her head against the wall and cried out as she came. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed around Nico’s cock as more pleasure surged throughout her body.

Everything felt so good that it was easy for her to forget all the hurt that she’d experienced — at least just for a moment. She squeezed her legs around Nico more tightly and he lifted her off the wall and carried her into the bedroom. Nico removed Eve from his cock and gently rested her down in their temporary bed.

For temporary accommodations, the room was still cozy and Eve’s head sank deeply into the pillow. She was ready for more action from Nico. She was ready to forget all her problems and just sink into unspeakable pleasure over and over again.

Eve looked at Nico’s gorgeous body and the look of absolute love and admiration in his eyes.

“I love you,” Nico whispered.

His words traveled through the wind to Eve and touched her like the gentlest kiss. No matter what happened between them, she knew that she had to remember that Nico loved her. He loved everything about her and he’d do everything in his power to protect her.

“Nico, I’m scared,” Eve confessed. 

Nico nodded, “I know. I know you’re scared. But we’ll get through this.”


Nico nodded, “Yes. I promise. And you have every right to be angry with me.”

“Come to bed,” Eve replied.

She didn’t want to dwell on this too much longer. As Nico had said, there was nothing they could do except wait to hear from his men. Until then, they were best served falling into each others’ arms and remembering the reasons they’d fallen in love in the first place.

Nico joined Eve in bed. Her dark sepia toned skin had him hypnotized in an erotic trance. Her thick curves and her beautiful body had him incensed with lust. Nico began to kiss her lips again as her head pressed into the plush pillow. Her body responded to his touch with goosebumps and her eyes were alight with desire for him.

Eve ran her hands along Nico’s muscles, squeezing his arms and planting her fingertips firmly against his chest. She moaned as he sucked on her neck and she spread her legs, encouraging him to slide his hardness between her legs once more.

“Please…” Eve whimpered.

She didn’t have to finish the sentence. Nico already knew what to do. He slipped his hot rod between her legs, thrusting as Eve gasped in ecstasy. He began to move in and out of her wetness nice and slow. This time, they knew it wouldn’t take long for both of them to reach a simultaneous climax. Eve moaned as Nico began to thrust into her deeper.

She grabbed onto his ass cheeks and pulled his cock further into her pussy. Her tightness clenched around his cock. Eve gasped as Nico’s cock began to push her close to another climax. Her pussy was sore and engorged from her previous orgasms but she was ready to cum all over Nico’s dick once more.

“Take me… Cum inside me Nico…” She breathed.

Nico began to pound into her wetness, pumping his cock between her legs with vigor and fury. His muscles tensed up into powerful, sinewy rocks as his cock drove between her legs deeper and deeper. Eve’s beautiful lips twisted in erotic pleasure as she approached climax.

She cried out as she finally released. Nico tried to hold back but he’d already withheld his own climax as long as possible. He grunted as he continued to thrust between Eve’s legs and then he released. A thick spurt of his cum plastered the walls of Eve’s pussy and the two lay there shuddering together in the throes of their euphoria.


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