Books Similar To 50 Shades Of Grey: Bound & Gagged

books similar to 50 shades to greyBound & Gagged isn't just one of those books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. It gives you something much, much different. Yes, there's plenty of steamy sex. Yes, there's a HOT interracial romance between a black woman and white man. But there's also a story of deep and passionate love that you won't want to miss.

In this novel, African American women who love romantic stories will find important representation. They'll find lust, passion, and lots of hot sex. 

This book is so controversial that the negative reviews about "too much sex" could have deterred me from publishing.

But I write for the women who LOVE to push the envelope...

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to get the full description and a steamy excerpt from this kinky novel.

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After taking one look at May Roberts, Ben knows he has to have her.

But he's a player known for breaking hearts and May is tired of playing games. 

After a night of the hottest sex she's ever experienced, May promises herself it won't happen again.

But something about Ben awakens kinky cravings she never knew she had. It's hard to stay away from him after lusty late night romps his BMW coat check
... and all over the city

Ben must convince her that he's changed, but with his shady past, he has an uphill battle ahead. 

This book is for lovers of hot and steamy action between the sheets. If you enjoy romance between beautiful, strong black women and handsome, alpha male white men, you'll enjoy this book. Take a look inside to get a taste of what you're missing...

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Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey Excerpts: Bound & Gagged


... ...

“Nice place,” Ben asserted once he entered May’s house. 


He stood in her foyer with his hands in his pockets, taking in every inch of her wall space and home. The place was spotless, as usual, with New England country design. May flicked on the light and kept her eyes on Ben. If he was going to expose himself as a creepy killer, he’d probably start now.


“Wow,” He said, “Well… Take me to the Etta James.”



“Bourbon. No ice,” He replied.


May took her shoes off and walked into the living room. She gestured towards her eggshell colored sofa and offered Ben a seat.


“Thanks, but I think I’ll take my station at the record player.”


May’s vinyl collection was the focal point of the room. Her shelves were organized by decade and then alphabetically by artist. Her record player was wiped clean and inside, there was Purple Rain — an artifact from last week’s “date night” when May had danced alone in her undies to Prince for three hours.


Ben ran his hands through her records, searching for one that caught his eye, so May took that opportunity to pour them both glasses of bourbon. She hadn’t quite reached Ben’s level of appreciation for whiskey, so she added a bit of ginger ale to hers and copious amounts of ice. May always thought of her grandfather when she poured a glass of bourbon.


She re-emerged and found Ben placing a Whitney Houston record on her turntable.


“Modern,” May said, “Bourbon?”


Ben walked towards her and grabbed the bourbon. Standing inches away from her, he was growing tired of playing this game. He wanted to take her now — sweep her off her feet and get those feet behind her head. Whitney Houston and bourbon was putting him in a mood that he no longer wanted to ignore.


Ben downed the glass in one big gulp and slammed it down on the shelf.

“Ah. Perfection.”


“Aren’t you supposed to sip bourbon?” May teased shyly.


Ben shook his head, “Sipping takes too long. I prefer to get my liquor hard… and fast…”


He moved closer to May and then plucked her drink from her hand, setting it down next to his empty glass.


“Ben…” She started.


“Don’t say anything,” He replied, “Just let this happen… And admit you always knew this was going to happen.”


May closed her eyes and allowed Ben’s lips to touch hers. Holy shit. Kissing him send jolts of electric energy surging through her body, forcing her to stand at attention. May pulled away with widened eyes. For something so wrong, it felt so right.


“Ben, we can’t do this. We just met,” May whispered.


“Then why does it feel like we’ve known each other a thousand years?” 


This time, he grabbed her. Ben clutched May’s waist as he pulled her close to him and kissed her. This time, his tongue thrust down her throat and her heart ached with anxiety and excitement. He was right — she didn’t want to say no.


May pressed her palms against Ben’s chest. She felt his lion’s heart beating slow and dull. He was calm, as if he’d orchestrated the entire evening. He felt none of her prey animal jitters, just desire.


“Please… We need to stop.”

“Why…” He growled, his lips pressed to May’s neck as he sucked her flesh between them.

“Ohhh,” May moaned, as his tongue flicked over one of the most sensitive spots on her neck.


She didn’t recall what question he’d asked. Ben’s hands clutched her ass cheeks and he lifted her off the ground. May wrapped her thighs tightly around his muscled physique and allowed him to kiss her like this. Ben pressed her against the nearest wall and allowed his fingers to run through her hair as he kissed her.


May squeezed her thighs around Ben and ran her hands through his hair. His cologne had a cinnamon and citrus scent that drove her mad. His thick tufts of hair beneath her finger tips also pushed May over the edge of desire. She wasn’t sure what had come over her — what had possessed her to leap into Ben’s arms. She knew nothing about him, but her body propelled her forward like this.




Ben carried May to another wall and pressed her up against the wall as he kissed her lips and neck.

“I can’t wait to take you upstairs and fuck your brains out,” He whispered.


May was taken aback by the dirty talk. It wasn’t typical for guys that she’d just met to go that far on the first night. But coming from Ben, she felt her pussy getting wet. That was exactly what she wanted from him. Ben set May on the ground and then turned her around, pressing her against the wall.


“Before I fuck you upstairs, I’m going to pin you down and fuck you against this wall until you scream.”


May did nothing to resist. She pressed her hands against the wall and stuck her ass out. Ben hiked her skirt up and slid her underwear to the ground. 


“Mmm,” He groaned when he saw May’s perfect, large ass. 


Her butt cheeks were large, round and juicy. May jiggled her ass cheeks a little, tantalizing Ben and activating his desires for her further. He rubbed the area of May’s ass cheeks and felt his cock stirring to attention. For a woman with such a slim waist, May’s butt was deliciously large. 


Ben got down on his knees and grabbed May’s thighs.


“Don’t turn around,” He commanded, “Just feel.”


May closed her eyes, waiting for what was coming next. She expected to feel Ben’s member sliding towards her pussy, but instead, she felt the warm wetness of Ben’s tongue touch the soft area between her legs.


“Ahh,” May moaned.


She had no idea what she was in for. Ben squeezed her thighs tighter and began to move his tongue smoothly across the length of her pussy.

“Yes! Oh yes…” May cooed.


Ben began to lap at her pussy faster and faster. His lips suckled around May’s engorged clit as he licked the length of her pussy, even allowing his tongue to dare graze her puckered asshole.

“Ohhh!” May cried out as his tongue grazed against the forbidden hole again.


Ben stood up and then pressed May into the wall further with his body.


“Stay still,” He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now.”


May remained still and she could hear Ben undoing his pants. She could feel the heat of his cock pressing up against her ass cheeks as he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. 


“Condom?” May asked.


“Yes,” Ben replied.


As he answered her, he shoved the full length of his sheathed cock into her wetness. May let out a loud squeal. Ben began to pummel into her pussy. He gripped her waist and fucked her against the wall, right there in her foyer. May began to cry out louder and louder as she felt her body approaching climax.


When Ben’s cock first slid inside her pussy he felt incredibly huge — bigger than any guy she’d been with. Now, May struggled to accommodate each powerful thrust. He was pounding into her harder and harder. Her pussy juiced with each thrust and May found herself gasping and gasping until she reached release.

“Ohhh yess!” May cried out as she came. 


Feeling her tightness grabbing onto his cock like a vice, Ben pulled out of her.


“Take me upstairs,” He demanded.


May turned around and caught a glimpse of the monster cock Ben was packing. His lust muscle was even bigger than she’d envisioned it. She couldn’t wait to impale herself on his dick again and allow herself stronger and stronger climaxes than ever before.


May led Ben upstairs to her bedroom. She saw the look of animalistic desire in his eyes. She saw that he wanted her more than everything and that he’d been hunting her from the moment he’d seen her. May had to admit to herself that it felt good to be a prize to a man like Ben. He could have had any girl in the room but he’d chosen her — the klutz that had caused a public scene at a fancy restaurant.


Once in the bedroom, May turned to face him with a smile on her face.


“Wow… You’re… really big,” She said.


Ben grinned, “Oh yeah? Never noticed.”




“Turn around sweetheart before you lose a chance to experience all of this.”


“I think I’ll need help getting out of these clothes,” May teased.


Ben rushed to her and unzipped her dress. He stripped it off of her and then unhooked her bra. For the first time, he caught a glimpse of May fully nude and his cock twitched to attention again.


May turned away from him and positioned herself on all fours like he’d demanded. With baby hairs slicked to her head with sweat and makeup running off her face, May found herself desperate for another climax. She felt Ben climb into the bed behind her. She felt his warm, large hands running all over her flesh and then she felt his cock lining up with her tightness.

“Ready baby?”


“Mmhmm,” May whimpered. Ben shoved the full length of his cock into her with one stroke. 


May cried out and Ben continued to pound into her harder and harder. He felt himself coming close to climax, close to claiming this beautiful dark-skinned beauty as his own. May moaned and cried out as she came; she thrust her hips back against Ben as she writhed in orgasm. Unable to contain himself a second longer, Ben grunted and emptied himself into the condom that separated their flesh.


He squeezed May’s hips as he came and then slowly removed his long member from her tightness. They both gasped for breath, high from the intensity of the climaxes between them. 


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