Books Similar To 50 Shades Of Grey: Father By Choice (BWWM Romance Novel) by Jamila Jasper

books similar to 50 shades of grey father by choice If you love romantic stories and books similar to 50 shades of grey, you'll enjoy this new interracial romance story featuring a powerful alpha male hero and a strong female heroine who falls in love with him. This story explores strength, power dynamics and finding healing from your past through love.

If you enjoy BWWM books and you're interested in pregnancy fiction featuring strong African American women, you'll want to check this book out. It's ultra-steamy with plenty of love scenes and touching romantic plot lines.

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The night Blue Summers met Damon, everything seemed to be going wrong.

Falling into his arms was easy... too easy for a girl who had sworn off men for good.

Blue discovers that Damon is her biggest political rival but getting rid of him won't be so easy now that she's carrying his child.

As the run for office gets tougher, Blue finds it hard to deny that her feelings for Damon are getting as hot as the race itself.

Romance Novel Excerpt: Father By Choice





Blue was a horrible candidate for an adoption agency. And for IVF. Both sets of terrible news had rained down on the 30-year-old in the span of seven days and she was starting to think that the universe was in on this giant joke. With no boyfriend in sight, and with no desire for one, Blue had decided to make the choices that any smart, modern, career woman would make. 


And in trying to step outside the box of her traditional upbringing, she’d fallen flat on her face. She was becoming the spinster that her twin sister Ruby had warned her she would become. Ruby had married a recent widower fifteen years her senior who already had two kids of his own. But together, they were onto their third child.


But Blue didn’t need a man the same way Ruby did; she never had. Whereas Ruby had always used boyfriends and the attentions of men to cope, Blue had never quite been that person. She reminded herself every time she grew tempted to succumb to a man what her mother’s life had been like. There was no way Blue was ever going to be like that. If she had a kid, she’d do it on her own and not rely on men for anything. It would be better to keep men away from her child than to do what her mother had done. 


Nyah and Jan had convinced her to come out tonight. Blue was reeling from the news from the agencies and somehow they thought coming to the bar would cheer her up. Blue was convinced they were both just looking for a wing woman and used Blue’s bad news as an excuse. They were good friends, but their priorities could be twisted sometimes. 


Nyah and Blue worked together as a part of Jim Rosenberg campaign team. Nyah handled public relations and Blue worked in the background as a project manager to a section of Jim Rosenberg’s team. Jim believed that she’d been solely responsible for many election victories on the East Coast. Blue knew that she couldn’t have had any of her career success if it weren’t for the teams of people she’d managed. Jim didn’t give them enough credit.


Law school had prepared Blue for politics, but in so many ways Blue felt like she was just getting off the ground. At least her father had helped pay for law school, so she didn’t have the burdens some of her other coworkers did.


“Blue!” Nyah called from across the bar.


“Come dance!” Jan called afterwards.


Blue sucked back the rest of her whiskey sour and shook her head at her friends. She was too depressed for dancing. Seeing that she hadn’t replied to her plea, Nyah approached Blue at the bar.


“Girl, what’s wrong with you? This is supposed to be cheering you up!”


“The bar’s basically empty,” Blue mumbled.


“No it isn’t! There are some really hot guys in here and Jan recognized one of them. He’s in finance. A guy in finance is a catch.” 


Blue shrugged, “Why don’t y’all have fun. I’ll talk to… the bartender. Or finish up some work emails.”

Nyah folded her arms crossly. She could see that Blue was reluctant to follow but she wasn’t about to ruin her night because Blue was in a pissy mood. Nyah was tall, ridiculously thin with skin so dark it was almost purple. She looked like a model, and she was one of the best public relations experts in politics.


“Why are you acting like this? We’re supposed to be cheering you up and we don’t want to abandon you.”


“Trust me Nyah… I’ll be fine. And it looks like Jan will be fine too.”


They turned to look at their mutual friend Jan and giggled. One of the finance guys she’d been pursuing was grabbing onto her hips tightly as they danced together. She looked a bit tipsy and Jan was tripping over herself as she tried to reach up and kiss the guy on the lips. Jan was short — under five feet tall — so seeing her with a guy who was over six feet cracked both of them up.


“Well if you promise you’ll be okay… One of these guys already bought me a drink.”


Blue wrinkled her nose.


“What about Tom?”


Nyah sighed, “Blue, I told you already. Tom and I are in an open relationship.”


“I don’t get relationships these days.”


“It’s nothing to get. I have fun. He has fun. And we love each other. That’s all.” 


Blue smiled, hoping to ease Nyah’s mind about having her fun.


“Well then go on ahead and have your fun.”


“Okay fine.”


Nyah sauntered off and Blue sat alone at the bar. The bartender offered her another whiskey sour and she agreed. There was a time and a place for fruity girly drinks but it wasn’t today. Blue’s hopes of starting a family independently of a man had been dashed against the rocks and she was losing hope that she would ever be able to find the independence that she needed so badly.


The whiskey sour burned at her throat. Nyah and Jan always acted like she had a problem because she didn’t enjoy going out drinking and meeting random guys in the club. Blue disagreed. She didn’t have a problem. Sure, she hadn’t had a date in over four years, but that didn’t mean there was a problem.


It was just hard to find good men. It was hard to find men who didn’t end up being just like her mother. Most girls chose men like their daddies but since Blue hadn’t spent much time with her daddy, she ended up falling for men with a problem. And most times that problem was booze. If it wasn’t booze, it was pills. In cities like this, you could fool yourself for a long long time and spend years believing that you didn’t have a problem. 


This was a city of politicians, bankers and financiers who thought that a little money in the bank meant they were immune to getting pulled down into the abyss of addiction. But addiction didn’t  care how old you were or how much money you had. Addiction would drag you down regardless. Blue had seen that happen with her own two eyes.


Blue had first hand knowledge that money wouldn’t make you immune to addiction. And she refused to let anyone take away all that she’d built for herself in her life. She’d gone through too much to get here. She’d surmounted barriers that most people couldn’t dream of. In fact, most people who knew Blue thought she’d led a charmed life. She had grown up with money, had no student loans and had landed the perfect job.


Blue knew that her musing was getting unspeakably depressing. Before she could order another drink, a man slipped into the bar stool next to her. Before looking up, Blue had already prepared to reject him. But he didn’t say a word for a few moments. He ordered a Grey Goose on ice and after he’d had a few sips, he turned to look at Blue, greeting her with a simple hello.


Blue turned to look at him and instantly, her will to reject him dissipated. He had the strongest face she’d ever seen. Each feature was so pronounced that he looked like a he’d stepped off of a Calvin Klein runway.


“I’m Damon,” He said, sticking his hand out.


She shook his hand. He had a strong, firm handshake that told Blue he did business around here. People from this city always shook your hand like they were in a negotiation even if they’d just met you.


“Blue. Nice to meet you,” She said.


Damon smiled. 


“Blue. That’s a pretty name.”



Something about Damon looked familiar, but Blue couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She scrutinized his face for an instant, trying to place where she’d seen him before. While Blue was uncertain about who Damon was, he had no uncertainty about who she was. He had recognized her from the moment he saw her across the bar. 


She worked on the Rosenberg campaign and she’d worked on a few others before then. Ryan Cook’s campaign, Lester Freeman’s campaign and a few other gubernatorial elections out of state. She was good at what she did even if Damon knew her as a woman who was more interested in staying out of the limelight.


He was surprised that she didn’t recognize him, but he didn’t fill in the blanks.


“So, catching up on work?”


Blue chuckled, “No. Just here with friends. Being a stick in the mud, as usual.”


Her flirting game was off. Way off. But something about Damon forced her out of his shell. Blue wasn't sure if she was biased by the slight recognition she’d experienced, but something about Damon was alarmingly attractive to her.


He was tall, well over 6 foot five and his thick brown hair was cut short. He had beautiful green eyes as deep and luminous as the Caribbean Sea. Damon was dressed well in what must have been an Armani suit. Or something equally nice. The silver Rolex on his wrist had caught Blue's eye as well. 


She could tell that whoever he was, and whatever he did for a living, he had a lot of money. And clearly, he did some sort of business in the city. His strong handshake had made a mark. 


Unlike most people, Blue didn't like to start a conversation by asking what someone did for a living. There was too much of that already everywhere you went. People were obsessed with their jobs, how much money they made and how much money they planned to make. Work had become an addiction in itself. Blue found all addictions repulsive. That shallowness had kept Blue assured that her reasoning behind not dating was sound. 


"Well, Miss stick in the mud, do you mind if I buy you a drink?"


Blue agreed. This guy was attractive and he didn't ooze that sleazy vibe that some white guys did when they approached her. She could tell Damon was one of the good ones. He saw her as a real human being — she was more than a fetish to him. 

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