BWWM Books: The Surgeon's Baby

bwwm books the surgeon's babyThe Surgeon's Baby is another one of Jamila's BWWM Books that explores romantic conflict within a marriage. It's one of her best steamy romance novels fraught with tension between the strong African American lead character and her dreamy white husband -- a powerful plastic surgeon in NYC. If you love romantic stories and pregnancy fiction, you'll enjoy this read. The Surgeon's Baby is both sweet and romantic while keeping hot enough to melt your kindle. 

Take a look at the official description below and keep reading further for a length excerpt, perfect if you love reading free romance books online...


British plastic surgeon Brock Coates wants to keep his dreamy, successful black wife Gabby happy. Gabrielle's life dream is to become a doctor and make her family proud.

Career pressure is starting to hamper their marriage and neither their idealism or their efforts to change seem to be making a difference... 

When Gabby and her husband receive news that she is pregnant, their worlds threaten to come tumbling down. 

They're torn about how to handle a pregnancy without losing their careers or each other.

As they grow apart, they'll need something to push them together... something stronger than love.

BWWM Books Excerpt: The Surgeon's Baby



Brock Coates closed the hotel suite door behind him, double checking the lock. Finally, he would get to be alone with his gorgeous fiancée. Gabrielle DuPont sat on the bed, looking at him with bliss in her eyes. After a long day of wedding rehearsals and an even more stressful rehearsal dinner, he was eager to get to bed with his beautiful soon to be wife.


Gabrielle’s white shift dress was a gift from Brock’s sister. The organic cotton dress clung to Gabrielle’s curves, highlighting her voluptuous figure. She’d been training for months to lose a few pounds for the wedding and she felt lucky that the sister-in-law she’d never met had managed to get the perfect sized dress. Gabrielle’s umber colored skin glowed in the hotel room light.


Brock walked up to his wife, pushing long strands of her black hair out of her face and kissing her on the lips.


“Today was exhausting,” Brock said.


Gabrielle nodded. Her fiancé didn’t know the half of it. This was the first time Gabrielle had met her white fiancé’s family and the entire ordeal had been stressful.


“I know. I called the visa office today; they say if we come in on Friday we should be able to sort the final immigration details out.”


“Thank you,” Brock replied, kissing Gabrielle’s forehead.


Gabrielle’s hazel eyes gleamed in bright contrast to her dark skin.


“Brock… Everything’s going to be fine right? Tomorrow we’re going to get married. You’ll be able to stay in the country and I’ll start med school in August.”


“Yes. And thank you Gabrielle,” Brock replied.


“Is it bad if I can’t wait for this to be over? I just want us to be together without all this… drama.”


Brock chuckled, “No. It’s not bad. I can’t wait either. Plus, we’re moving next week. What’s not to look forward to Mrs. Coates.”


Gabrielle smiled. Brock was right. She had been eager for her wedding for weeks. Now that it was about to happen, Gabrielle mostly felt stressed.


“When do you start at the hospital?”


Brock shrugged, “They want to make sure it’s legal for me to stay in the country first.”


“That’s bullshit. You graduated top of your class at Columbia. You’ve specialized in one of the most difficult fields. You’ve more than proven you deserve a position there.”


“I know. But they aren’t exactly dying to keep plastic surgeons in the country.”


Gabrielle scoffed, “Why because it’s not an important field? Some of your clients might be snobs but you’re not just in it for the money.”


“Tell that to immigration.”


“Well hopefully we won’t have to say anything to immigration. And after tomorrow, you’ll be one step closer to being an American.”


Brock grinned, “Or we could say screw all this and go back to the U.K.”


Gabrielle glared at him, “No we are not going back to the U.K.!”


“I’m teasing Gabby. I know you could never leave your family behind. This is our home.”


“Yes, it is,” Gabrielle replied.


She pulled Brock close to her and kissed him on the lips. Gabby shuddered as she felt Brock’s lips press against hers.


Brock held Gabby’s hand, lifting her to her feet and kissing her on the lips.


“Gabby… I love you,” He said.


Hearing Brock’s British accent always drove Gabrielle crazy. Even if she hated to admit it, his accent was one of the most attractive things about her future husband.


“I love you too Brock.”


“Kiss me,” He whispered into her ear.


Gabrielle kissed his lips and then allowed her mouth to move to his cheek and then his neck. Brock closed his eyes and moaned.


“You’re perfect… And soon, I’ll be able to give you everything you’ve always wanted Gabrielle.”


“Oh yeah? Well I think I’ll be able to give myself everything I want.”


Brock grinned, “I know. We’ll both be Dr. Coates, but I’ll still never stop spoiling you.”


Gabrielle giggled and shuddered as Brock pressed his lips to her neck. Everything about his touch was tempting her. She wanted Brock far more than she’d ever wanted him before. He was about to be her husband anyways.


Gabrielle pulled away from Brock, determined not to be tempted by him.


“Brock, do you think your parents liked me tonight?”


Brock shrugged.


“Not sure. I’ve never been able to get a read on them. Or Bronwyn for that matter.”


Bronwyn was Brock’s twin sister and his only sibling. Meeting Bronwyn had been more stressful for Gabrielle than meeting her husband’s parents. She’d heard story after story about Brock’s sister. Meeting her, she found Bronwyn to be entirely different from what she’d heard.


Bronwyn was six feet tall — four inches shorter than her twin brother but still tall by any measurement. She was extremely thin and willowy with hair just as raven black as her brother’s. They even had the same facial structure, except Bronwyn’s angular face had more soft feminine contours than Brock’s. The main place they differed was their eyes.


Brock had intense olive green eyes, unlike anything that Gabrielle had ever seen before. Bronwyn on the other hand had regular dark brown eyes, far darker than Gabrielle’s even.


Gabrielle had expected Bronwyn to be crude, unfriendly and abusive just like Brock had said. Instead, she was reserved but friendly enough. She’d hugged Gabrielle had cooed at her gift fitting her form perfectly. They didn’t have much in common, but Gabrielle was glad that she’d made a good first impression on her fiancé’s twin sister. At the very least, Gabrielle didn’t expect any drama at their wedding. Brock on the other hand still wasn’t convinced.


“I would be careful with Bron if I were you.”


“Well I don’t think she’ll cause any trouble tomorrow. Don’t worry okay?”


“Mm,” Brock said, “Maybe you’re right.”


He pulled Gabrielle in for a kiss, diving his tongue deep down her throat.


With this kiss, Gabby felt powerless to stop Brock. They’d spent the entire day bustling around each other but not really spending any proper time together. Considering the fact that their wedding day was so soon, Gabby wished that they’d had time just to hold hands, nuzzle into each other’s arms and talk things through. The wedding definitely felt more like business than pleasure.


“I love you,” Gabby whispered.


“I love you too, Mrs. Coates.”


Gabby loved hearing Brock call her “Mrs. Coates”. She wasn’t married yet but she loved thinking of herself as Brock’s wife. Their meeting had been such a blessing to Gabby in so many ways.


She’d met Brock while she was still an undergraduate student at NYU. He was in his final year of specialization as a plastic surgeon and their connection had been instant. They’d made out all night long and Brock hadn’t left her apartment until early the next morning. Gabby was surprised when Brock had called her back — most guys who came back to her apartment and didn’t get sex ignored her thereafter.


Brock wasn’t like those men.


Gabby was instantly struck by his British charm, his politeness and the way he seemed to accept her more than any American guy ever had. Most American men were rude and abrupt. Brock had mastered British politeness to a science. He went the whole nine yards for Gabby from the moment they’d met. He’d even supported her pledge to save herself for marriage.


After a torrid three months together, real life started to catch up to their romance and they were faced with options. Gabby could move to the UK — which was out of the question since she intended to go to medical school — or they could try a long distance relationship. Gabby didn’t like either option.


Brock’s spontaneity caused him to present a third option to Gabby that would solve the pending problems that immigration would present to them: a diamond ring.


Gabby had always suspected that Brock came from money. He had been renting an apartment in Midtown Manhattan that seemed to surpass his budget. He had no undergraduate loans, no medical school loans or anything of the sort. When Gabby saw the ring that Brock had given her, her suspicions about his wealth were confirmed.


The ring he’d bought was close to $50,000 in value. The diamonds and sapphires on the ring were all as close to flawless as Gabrielle had ever seen. Everything that Gabrielle had ever dreamed of in an engagement ring was right in front of her. With her perfect, wealthy British boyfriend down on one knee before her, she couldn’t avoid saying yes.


Three months after that proposal and they were getting married. Gabrielle was still a virgin and as their wedding night approached, her temptation to break that vow was getting stronger and stronger.   


“Our wedding night is tomorrow you know,” Brock said.


“I know…”


“Well let me kiss you… Let me show you how much I love you.”


Gabby couldn’t resist Brock when he was like this — begging for her, pleading to pleasure her in his posh British accent.


She allowed Brock’s hand to reach behind her back. He held the zipper at the nape of her neck and then slowly slid it down her back, exposing her deep brown skin. The cool air of the hotel suite hit Gabby’s back. She gasped as Brock’s lips touched her neck again. He shimmied her out of her dress and ogled Gabrielle as she stood there in her underwear.


Gabrielle’s hair was natural, but relaxed since she couldn’t be bothered with detangling while applying to medical school. Her thick hair fell to the middle of her back and she always wore a middle part that accentuated her symmetrical facial features. Gabrielle’s body was by no means the skinny New York ideal. still, Brock thought she was perfect. Gabrielle had small but round breasts, a plump stomach and thick thighs with a sizable bum to match.


She stood before him with her lace black bra and lace black underwear and Brock thought he would go crazy. He’d been waiting months to touch Gabrielle and to make love to her. From the first night he’d met her, Brock had fallen in love with her. She had the brazen independence of American women with a little something special. Brock found British women to be cold and a bit frigid. Even if Gabrielle was far from loose, she was open with her emotions and gave Brock a sense of freedom. Everything about her was liberated.


Brock squeezed Gabrielle’s bum and pulled her close. He massaged her thick ass cheeks as he kissed her cheeks and neck. Gooseflesh broke out across Gabrielle’s skin and Brock could tell that her desire for him was rising. He pressed his nose to her neck and inhaled her scent. Something about the bizarre action awakened something primal within Gabrielle. She shivered and began kissing him back more passionately than ever. Brock let her go crazy, planting kisses all over his lips; he allowed her hands to reach down and unbutton his shirt, revealing his broad, muscular chest.


Brock was a fitness freak and it showed. He spent hours and hours sculpting his body in the gym and his body was better than most of the doctors on his rotation — something he was quite proud of. Brock’s skin was a cream color and his back was covered in freckles. His chest was chiseled like an underwear model and his legs were even stronger and more impressive than his upper body. Unlike most people Gabrielle had met, he could hoist her into the air without any resistance.


Brock reached behind Gabrielle and unhooked her bra.


Gabby shuddered in anticipation as she felt her bra fall to the ground. The air in the hotel room chilled her nipples almost instantly. The dark chocolate circles turned into hardened nubs. Brock kissed her again, pressing his rosy lips onto her neck. His hand reached down to one of her breasts and he held the small orb, lifting it closer to his mouth.


“You’re so bloody beautiful Gabby,” He whispered.


Gabby groaned in response as Brock’s next move was to wrap his lips entirely around her nipple. The heat from his mouth juxtaposed the room’s chill, driving Gabrielle wild. She knew what Brock was doing — he’d waited long enough and now, on the night before their wedding, he was doing his best to seduce her.


Gabrielle was tempted, but the deeper she got into Brock’s attempt at seduction, the more she furthered her resolve to wait one more day. It was the principle of the thing.


Gabrielle wasn’t saving herself for religious purposes — although she did grow up with a staunchly Christian Baptist mother who hailed straight from Portmore, Jamaica. Gabrielle had been saving herself because she wanted a love that would transcend sex. She wanted a love that could grow and glow for eternity. Gabrielle wanted her spirit to move, not just her body. She knew that Brock was that guy but a big part of being the right guy meant being able to wait until Gabrielle said she was ready.


Brock had moved his mouth to her other nipple and Gabrielle was stewing with arousal. Saying no to him would be harder and harder as he went on but Gabrielle possessed steely resolve.


“Get on the bed,” Brock growled.


Gabrielle obeyed him, climbing back onto their King sized bed with just a skimpy pair of black underwear.


“Underwear, off,” Brock commanded.


Gabrielle pulled off her underwear revealing a patch of trimmed hair and an aroused pair of plump pussy lips. Brock slipped a finger between her folds, careful not to penetrate her entrance. Brock had promised not to penetrate Gabrielle until she was ready. Tonight, he planned to make her ready. Their wedding day was approaching full speed ahead but Brock’s desire was reaching its crescendo far faster than that.


Brock positioned himself between Gabrielle’s legs and his face was inches away from her heaving wetness. Brock kissed Gabrielle’s pubic mound lightly. She thrust her hips up and he continued to ply her thighs and mound with kisses. He was so close to her entrance, but he kept teasing her with kisses and the light brush of his fingers.


Finally, Brock pulled open Gabby’s pussy lips and pressed his tongue between her folds. Gabby groaned loudly as Brock’s tongue came into contact with her sensitive clit. She gasped and grabbed onto his hair, pushing his head deeper between her thighs. Brock’s tongue flicked up and down her nub with broad strokes, causing Gabby to moan louder and louder.


Her toes curled as Brock allowed his tongue to roam the full length of her pussy.

Brock pushed his tongue deeper between Gabrielle’s folds. He slurped up her juices as she cried out and pressed her hips into the bed. Gabby knew what he was trying to do — he was trying to ply her and prepare her to let him inside her. She was certainly tempted.


Brock pulled his mouth away from Gabby’s entrance. She shuddered as he then began to kiss her thighs and the area around her pussy. He was teasing her again by bringing her close to orgasm and then taking it away, forcing her to bed.


Gabrielle tried to maneuver her body so that Brock would feel tempted again to press his lips to her pussy. Brock resisted, continuing to plaster Gabby with kisses. He slipped his finger between her lips, avoiding her entrance again and teasing her clit by circling around it. Gabby groaned again, desperate to climax.


Her fiancé returned his face to its position between her legs and began to nibble at her folds, diving his tongue between them to pleasure her again. This time, Gabby couldn’t hold back much longer. She needed to cum. She needed to feel that earth shattering orgasm — the one that let her know without a shadow of a doubt that Brock was the man of her dreams.


Gabby groaned and whimpered, “Yes Brock! Yes Brock! Don’t stop!”


Brock obeyed, lapping at her folds more furiously and encircling her clit with his tongue. He flicked over her nub with broad strokes and then suckled on her nub just hard enough to cause her to explode all over again. Gabby quivered in pleasure. Brock relieved her from the explosions of pleasure and lay by her side. Gabby shuddered as he kissed her neck again. Every inch of her skin was still sensitive.


“You think we’re doing the right thing?” Gabby asked.


“Of course. Neither of us want me to go back to the UK.”


“Dakota thinks we’re getting married too quickly.”


Dakota was Gabby’s younger sister — she lived in Miami and was quite liberal in sharing her opinions about what her sister was doing with her life. She absolutely didn’t approve of Gabby’s plans to hastily marry her new British boyfriend.


Brock kissed Gabby’s cheek, “Dakota also strips for a living. I hardly think she’s an expert on romance.”


Gabby sighed. Brock was right. There were still doubts in her mind, largely fueled by her sister’s premonitions of doom.


“Brock, I love you so much.”

“And I love you too. Nothing is ever going to change that. Just because other people don’t understand, doesn’t mean we’re wrong.”

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