Romance Novel Excerpts: Trust Fund Baby

Romance Novel Excerpts: Trust Fund Baby Jamila JasperOne of Jamila Jasper's romance novel excerpts that flips the script on the typical black woman white man billionaire tale. In this story, the main character Victoria Brooker is a wealthy black woman interested in a working class white man named Craig Stewart. In this story, Jamila Jasper explores the various differences that separate Craig and Victoria; many of them are relatable in our own lives as well. The two lovers are separated by race, class and age and to overcome it all, they'll have to confront some hard truths about themselves and about society. One of the top romance novels when it was published, Trust Fund Baby easily soared into the top #50 BWWM books on Amazon.


The wealthy and spoiled African American woman Victoria Brooker meets one of her family's gardeners: Craig Stewart. Craig is a salt-of-the-earth white hustler with dreams of starting his own business. He's started at the bottom and he plans to work his way to the top.

The hard working man is instantly at odds with bratty Victoria. Craig finds Victoria spoiled and Victoria finds him condescending and arrogant. Despite their differences, they can't deny their passion for each other. Victoria starts to lose her bratty ways fast and finally see the changes she wants.

But as Craig and Victoria fall further in love, they make a few mistakes. One of these mistakes changes their lives forever. As both Craig and Victoria are left to deal with the impact of their choices, Victoria must learn independence and Craig realizes that the African American elite are more than what they seem.

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Romance Novel Excerpts: Trust Fund Baby

Chapter 1


Victoria Brooker had never known struggle. Well, depending on how you define struggle. Victoria defined struggle as forgetting to go to her pedicure that she had last Thursday, or chipping a nail, or her nutritionist taking a vacation. She had always been a little Princess. And that was all by design.  Victoria’s parents had built up a seven-figure business from scratch. They had survived through the civil rights movement. They became African American socialites and rose to the top of the hierarchy early on during times that were tougher than Victoria could have ever imagined.


This was a world of Jim Crow segregation. This was a world of hate crimes and abuse. It was hard enough for black people to get jobs, far less start their own business. But Harvey and June Brooker knew what they wanted and they went out of their way to get it.


Her parents were tough as nails, and when they built their fortune up north, they intended to enjoy the spoils of war. Once they gained complete access to the benefits of the upper class, they ensured Victoria had the best of the best. She wasn’t just spoiled. Victoria had some good qualities about her, none of which were encouraged by her upper-class social circle or anyone around her. Thus, everything good about Victoria was muted, and by all outward appearances, she was a nouveau riche spoiled baby. Her parents were typically distant until they wanted something. Victoria had realized the only things anyone valued her for was the ability to look good and shut up.


Victoria had deep burnt umber skin. She was as dark as a blackberry, and her skin seemed to glow with a purplish hue in the afternoon sun. Her parents were the same skin tone, and their family certainly made an impression when they vacationed in all the world's most luxurious places. They stuck out; fellow tourists and locals alike were surprised to find out they were Americans. Victoria took absolute delight in experiencing all of life’s luxuries, exactly the way her parents had trained her. She had a curvy but athletic body like that of a tennis player. She was muscular in all the right places, but still maintained the curves of a video vixen. Victoria’s parents had insisted upon athleticism throughout her life, but now that she was 25, she only did yoga once a week. Victoria’s biggest rebellion was quitting tennis and deciding to engage in mild exercise once a week.


Although Victoria was 25 years old, she still lived at home. Living with her parents, she had access to everything she had during her childhood. She still lived in her massive childhood bedroom. She had plenty of yard space. She had her own sauna and her own pool. She also had access to a pretty fat bank account, the trust fund should inherit when she turned thirty, and another one she would inherit when she turned forty-five as well as two credit cards that her parents paid for in full every month.


She got virgin human hair weave custom delivered to her house and had her very own hairdresser on call for braids, weave installations and wig shopping. Victoria also had a brand new BMW sitting out back. She had received it for her 25th birthday. After University, nearly every one of Victoria’s friends had been in a hurry to move out of their parent’s homes and express their independence, but not Victoria. She knew if she just kept her nose to the grindstone and did what her parents wanted, she would have access to all the money in the world. When you had money, what else did you need?


Money made the world go round. Victoria knew that much. She figured out early what having all this money meant for her. She could buy her way into the coolest social groups, throw the most lavish parties and shop right out of Vogue. Victoria wasn’t stupid. After all, she’d gone to college. Her parents had finagled their way into getting her acceptance letters to every school she applied to whether or not she was actually qualified. They saw no problem with that. Hell, the white people in their social class had been doing it for years. In college, Victoria had studied art history and Italian. Her parents thought the workload was a little bit taxing, but they at least agreed to pay for her semester abroad in Italy. Italy was a nonstop party. Victoria didn’t spend more than thirty minutes of the semester sober. She looked back on college as a fun time. She didn’t understand what everyone else was so stressed out about… Despite her carefree nature, Victoria scraped by and graduated with honors from her degree.


See, Victoria thought she had it all figured out. The only thing was, as she got older, she started to feel restless. She wasn’t sure “restless” was the best way to describe how she felt but she didn’t know what other word to use. It probably wasn’t as much restlessness as it was the general sense of malaise that comes from 25 years of leeching off of everyone in your life.


Victoria felt something was missing, but she just didn’t know what. She had all the money in the world, close friends and parents who loved her enough to support everything she did completely free of charge. Could there be more to life? Maybe Apple would release a new iPhone soon… Victoria was lying on her bed on Thursday afternoon thinking about when she should book her next appointment to get her hair done, when her mother knocked on her bedroom door and let herself in without waiting for a response.


June Brooker entered the room and immediately pursed her lips. She didn’t like to see Victoria idle. She didn’t want Victoria to work, but she felt like Victoria should at least make maintaining her appearance a full time job. Now, the girl was just lounging on the bed as if there was nothing to be done.


“Good afternoon, Victoria,” June said, folding her arms.


“Good afternoon, Mom,” Victoria replied, sitting up straight the moment she noticed her mother. Her mother was very big on manners. She took offense to the slightest infractions that she perceived as disobedience. She had expectations about how Victoria was supposed to conduct herself and if these expectations weren’t met, her wrath would soon follow.


June often spoke in an overly formal tone with Victoria. It was as if she was intentionally highlighting her emotional distance from her daughter. “I would like to inform you that you will be attending an important party your father and I are having tomorrow. We’re inviting some big names and expect to see some pretty big donations,” June said to Victoria. She made sure to wrinkle her nose in general disapproval.


That was one of Victoria’s parents’ problems. They never asked her permission for anything. They simply planned her entire life out for her. Victoria had no say in her schedule or anything. They tossed her around like a basketball, showing her off at garden parties, cocktail hours, and fancy dinners. They bragged about Victoria’s most certainly minor achievements, and enjoyed having their beautiful, young daughter as their show pony. Neither June nor her father Harvey showed any interest in who Victoria was beyond what she had to offer them.


Victoria couldn’t stand that she had no choice but to agree with whatever her mother or father wanted. They supported Victoria financially in every way. She’d never even built credit or had a job!  She tried not to reveal her distress at the fact that she had to attend another stupid party. That would only ensure her mother’s anger and she wasn’t prepared to deal with it.


“I’ll be there, Mother,” Victoria said.


June was about to leave but then stopped again. She couldn’t bear to leave Victoria in a room without making some kind of snide comment.


“I hope you wear something tasteful, dear. I know that you lack modesty sometimes, but it’s really more appropriate to cover up. Oh also, dear, I will need you to actually speak to your father at these sorts of things. You know Harvey works really hard, and he absolutely misses seeing you. Try not to eat too much so you can fit into a nice dress tomorrow,” June said.


Finally content that she’d said her piece, she waited for Victoria to respond before leaving.


“I think I know how to dress myself,” Victoria grumbled.


“Careful, dear. Don’t forget, your father and I do let you have everything you want around here. You’re quite blessed,” June warned. It was more like a threat than a warning despite her neutral sounding tone. Victoria’s mother wasn’t difficult to figure out. Victoria knew her parents weren’t above making good on their threats, too. She’d had a few mishaps when she was sixteen years old that had scared her from crossing her parents every again.


Her mother finally decided it was time to leave the room. She sashayed out and closed the door behind her politely. Victoria was absolutely furious. Who the hell do they think they are? Victoria thought. Her face was getting hot with anger. Her mother always managed to push her over the edge. She wanted to defy them, but her mother was right. They really did pay for everything she had. Victoria was a total dependant. She had no choice but to attend the stupid garden party that she had absolutely no interest in. The comments about her body didn’t even register. Victoria was well used to her mother’s critiques.


She hated that she lacked independence like this. She hated that her parents had pressured her into making so many decisions that further entrenched her in further dependence, and now she was powerless to do anything but obey them. They had adequately prepared her to live a life of being pampered. But Victoria had no skills to speak of. She was a professional at spending money, but quite incompetent at making it.


A part of Victoria wanted to be free, but she didn’t know how to obtain that freedom. She didn’t really know how to make decisions on her own. All she could do was enact a small series of rebellions and hope that her parents would acquiesce to her wishes in some way or another. But when they wanted something, they were determined to have it. And they wanted her to attend a garden party.


Her parents might have been able to control the way her Friday went, but they couldn’t control the rest of Thursday. Victoria needed a distraction. She decided to call up her two best friends, Rachel and Tiffany. A girl like Victoria didn’t necessarily have many friends outside of her tax bracket. Rachel and Tiffany had similar lifestyles to her. Rachel Levin was a half Jewish, half black girl. She had curly blondish hair, green eyes, and deep caramel colored skin. She loved throwing her looks in everyone’s face, and her money, too. Rachel’s Jewish father was incredibly wealthy. For her bat mitzvah she had received over $30,000 in cash. That wasn’t it, she also got a brand new car, access to one of the trust funds, and an all-expenses-paid vacation for her for best friends to Thessaloniki. Needless to say, that girl put Victoria to shame when it came to spending.


The third member of their trio, Tiffany Bautista, was a slightly less wealthy, tan skinned Cuban girl. Her parents had fled Cuba yet still managed to make quite a bit of money once they entered the United States. She was a little bit more down to earth than Rachel. She seemed to be the grounding force of the group. Rachel was the queen bee, Victoria was somewhere in the middle, and Tiffany was the one who got pushed around. Yes, these high school dynamics were maintained well into their 20s. Once you got into the habit, it was hard to break out of it. Tiffany, Rachel and Victoria didn’t have very much else to do besides shop, gossip and engage in bizarre, childish power struggles.


Victoria was desperate to have her two best friends over for a few bottles of wine and packs of cigarettes. Two terrible habits that she knew her mother would hate. Victoria hit their group chat with the initiating text, “My place, 20 minutes.” Although it seemed like they lived far apart, that was only because their parents had such vast expanses of property that every single house was far away! Each of the girls had their own car, so they would have no problem getting to Victoria’s. They planned to sit on one of her mansion’s patios and smoke until their voices became deep and husky. It didn’t seem like much but these young women didn’t have too many avenues for “acting out”. At least cigarettes were better than cocaine. The three women looked down on “serious druggies” who would waste their parents money and end up living on the streets. They liked the comfortable lives they led well enough.


Sure enough, her friends arrived right on time.  Rachel pulled up in her Porsche and Tiffany in her Prius. Rachel liked to make fun of Tiffany’s Prius. Mocking Tiffany was one of Rachel’s more bitchy habits that got on Victoria’s nerves. However, the three girls had a good time together once they got past Rachel’s attitude.They exchanged hugs and took their bottles of wine out back. The three women had a “special spot” where they’d gossiped and drank for years and years. Their friendship was one that people thought would last a lifetime. Now they were seating out back, they got down to business. It would be a challenge, but each of them promised they would finish one bottle of Merlot before they left.


They sat around a round table. Each grabbing a cigarette, they flicked on their lighters and took long drags of the sharp tobacco. Tiffany coughed as she exhaled, and Rachel giggled. She couldn’t resist mocking Tiffany for her “weak lungs”. The girls took in the natural beauty of New England as the sun came close to setting. The colors of fall were already starting to settle in, even if it was only early September. Victoria couldn’t seem to hide the fact that she was pissed off at her mother. Her grumpiness bled into everything. Both Rachel and Tiffany were getting sick of the pouty expression on her face. Eventually, Rachel convinced her to spill.


“What’s the old Junebug doing to you this time?” Rachel said, snickering.


Victoria huffed, “She wants me to go to the stupid party tomorrow. I wanted to refuse and she threatened to take away my money! She has no right to do that. I think I really need to start getting more independent.”


Rachel looked at her with a sneer.


“More independent? Like a common person or something?” Rachel said. Victoria side eyed her.


Tiffany stepped in to validate Victoria’s feelings. She couldn’t always let Rachel walk all over her. “Hey Rach, not everyone is content with getting spoonfed their whole life. I see what she means. If her mother wants to control her, the best way to get over that is by finding a job, or finding a way to prove to her that you don’t need her,” Tiffany said. It was a rare moment of standing up for herself.


“Whatever,” Rachel grumbled. She didn’t like being told off.


They took huge swigs of wine. Their first cigarettes were done so they all lit another one. The flickering of their lighters made it look like they were a coven of witches gathered in the darkness.


Rachel wasn’t quite through despite Tiffany’s attempts to stop her ranting.


“Well, I guess I can see what you mean by being independent. But for me, that just means finding another bank accounts to drain. I want to live in wealth my whole life. Idiots think that means working hard, but I know what I need to do. I need to find some sucker to marry. You know John? He would make a good candidate. See, if he ever found out that I was fucking Tobias, that would ruin everything. But that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard! I work hard too! I work hard to keep my men in line so I get what I want at the end of the day,” Rachel said.


Sometimes Rachel seemed over-the-top evil. You wonder why anyone would be friends with someone like that. But Rachel knew how to have a good time. She threw amazing parties and she invited everyone. She believed in charity work. To her, charity meant inviting the losers to her parties. She was actually equally kind to everyone. That kindness just fell a little short, typically. But when Rachel wanted to be nice, she could be nice. There was a girl in her class whose entire family had lost their wealth during the stock market crash of 2009. Rachel had paid for that girl to have a prom dress flown in from Italy. Out of the blue, she would have these random acts of kindness that no one could figure out. It seemed to make up for her perpetual bitchiness.


Neither Tiffany nor Victoria quite had the energy to combat Rachel’s gold digging statement. Or to combat the fact that she was cheating on her boyfriend. Rachel didn’t seem to have a great grasp of fidelity in romance. For the most part, she appeared to be a loyal friend, so that made up for it. Tiffany and Victoria both looked the other way as she steered her relationships down the path of certain doom.


The three girls gossiped a lot more as they worked their way through the wine. They talked about what Naya Bitters was wearing at their last party, how Jim Kohn was flat broke and how Hannah Frye’s mother was actually a high class escort. The more the drank, the deeper the secrets spilled. Victoria wasn't as heavy of a drinker as Tiffany or Rachel. As they pounded back their bottles, she took it nice and slow. She savored the taste of her four hundred dollar bottle while Rachel and Tiffany drank their stress away. Victoria might not have been drinking, but she was smoking heavily. Almost too heavily.


Four cigarettes in, and she thought her head was going to explode. Heavy and lightweight at the same time, Victoria was being transported into another dimension. Ugh. She thought she was going to be sick. Just when Victoria couldn't stand smoking anymore, Rachel and Tiffany decided it was time to leave. It was practically dark out.


“I’m sorry, loser, but we’ve got to get going,” Rachel said before kissing Victoria goodbye on the cheek. Tiffany was too drunk to say much. The two girls left Victoria sitting on her roundtable with half a bottle of wine left. She wasn’t quite ready to go inside. There was a chance she would have to face her mother, or worse, run into her overbearing father coming home from a long day at work. Victoria decided to finish her pack of cigarettes, far away from their nagging.


It was quiet. The cool New England air was seeping through her cardigan, chilling her almost to the bone. It was hard to believe that it was already September. Summer had seemed to go by so quickly. It was all a huge blur: drinking, partying, trips to the Vineyard. Victoria hoped she’d have many more of these wonderful vacations. Since she had turned 12, every summer was an opportunity for exploration, adventure and pure Dionysian debauchery.


Victoria was lost in thought when she heard footsteps and the loud noise of someone clearing their throat. She went to turn around thinking that it was her father, but it wasn’t. An unfamiliar white male stood before her. Victoria would’ve been afraid, but he was covered in dirt and holding three red roses in his right hand. Her mother loved those roses. Victoria put two and two together and quickly figured out that the man standing before her was her gardener. But what was he doing here? And why had he stopped right in front of her? Gross.


“You know it’s not good for a young lady to smoke,” he said.


Chapter 2


Victoria took a closer look at the man was invading her space. She could admit that he wasn’t bad looking, and he couldn’t be that much older than she was. Maximum five or six years. Victoria glared at him. How presumptuous of him to think that he knew what was best for her. Just because she was a woman she shouldn’t smoke? What a crap pickup line, if that was what it was.


“What exactly is your name?” Victoria said. She maintained her snooty, uptight attitude towards him. She didn’t want him to think for a second she was amused by his little line.


“I’m Craig Stewart. These cancer sticks are pretty bad for your health,” he said, smirking.


“I’m aware. But you know what is good for your health? Minding your damn business. I’ve heard it causes old men to live even longer,” Victoria snapped back. A lifetime of tussling with Rachel left her well prepared for any verbal altercation.


Craig was surprised. Firecracker. He thought to himself.


Craig laughed. He wanted to take her seriously, but there was no way he was in any way intimidated by this young, upper-class princess. He had never met Victoria personally, but he gathered that she was the daughter of the people he was working for. Victoria was unamused. She didn’t understand why this guy was even standing here. She was taken aback, though. Normally when she spoke this harshly harshly, it rid her of anyone who was troubling her. But instead, Craig seemed to find it amusing.


Craig laughed because he had encountered people far tougher than Victoria. He had grown up in extreme poverty, with decidedly lower class parents. He had to work for everything that he’d ever had. Now, he was 30 years old and working as a gardener for the Brookers. Why? Wasn’t he a little old to just be starting his career? Sort of. Craig had worked his way through college. A combination of the bad economy, low wages, and various family crises meant that he had just finished school at 28.


He was proud of himself for having done it at all on his own. Most people from his neighborhood were on stripper poles or in crack dens. Having a college degree was a big deal to him. Craig’s biggest dream was to start his own landscaping business. He had a plan for it all too. In order to do that, he wanted to network with the best of the best clients. He wanted to have contacts and clients so that when he finally got the business loan he’d been working towards, he would be well prepared to launch. He had no plans to be a failure.


Seeing that Craig’s laughter was going to be his only response, Victoria snapped again.


“Who exactly are you?”


“Well, my official title is ‘The Gardener’,” Craig joked. Victoria pursed her lips to let him know that she wasn’t amused. In that instant, she looked like the spitting image of June. Sure, she thought it was a little funny, but she didn’t want to throw this guy any bones. Who knew what his intentions were. Victoria was a little bit out of it. All the wine and cigarettes had her head spinning like a top. Her thoughts floated in and out of her head aimlessly to the point where she hardly knew what was going on.


“What exactly are you doing here so late?” Victoria demanded to know.


“Well, your mother is having a big party and she wanted me to do a few extra odd jobs out back. I’ll do anything for a little extra cash,” he said, flashing her a big smile.  


Victoria had to admit that he seemed nice enough. And she was getting lonely without her friends. The more she smoked and the more she pondered the way her parents had complete control over her life, the more upset she got. Now that her friends had left, using this gardener as a little distraction couldn’t be that bad. It was a little embarrassing to socialize with her gardener of all people but Victoria’s loneliness trumped her potential for social humiliation.


“Want to sit down and have a glass of wine? It’ll take the workday edge off,” Victoria suggested.


Craig couldn’t help but agree. After all, she was the boss’s daughter and who would he be to say no to her request? Plus, he thought Victoria was absolutely gorgeous.


“Sure. I guess since I’m off the job, drinking couldn’t be so bad,” Craig said. He sat down and Victoria offered him a sip straight out of the bottle. Wine glasses were for the weak.


Craig found this entire situation amusing. He was simply trying to say hello, and somehow he had been roped into sitting down and having wine with the New England Princess. Funnier than that, this rich little princess was African American. When he was younger, Craig thought all rich people were white. He couldn’t believe that he was working for a wealthy black family. He wondered what his parents would say about it. As was typical of the poor white people from his neighborhood, Craig’s family was extremely racist.


They would be appalled at what he was doing. Craig didn’t give a damn what any of them thought. Their closed-mindedness was a huge part of the reason they still languished in poverty. Craig wanted to be the last of his family to have to experience that pain. That was why he was here at the Brooker Mansion anyway.


Sitting down next to this girl who had never known the word “no,”  Craig got a glimpse into a world that he so desperately wanted to be part of. Victoria Brooker certainly looked the part. Her dark skin had not a single blemish. She was wearing a full face of makeup, even though she was just lounging around the house. Her clothing was high-end in every way, from her J.Crew cashmere cardigan to her J Brand jeans.  Victoria had large, dark brown eyes that slanted downward just a bit. Her nose was wide and flat and looked as cute as a button. Her hair was in fresh, long Senegalese twists that hit her waist. She smelled like deep, musky perfume, something similar to Chanel No. 5, but not quite it.


As they drank silently together, Craig couldn’t help but crack a smile. This was all so absurd to him. What could he possibly have in common with this woman who had clearly never worked a day in her life? He wondered what on earth someone like that could possibly have to say.


“So… Are you enjoying the evening?” Craig asked. The silence was getting to him. He needed to say something, at least make an effort to converse with this girl. She invited him to sit down, but she didn’t seem very intent on initiating any conversation.


Victoria scoffed “Not at all. Things are going to shit. Have to go to the stupid party tomorrow, and my friends are being twats. Well, Rachel is being a twat. I guess that’s just who she is,” Victoria mumbled.


The alcohol was getting to her. She was most certainly drunk. Drunk enough to spill all her hidden thoughts about her friends, at least.


Craig thought this information was juicy enough to justify continuing to sit with her. What the hell am I doing. Craig thought to himself.  He ignored his inhibitions and continued to converse with the little princess. He pressed Victoria more about her friends, the party her parents were forcing her to go to, and her various frustrations. He tried to fight back a smile this time. If he wanted to get to know what kind of problems the rich and wealthy had, it wouldn’t do to mock her.


After venting for 25 minutes, Victoria’s mind went to a different place. You know how wine gets to you. After more than half a bottle, the world starts to look very different. You feel a little bit more romantic, a little bit more sleazy. Exactly that was happening to Victoria, and dirty ideas entered her mind. Craig was starting to look so sexy. Plus he was a great listener! This was almost like a first date… (Wine-brain was magnificent at twisting reality.) Was the idea that popped into her head wrong? Most certainly. If her parents found out, they would be beyond angry. Somehow, the thought of her parents anger made Victoria want to do it even more. Victoria had got it into her head that she should blow her gardener.


In the middle of her sentence, Victoria stopped and made a sharp turn. “So, you don’t have a girlfriend or anything, right?” she asked. Craig was completely taken aback. He hadn’t seen that one coming at all. He was not even close to Victoria’s point of drunkenness.

He answered truthfully, “No, I don’t.” That was enough for Victoria to make her move. It was shocking. Victoria actually hadn’t had sex with anyone in her life. But she knew how to give a damn good blowjob. In fact, she used blowjobs as a tool to string plenty of her old boyfriends around on never giving up the cookie.


“Well, if you’re not too busy, I think I have an idea of something a little bit more fun we can do,” Victoria said. She let her hand wander over to his thigh and she grabbed it tightly. Craig got the message. He couldn’t really believe what was happening, but he’d had a fair amount of wine himself at this point. He didn’t know what exactly this girl had in mind, but he decided to go along with it just for the hell of it. Making decisions under the influence of alcohol was a bad idea for both Craig and Victoria. By chance, both of them tended to make their worst decisions after a couple drinks. Yes, Victoria was so irresponsible that she decided to give her gardener a blowjob just for the hell of it.  Let’s just say alcohol is bad news for her all around.


She got out of her chair and stooped between Craig’s legs.


No fucking way. He thought to himself. Was he really about to get a blowjob from his employer’s daughter? Craig immediately knew sitting down for that glass of wine was a terrible idea. But he was in too deep. He’s already accepted her proposition, and now she was stooped between his legs, ready to perform. If he rejected her now, she could become angry and who knew what she would do. A bratty, wealthy woman on a path of vengeance was not what he wanted to deal with. Plus, it’s not every day you get a no-strings-attached blowjob offer after work. Before he could think this through any more, Victoria popped his cock out of his pants. Even in her drunken state, she was impressed. Craig was packing.


His cock was at least 8 inches long and incredibly thick. It was gorgeous and circumcised, and the bulging red strawberry tip was oozing with pre-come. Victoria thought his cock looked incredibly delicious. She couldn’t wait to taste it. She slowly wrapped her hands around the base, gripping tightly. The moment Craig felt her soft hands touch his skin he was enveloped in ecstasy. Her hands were so soft it felt as if she hadn’t done a lick of housework in her entire life. (He wasn’t that far from the truth.) The feeling of her small hands wrapped tightly around him made him instantly hard. As his member filled Victoria's mouth, she moaned loudly. Her moan startled him, and she suddenly realized that she was blowing her gardener in plain sight. Even if it was dark, anyone looking down from the house could see her. Even Victoria’s drunken mind knew that was too risky...


"Let's move over there," Victoria suggested, gesturing over to a shadowy corner where they had less of a chance of being seen.


Craig obliged. He had no reason not to. He stood up and pressed his back against the dark wall. Victoria followed and dropped to her knees. She looked so sexy down there, kneeling before him. Craig couldn't believe this was happening. He had to admit that he hadn't gotten laid in a while, so stumbling onto the eager mouth of Victoria Brooker was better than he could have hoped for.


Victoria plunged Craig's entire length into her mouth in one go. He grunted and threw his head back into the wall, almost injuring himself. Ouch. But she was that good. Victoria began to suck the life out of Craig. She took his entire length deep down her throat. She moaned as she used her tongue to slobber along his shaft. She flicked her tongue over his soft strawberry cock head. Craig had never had such a passionate blowjob.


It wasn't just the fact that she was sucking him off with incredible vigor. She had such passion in her eyes. Her lips were stretched wide around his pulsing cock as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She never gagged once or emitted a single sound of displeasure. It was as if she felt at home with a dick in her mouth.


Victoria upped the ante. She knew how to bring a man to his knees and take him by surprise, too. She used her spit-covered hands to grasp Craig's balls and massage each testicle slowly in her palm. Her hands were incredibly soft, causing his balls to feel like they were enveloped in a plush cloud. Craig hoped her mouth would touch his balls soon. Victoria was an expert at reading Craig and delivering exactly what he wanted.


She kept her hands pumping his cock furiously and moved her mouth down to his velvety ballsack. She enveloped each of his testicles in her mouth and sucked on them ever so gently. Craig couldn’t believe this. She was fucking amazing. She was an expert at pleasuring him with both her hands and her mouth simultaneously. Craig felt his cock stiffen. He was about to bust. Victoria could tell, and for her final move she put his cock back in her mouth. She sucked him with increased pressure and moved her finger down to massage his perineum. It was taboo, but she knew that men liked it even if they were too afraid to ask. She massaged him slowly as she sucked the life out of him. Then, Victoria moved her finger even further back. She used her index finger to massage the area outside of Craig’s asshole. He couldn’t believe this was happening. As she let her finger push past his sphincter, Craig groaned. He couldn’t help himself. He had never had a woman be so bold and forward with him, especially someone he hardly knew, but he liked it. She wasn’t afraid to express her sexuality.


Victoria’s finger was now fully lodged in Craig’s ass, and she continued to suck him off. It was too much for him to handle. He grabbed onto a handful of her braids and then grunted as he came in her mouth. Victoria felt the hot, sticky come squirting into the back of her throat. It was a feeling that she never grew tired of. Victoria wondered if actually having sex would feel as good as sucking dick. She wondered if she would ever find a guy worth of taking her virginity.


Craig was taken aback after he came. Victoria pulled herself up onto her feet, smiling as she wiped the spit off her mouth. Craig all of a sudden felt nervous and possibly a little bit shy. He shoved his dick back into his pants and sit up quickly. He didn’t know what to say. He had just let his employers’ daughter suck him off in the shadows of her multimillion dollar mansion. He had known her for too short a time he let this happen. Craig thought that perhaps he wasn’t making the best first impression on this woman. It didn’t even occur to him to judge Victoria for jumping on him so quickly. He realized that she had quite a bit to drink. Regardless, Craig didn’t want to drag this out any longer. He knew he had to get out of there fast.


“Um…I have an early work day tomorrow,” Craig muttered. Victoria was nonplussed. All she wanted to do was get into bed. What she’d done hadn’t quite registered with her, so she didn’t feel any of the awkwardness that Craig did. After all, he had considerably less alcohol than she did.


“Sure. You should probably get out of here before my parents see you,” Victoria replied. She put her pack of cigarettes in her pocket and left one bottle out on the table. Someone would clean it up.

Craig had to admit to himself that he was somewhat relieved she didn’t want any more out of him. He hastily left the property and returned home. Victoria stumbled her way back up to her bedroom where she crawled into bed fully clothed.

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