The Sicilian Brotherhood Trilogy

Italian Mafia Romance Novella Trilogy

2018's bestselling interracial novella romance trilogy packs three filthy hot novellas with enough steamy interracial action to keep you hooked to the entire trilogy and all Jamila Jasper romance books... 

The Sicilian Brotherhood trilogy has everything that a BWWM romance fan will love. I've even had readers in Italy reach out to tell me how much they LOVED these books and how the scenery truly came to life.

This is a great series for you if...

  • You love NOVELLAS that aren't too long, but aren't as short as erotic short stories

  • You love MAFIA ROMANCE with dark, brooding bad boys and crazy plot twists

  • You're searching for a WOMAN OF COLOR (black woman specifically) as the heroine to her own story

If you love all these things, or if you're a newcomer who only loves the mafia elements of the plot, welcome. I invite you to dive into the FIRST book. I promise you'll love it. 

If you don't, I encourage you to email me at to complain.

Take a look at the entire series:


Book One

Dahlia Cole is jilted at the altar and kidnapped by the fearsome leader of The Sicilian Brotherhood, Giacomo Valducci.

He's desperate to make her pay for the sins of her ex-fiancé, her greatest betrayer. 

Giacomo convinces her to go on the quest of a lifetime in exchange for her survival.

Giacomo's dangerous. He's deadly. He's killed many times before.

Dahlia has no choice but to agree.

The unexpected pushes them together, and a devious plot threatens to tear them apart forever.

Passionate nights in secret safe houses and Sicilian beaches won't keep them safe.

In the world of gangsters, it's near impossible to make it out alive.

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Book #2

Dahlia is imprisoned for good. 

Betrayal led her into the belly of the beast and there’s no way out.

Dark secrets can either drive her and Giac together or pull them apart.

Time is running out.

If Giacomo can’t find Dahlia, she’s as good as dead.

He’ll never get to tell her those three little words…

In a world of gangsters, it’s near impossible to make it out alive.

The Sicilian Brotherhood still has a few tricks up their sleeve…

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Book #3

Dahlia & Giacomo float towards freedom on a borrowed yacht. 

An Atlantic storm and a pirate attack split their boat in two, separating them for good.

Death is on the hunt for victims and he’ll take whomever he can find…

How can true love work if your true love is gone forever?

A prison, a pregnancy, and a Puzzo shatter the pair of lovers.

Will anything be able put them together again?

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