Filthy For The Single Dad (BWWM Holiday Romance Book #5) - .ePub, .mobi, .PDF version


Filthy For The Single Dad (BWWM Holiday Romance Book #5) - .ePub, .mobi, .PDF version


Thor is the hottest single dad at the park and all the single moms want a chance...

Patricia doesn't think she has a real chance with Thor.

He's the sexiest man she's ever seen and a single dad that hot is bound to be a player.

Or maybe he'd be into the sexy, made up, girl-next-door type like Charlotte, not a regular chick like her...

Patricia seizes the day and gets a chance to go out with the handsome single father.

Their play date turns into something more and Patricia learns that Thor is more than she expected.

He loves her curves...

Her natural beauty...

Her smile...

And pressing her up against the wall to ravish her.

He's the perfect storm and Patricia is beyond ready to get swept away.

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