(PDF VERSION) How To Win A Rich White Husband (BWWM Romance Novel)


(PDF VERSION) How To Win A Rich White Husband (BWWM Romance Novel)

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Are you ready for steamy kisses and slippery sheets shared between a rich white man and the brilliant, spunky black woman who stole his heart?

There are a few rules to getting and keeping a husband like Paul Hanover III. 

For Alana Morris, these rules are meant to be broken. 

She has a boyfriend every other grad student dreams about.

But Alana's the type of girl to put Dr. before Mrs.

Paul wants to bend the uptight A student to his will...

After all, he’s the heir to a hundred million dollar company...

Owns multiple homes...

And a mansion in the Vineyard...

Paul never takes no for an answer…

He goes wild for her in the bedroom, taking Alana to new euphoric heights... 

Will that be enough to win Alana a place amongst his old-money family and friends?

She might win a rich white husband but not before realizing she’s been the prize all along. 

Jamila Jasper is not responsible for any massage wands and warm rags required to get through this book. The scenes between Paul and Alana are so hot, your device will MELT IN YOUR HANDS. Dive right in if you like sweet BWWM interracial romance stories for black women, by black women.

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