Navy SEAL Brotherhood (BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series Book #4) - (.ePub, .mobi, .PDF version)


Navy SEAL Brotherhood (BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series Book #4) - (.ePub, .mobi, .PDF version)


"He could make any woman crazy, and he relished pushing me to the edge of glory and then teasing me until my release sat firmly in his control." 

My adopted father has lied to me my entire life.
I promised myself I'd never fall for a man like him...
A fierce leader... 
With Mace, I can't help myself.
The fact that he's off-limits turns me on even more.
One wrong move and I'm in his arms, breaking every rule that I've set.
I can't have this chiseled soldier...
But he's the one I dream about all night long.

Protecting a spoiled daughter of a Russian oligarch isn't what I had in mind when I signed up for private contract work.
She's the opposite of the tough-as-nails SEALs I've been surrounded by.
From the moment I see her curvy body and that bright white smile, I have to have her.
But I can't.
She's off-limits in every sense of the word.
But if I can't have her... no one can.

An American SEAL falls in love with a black woman adopted into a Russian family under strange circumstances. Their interracial love shakes the city of Moscow and has consequences around the entire world. Standalone within a series. NO cliffhanger & guaranteed HEA. This is Book 4 in a 10 book series.

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