Naughty Nurse (BWWM Workplace Romance) - (.ePub, .mobi, .PDF version)


Naughty Nurse (BWWM Workplace Romance) - (.ePub, .mobi, .PDF version)


Austin Romero crash lands in Nereida Kelly's perfectly boring life.

She's a typical RN working too many hours with a man who doesn't appreciate her.

A patient on the verge of death comes into the ER and her heart stops.

There's something magnetic about him... something alluring... something dangerous.

She can't stop herself from wanting to be close to him.

With her relationship falling apart, Nereida sets her eyes on someone else. 


Austin Romero has his secrets...

His hot nurse, Nereida Kelly, risks getting too close and threatens to blow his past wide open.

He should stay away from her at all costs.

Yet, it's not every day a man's blessed with a thick, full-figured nurse like Nereida Kelly.

His alpha male instinct takes over. She must be his... spiritually, emotionally, sexually... 

Secrets, bad blood, and danger be damned. 

He has to have a taste. 

Austin must turn this good woman into his naughty nurse.

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