Hitman's Captive (BWWM Captive Series #3) - .ePub, .mobi, .PDF version


Hitman's Captive (BWWM Captive Series #3) - .ePub, .mobi, .PDF version


Jam-packed with panty-dropping and page-turning love scenes between a multi-million dollar heiress and an alpha male hitman. This interracial romance novel is 52,000+ words of pure enchantment with a guaranteed HEA ending. Book I & Book II available now. This is the final installment in the trilogy. Take a peek inside to get hooked on Dinah & Wyatt's twisted love story. 

The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe…

Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million. 


Dinah finds herself handcuffed to the bed by her ex-boyfriend, Wyatt — a dangerous hitman with a tortured past.

He wants something from Dinah that she won't ever give up…

Not to him at least. 

Trapped in a desolate tundra with no one but the fierce, violent and well-endowed Wyatt Gunner leaves Dinah with no choice.

She can let him have her… or she can starve to death in the cold.

From dark and torturous beginnings, comes a chance at a new life.

This finale is the hottest, wildest and downright salacious conclusion to the BWWM Captive Series. The love scenes in this book will have you sweating like a sinner in church. I dare you to look inside. Once you take a peek, I know you'll be hooked…

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