The BWWM Brotherhoods Series

Interracial Romance Series (2019)

 This 2019 series begins in London with the story of Sierra and Ollie.

Book IV is a standalone within the series, The Navy SEAL Brotherhood.

Book V is another mafia romance, The Moscow Brotherhood.

Book VI is a biker gang romance titled, The German Biker Gang Brotherhood.

This ten book series is currently under construction, but the first six books are out right now.

Book Covers by Denia Design

London Brotherhood I   Book #1 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

London Brotherhood I

Book #1 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

London Brotherhood II   Book #2 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

London Brotherhood II

Book #2 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

London Brotherhood III   Book #3 BWWM Romance Brotherhoods Series

London Brotherhood III

Book #3 BWWM Romance Brotherhoods Series

The Navy Seal Brotherhood IV   Book #4 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

The Navy Seal Brotherhood IV

Book #4 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

The Moscow Brotherhood V   Book #5 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

The Moscow Brotherhood V

Book #5 BWWM Brotherhoods Romance Series

The German Biker Gang Brotherhood VI   Book #6 BWWM Romance Brotherhoods Series

The German Biker Gang Brotherhood VI

Book #6 BWWM Romance Brotherhoods Series


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Book 7 Launching May 30th

BWWM Captive Series

Interracial Bad Boy Romance Novels

HOT HOT HOT alpha male bad boys fall for the rich heiresses to Jerome Jackson’s immense fortune. As all three women find themselves unsuspecting recipients of massive wealth, they find themselves falling head over heels for the absolute last people they should be falling for…

If you love badass female heroines and alphas that make your thighs tremble, you’ll love the heck out of this series.

The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe…
Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million. 

seal's captive cover photo.jpg

Book #1


Ill-gotten gains are never safe.

Gigi Jackson’s father left enemies behind when he went six-feet-under.

His bodyguard and ex-SEAL, Duke, kidnaps Gigi.

Fighting against Duke for her life leads to Gigi fighting on his side.

A common enemy thrusts her into the arms of the unforgiving alpha.

She’s a pampered princess, he’s a stone-cold, pure-muscle, ex-Navy SEAL hero… 

They’ll either survive together or die in the heart of the jungle.

ex con's captive cover.jpg

Book #2


Tyra Jackson’s estranged father left a terrifying nemesis in his wake.

The Ex-Con, Leon Wilkins has killed for his country, for his boss, and for his own ends…

The three-time killer kidnaps Tyra in hopes of acquiring a ransom that could send him to Bali for life…

He gets more than he bargained for with the wildest of the Jackson sisters.

Leon knows this: Tyra isn’t the kind of woman you ever let go of… 

Book #3


Dinah finds herself handcuffed to the bed by her ex-boyfriend, Wyatt — a dangerous hitman with a tortured past.

He wants something from Dinah that she won’t ever give up…

Not to him at least. 

Trapped in a desolate tundra with no one but the fierce, violent and well-endowed Wyatt Gunner leaves Dinah with no choice.

She can let him have her… or she can starve to death in the cold.

From dark and torturous beginnings, comes a chance at a new life.

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The Handyman Series

BWWM Handyman Series

Hi! You're here because you want to read the BWWM Handyman Series by Jamila Jasper... 

Why don't you check out the complete boxed set and get the entire series on eBook for 50% of the cost! 

You can read the complete series here =>

the handyman series by jamila jasper

the handyman series by jamila jasper

You can also read each book individually here:

The Pool Boy



The Plumber


The Gardener



The Fireman 



The Builder



The Sicilian Brotherhood Trilogy

Italian Mafia Romance Novella Trilogy

2018's bestselling interracial novella romance trilogy packs three filthy hot novellas with enough steamy interracial action to keep you hooked to the entire trilogy and all Jamila Jasper romance books... 

The Sicilian Brotherhood trilogy has everything that a BWWM romance fan will love. I've even had readers in Italy reach out to tell me how much they LOVED these books and how the scenery truly came to life.

This is a great series for you if...

  • You love NOVELLAS that aren't too long, but aren't as short as erotic short stories

  • You love MAFIA ROMANCE with dark, brooding bad boys and crazy plot twists

  • You're searching for a WOMAN OF COLOR (black woman specifically) as the heroine to her own story

If you love all these things, or if you're a newcomer who only loves the mafia elements of the plot, welcome. I invite you to dive into the FIRST book. I promise you'll love it. 

If you don't, I encourage you to email me at to complain.

Take a look at the entire series:


Book One

Dahlia Cole is jilted at the altar and kidnapped by the fearsome leader of The Sicilian Brotherhood, Giacomo Valducci.

He's desperate to make her pay for the sins of her ex-fiancé, her greatest betrayer. 

Giacomo convinces her to go on the quest of a lifetime in exchange for her survival.

Giacomo's dangerous. He's deadly. He's killed many times before.

Dahlia has no choice but to agree.

The unexpected pushes them together, and a devious plot threatens to tear them apart forever.

Passionate nights in secret safe houses and Sicilian beaches won't keep them safe.

In the world of gangsters, it's near impossible to make it out alive.

Amazon eBook Link:

Paperback link:


Book #2

Dahlia is imprisoned for good. 

Betrayal led her into the belly of the beast and there’s no way out.

Dark secrets can either drive her and Giac together or pull them apart.

Time is running out.

If Giacomo can’t find Dahlia, she’s as good as dead.

He’ll never get to tell her those three little words…

In a world of gangsters, it’s near impossible to make it out alive.

The Sicilian Brotherhood still has a few tricks up their sleeve…

Amazon eBook Link:

Paperback link:


Book #3

Dahlia & Giacomo float towards freedom on a borrowed yacht. 

An Atlantic storm and a pirate attack split their boat in two, separating them for good.

Death is on the hunt for victims and he’ll take whomever he can find…

How can true love work if your true love is gone forever?

A prison, a pregnancy, and a Puzzo shatter the pair of lovers.

Will anything be able put them together again?

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If you enjoyed these books and you're looking for a series with similar themes, why don't you check out my BWWM Captive Series? You can read all three free samples on my blog.

Start with Book #1:

Or you can buy the book directly:

Thick Girls Stay Winning Series

BWWM Plus-Sized Romance Stories


The Thick Girls Stay Winning series, is a plus-sized African American romance series featuring the stories of four black women as they cope with their "BFF" and her request for them to lose weight and find a man for her wedding. The three women are stunned by their friend's body-shaming attitude. With their BFF exposed as a bridezilla, they make a pact with themselves and with each other to prove her wrong...

  • YES you can find love at any size

  • YES fat women, thick women, plump women, curvy women, and ample-bosomed women are sexy

  • YES men with six pack abs and big d*cks are looking for thick girls

And last of all...

...Yes, thick girls stay winning!

Our ladies don't need to steal ya man, they've got their eyes set on bad boy alphas of their own.

Check out the series here:

Book 1: mybook .to/Thick

Book 2:

Book 3:

Book 4:

The Miyamoto Mafia Series


The Miyamoto Mafia Series features three 20,000+ word novellas which follow the life of an African woman teaching in Japan and her fateful love interest, the violent son of a large Tokyo yakuza mafia boss... 

If you're on this page, my guess is you're frustrated with how AMBW romance has been ignored by mainstream romance, even in the interracial genre...

Well, BWWM will always be my first love, but I wanted to read out to AMBW romance readers and give them the mafia fantasy come to life that other genres have set in stone... If you love regular mafia romance novels with devilishly handsome bad boys and thrilling plots that keep you hanging on all the way to the end, you'll love this series.

Each novel is steamy hot and great if you love romantic stories or AMBW/BWAM interracial romance fiction with bad boys.

If you like...

  • Asian bad boy romance

  • African American "hood romance"

  • STEAMY novellas with plenty of erotic scenes

You'll love this series, I know it. I dare you to read 'em all and if you can prove me wrong, email me at! Check out the books and description below:


Book #1

There are 3 high ranking positions in the Miyamoto family mafia. To gain rank, you must complete ritual assassinations from “The List” — a list of Miyamoto Mafia Enemies

The life in the Miyamoto Mafia runs by stringent rules:

You must be branded.

You must remain celibate.

No eating meat.

No drinking liquor.

No smoking.

No interracial relationships.

Purity is everything. 純度がすべてです

Amazon link:

Other stores (Nook, Kobo, iBooks):


Book #2

The second book in the series explores the romance a little deeper and forces the Japanese mafia son to make an important choice.

Amazon link:

Amazon Paperback:

Other stores (Nook, iBooks, Kobo):


Book #3

The third book is where the biggest choices get made. To become an emperor, he’ll have to give up everything, maybe even the woman he loves.

Amazon link:

Other stores (Nook, iBooks, Kobo):

If you like this series, you'll probably love my Choi Bad Boys series, a short erotic romance series for AMBW romance fans featuring ultra-fine Korean men and the black women who fall hard and fast for these arousing Asian bad boys with their thick black hair, warm-toned skin and perfect gentlemanly manners. Read the first Choi Bad Boys book here:

The Choi Bad Boys Series


If you're here, you are probably a huge fan of Asian Man, Black Woman interracial romance and you're looking for something fun and SEXY where you can fantasize about the flawless billionaire bad boy of your dreams... 

Am I right? Even a little bit? 

Look no further for a sexy, smokin' hot short erotic romance series. This is perfect for fans of The Miyamoto Mafia Series who are searching for more Asian romance. Check out the three titles in this series:



Book #1

Chang-Min is one of the wealthy Choi triplets, a family of billionaire heirs.

Dating outside of their culture is strictly forbidden.

When Chang-Min meets Tara, he can't help but taste the forbidden fruit.

The rumors are really true. The darker the berry... the sweeter the juice.

Read the story here:



Book #2

Tae-Hyun is one of the wealthy Choi triplets, a family of billionaire heirs.

Dating outside of their culture is strictly forbidden.

Sent to the other side of the world, avoiding temptation will be trickier than ever for Tae-Hyun.

Tae-Hyun can't help but get hooked when he meets the African-American genius, Anabelle.

Perhaps there's more than money to be made across the Pacific. Perhaps, with Anabella, there's a chance at something more...

Read the story here:



Book #3

Hong-Bin is the third of the wealthy Choi triplets, a family of billionaire heirs.

Dating outside of their culture is strictly forbidden.

Hong-Bin is determined not to break his family's traditional values.

He wants to do things the way they've always been done.

When he meets Angie, everything he thinks he knows changes completely.

Read the story here:

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If you've read this series and you're looking for more AMBW romance by Jamila Jasper, check out this series with 60,000+ words spread across three smokin' hot Japanese "yakuza" mafia stories. 

Find out more: