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Dark Romance Books: Ain't About the Money 2

dark romance books ain't about the money 2The second in a series of Jamila's dark romance books, Ain't About the Money 2 tackles themes of revenge. One of her most tantalizing interracial romance books, Ain't About the Money 2 is one of her best contemporary romance books with pregnancy woven intricately into the plot. This steamy story is an invigorating read for anyone who loves romantic stories.

Bijou, a warm black writer and Sam, her alpha male billionaire lover are in a state of bliss now that Sam knows Bijou is pregnant. He promises to take care of her and never betray her.

But this doesn't mean all is well. Bijou's backstabbing best friend Greta makes a plan to break the lovers apart and it almost works...

Read on to find out more about the trials these lovers face. Just because it ain't about money, doesn't mean it ain't complicated.

Dark Romance Books: Ain't About the Money 2


Bijou had finally told Sam that she was pregnant. She had stumbled over her words and felt anxiety choking her as she finally spit out the truth. Sam had taken it as well as could be expected. In fact, he seemed happy. His smile broke out across his face, highlighting the features that Bijou loved best. He’d always wanted a child and if this wasn’t exactly the way he’d planned things he didn’t feel particularly upset. The only thing that both Sam and Bijou worried about was how this pending baby would affect their relationship. After all, their love was still fresh and they’d hardly had their first fight. Would a baby change too much?


Sam wasn’t worried about financing this baby or his new ‘girlfriend’ at all. He had plenty of money and although Bijou felt terribly about it, he was more than happy to support her and take her on as a responsibility. “I don’t want you to think I’m using you for money,” Bijou had said to him. A woman had never been able to say that to Sam earnestly before and when he saw the look in Bijou’s eyes he knew that she was real. Sam’s billions were pretty much unused; he preferred simplicity over luxury most of the time but he enjoyed spoiling the women he was with and he would certainly enjoy spoiling Bijou and lavishing her with maids, nannies, massage therapists and much more to help her get through motherhood.


Bijou’s genuine interest in Sam, away from his money was a major part of Sam’s attraction to her. From the moment he’d dragged the reluctant woman onto the dancefloor, he’d seen that she was totally unafraid to be her authentic self. Even if her authentic self sometimes meant keeping his ego in check, she never hid who she really was. Sam was starting to think he loved her or that he could love her forever and it wasn’t just because there was a baby on the way. No, it was more than that. Sam was starting to think that Bijou was his soulmate. The notion had popped into his head the first time they’d made love and now it seemed to really be taking root.


But someone had it out to ruin the lover’s bliss. Someone couldn’t stand to see two people so comfortable and effortlessly happy with each other and she was forming a plan. Jealousy is a feeling that most of us can’t avoid. In fact, it’s something that is so entrenched in human nature that many of us feel justified in our jealousy. Some people let jealousy take root deep in their soul and they feed this green eyed monster until it consumes their every thought and every action. Bijou’s ‘best friend’ Greta was one of these people. From the moment Bijou had left the bar with Sam, she’d fed the monster of jealousy. And now, she didn’t control her jealousy. Her jealousy controlled her and she was plotting to break them up.


Greta had eyed Sam across the bar and she wanted him for herself. She believed that Sam was hers and her bitchy black frenemy Bijou had snatched Sam away from who he truly belonged with. Of course, Greta was deluded. People don’t ‘belong’ to other people and you can’t help who you fall in love with.


But she was a vain, self centered woman who couldn’t comprehend that some people are meant to be together while some people just aren’t. When Bijou had told her about her pregnancy, Greta’s plotting had gone into overdrive and she’d finally found a way to get what she wanted. She needed to alienate Sam from Bijou forever.


One morning, Greta got Bijou a cup of coffee on her way to work. As she bounced into their office with a grin she set the coffee on Bijou’s desk and practically sang, “Good morning Bijou!” Bijou was suspicious. Greta was normally incredibly grouchy in the morning unless she’d gotten laid recently. “Hey Greta. You look cheerful today,” Bijou said. “Yes. I had the most amazing sex last night and you wouldn’t believe who it was with! I mean… first let me tell you. He ate my pussy for hours. I came so many times. Then… he took his fat cock and fucked me like a whore. God I loved it,” Greta said.


She was prone to over sharing and Bijou had to try not to vomit from the gross imagery that Greta had just shared with her. Why did she always insist on talking about those things in the office? Anyone could hear and they could get in big trouble.


Compared to Greta, Bijou kept nearly all of her secrets. Even now, Bijou had kept things from her so-called best friend. Bijou didn’t know that Greta knew her baby was Sam’s. She’d avoided sharing that information with Greta intentionally. But Greta wasn’t an idiot and she’d figured it out through a mix of spying and clever research. Greta knew who Bijou’s secret lover was and she had every intention of using that against her.


Greta continued regaling her exploits from the night before. It was graphic, disgusting and completely untrue. Bijou figured that Greta had slept with some random guy she’d just met. It was Greta’s MO anyways. Greta was a well known tramp and she’d fucked most of the guys in the office too. What came out of Greta’s mouth shocked Bijou.

“Yes… You remember that guy Sam from the bar the other night? It was him. He is so good in bed. God I can’t wait to have him fuck me again,” Greta said. And then she bounded away, leaving her seeds of discord to germinate in Bijou’s head. She needed to break Bijou’s bond of trust with Sam, and then she could finally get her way. She turned back once to look at Bijou and saw that her plan had worked.


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