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BWWM Books: Out Of Bondage

bwwm books out of bondage bwwm mafia romance jamila jasperThe final installment in an incredible trilogy of BWWM books. This sweet romance novel is perfect for people who love romantic stories about the mafia. If you've followed the story of Eve and Nico, I guarantee you'll find this steamy romance novel a satisfying finish.

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This story has everything -- true love, steamy passion and a happily ever after ending.

This book received the best reviews for the entire series so trust me when I say it will be well worth the read...

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WARNING: There may be spoilers below. If you haven't read the series and you want to know where to start, try out Book #1 and Book #2 first.

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Book #2:


A dead man rises with the intent to destroy Eve and Nico's wedding.

They have one last battle to fight before they can leave the mafia forever.

While their love deepens, a threat to their lives looms on the horizon.

The strength of their marriage will determine their way out of bondage. 

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BWWM Books Excerpts: Out Of Bondage


Chapter 1

Italian Spring possessed an energy unlike any other. Not even New England could compare to the gentle chill, the cool breeze that wafted through the land and the eruptions of green and coiled pink flowers wherever she went. Her wedding day had arrived quickly. Her family had left Boston and flown to Italy to sit alongside Nico’s friends, and the few family members he trusted to keep his location and the news of his wedding safe.


Domenico, his reclusive uncle, and Edoardo made up most of Nico’s wedding party. And of course, Edoardo was joined by Martina, who had invited a few of her friends from the modeling world. Daniella joined Domenico, accompanied by her mother. Domenico was Nico’s best man and Eve’s sister was her maid of honor. Daniella stood as one of her bridesmaids along with Eve’s cousins and a couple second cousins who were particularly close to her family.


The church was hardly filled, but that was how Eve had envisioned things with Nico. They were destined to have a small and intimate wedding, a counterbalance to the feverish vibration of their relationship. Matteo was the ring-bearer and although he’d been practicing for weeks, all who had been involved in the planning secretly feared that Matteo would toss the ring onto the altar as if he were throwing away a piece of trash.


Light classical piano drifted through the wedding in anticipation of its start. Eve had yet to see Nico for the day. She’d been calling him her husband for months in advance, but actually being here on her wedding day still felt surreal. That morning, she’d woken up alone after a night of imbibing near-toxic levels of cranberry vodka cocktails. Thanks to Martina’s hangover cure, she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the wedding, with an unusual sparkling glow. The dress she’d chosen with Daniella looked even better than she’d anticipated, and the makeup on her face was light enough to just accentuate her bold, beautiful African features. 


Soon, Eve would hear the call to walk down the aisle. Accompanied by her father, Gerald Morgan, Eve would finally be led to her husband’s side. Eve and her father weren’t particularly close, but she knew this moment meant a lot to him. Gerald was from a generation where being close to your kids didn’t matter. What mattered was providing for them and giving them the opportunity to raise up right. And Eve knew that her father was proud of her: for her business, for her son and now for her marriage.


Her mother was in the front row of the audience, dressed to the nines. She had a church hat that threatened to hit everyone surrounding her in the face, and of course her hat was coordinated perfectly with her Chanel suit (a gift from Nico to his future mother-in-law) and the pair of designer heels she only brought out for special occasions. 


The wedding march began. Eve felt her father’s comforting hand on her shoulder as he linked arms with her. The bridesmaids and maid of honor titillated around Eve, falling into line as she took her first steps out into the church. All eyes were glued to her, the celebrity for a day, as she walked to meet her husband. The veil draped over Eve’s head, obscuring her vision of the crowd, helping her to feel less nervous about the fact that they were all staring. 


Petals from white roses fell before her feet as she walked in unity with the music towards the place where Nico stood. Nico’s black tuxedo draped over him perfectly. Eve could just make out the stunned look in his eyes as he saw her for the first time on her wedding day with the same excitement in his eyes from the day they’d first met. Through her veil, Eve detected a tear, streaming readily down Nico’s cheek. Her beauty could bring men to tears. 


Nico wasn’t the only one. As Gerald Morgan gave his daughter away, Eve detected tears in his eyes too. Even her stoic, distant father couldn’t help but be moved by the ceremony that had yet to begin. As the ceremony continued, the words of the priest melded together in a mash of glorious praise, prayers and well wishes. Matteo delivered the ring without incident and when Eve finally heard the words, “You may kiss the bride”, it was like she had just woken up from a long dream.


The audience gazed at her and Nico. Her husband raised the veil over her head and looked into her eyes for the first time as her husband… Not just her boyfriend, not just her lover, but the man she had now committed to spend the rest of her life with. In that instance, her doubts felt like distant fuzzy memories. All she could think about was how right this all felt.


All she could do was lean in and allow Nico to grasp her waist and sweep her off her feet as he planted his lips against hers. Whether it was appropriate or not, Eve’s side of the church whooped and cheered. She was the first of her generation to get married and the fact that she had such a gilded wedding in Italy- of all places- made the Morgans a very excitable bunch.


Nico released her from his embrace and they stared into each others eyes like giddy teenagers waiting for the final words of the ceremony, followed by the priest’s dismissal. Eve could feel her heart racing furiously, begging for this part to be over so they could begin the celebration and  leave on the honeymoon that they’d been looking forward to since the day Nico had proposed to her. 


Attention moved from the happy couple when the doors of the church burst open. Eve froze in place, looking outwards as all the heads in the church turned to look at what she saw. She cast a glance at her husband and saw that all the color had left his face.


A man walked into the church, a man who looked like Nico’s shadow self. They had all the same features except his were more haggard. His mouth was twisted up in cruelty and his eyes had embers of hatred burning just beneath the surface.


“Luca…” Nico whispered.


His twin brother’s name. But this was impossible. Luca was dead. He’d been killed years ago. Luca smiled as he watched the color rush from Nico’s face. He took sadistic pleasure from just the surprise he’d caused Nico. Luca hadn’t come alone.


He strode down the aisle, crushing the rose petals beneath his muddy boots with malice. Everyone in the church stood frozen. Luca was trailed by five men, each heavily armed. Edoardo cast a glance at Martina as they saw them. He hadn’t predicted this. He had eyes on the church for weeks, and he’d kept his finger on the pulse of all the whispers in Italy. If this sneak attack were coming, he should have been able to predict it easily.


“This is impossible,” He whispered into Martina’s ear.


She squeezed his arm tightly without saying a word. Eve’s parents and family looked to her for answers. Why were there men in a church — and this church of all places — armed with automatic weapons that looked better fit for combat than for a wedding. The guns followed Luca to the altar. He gave his brother a wink before he grabbed the microphone from the priest.


In troubled English, he began to speak, “Good morning… guests… I am here to inform you of a tragic mistake on the part of my brother… He planned to get married but he did not invite me to the wedding… What a mistake… A mistake that he shall pay for… Do not move, do not run or I will have my men slaughter each and every one of you.”

How could you miss out on the end of this gripping excerpt?! 

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Romance Novel Excerpts: The Lawyer's Baby

Romance Novel Excerpts The Lawyers BabyIf you enjoy interracial romance books as well as contemporary fiction with pregnancy, you'll love this steamy romance read. The Lawyer's Baby is a sweet novel featuring a strong, loyal black woman and an attractive, alpha male white man who wins her love. This is one of Jamila's BWWM books about faith, loyalty and finding the right guy who deserves your love.

Check out the description below:

Simone Greene's marriage wasn't supposed to end. She met her husband Omar when they were in high school and they eventually got married. When Omar got drafted into the NBA, they became media darlings due to their adorable love story and strong Christian beliefs. Everything in Simone's life was supposed to be perfectly scripted...

But that's not how things turned out.

When Simone found out her husband Omar was cheating on her repeatedly, she filed for a divorce. He left her with no choice...

Simone's divorce lawyer Alexei Petrov was the perfect choice for the job. He was everything Omar wasn't and totally dedicated to giving Simone the victory she deserved.

When Simone started to develop feelings for the one man she wasn't supposed to have, she was forced to make a difficult choice. When everyone in the industry began to turn on Simone, she was forced to question whether her romance with Alexei was worth sacrificing everything...

Romance Novel Excerpts: The Lawyer's Baby


Chapter 1


Alexei Petrov was beyond irritated by Tatiana. He was always getting in over his head with these models and Tatiana was just another case of terrible decision making. Sure, she was sexy enough. Her body was 60% silicon but her skills in the sack were 100% out of this world. That was why Alexei even bothered with her. The only issue was the second they’d slept together she had become clingier than a piece of gum under a table. She didn’t get the idea that Alexei had no time for her. No. Fucking. Time. Alexei was one of the highest paid divorce lawyers on the West Coast and although he loved passing time with ex-pornstars and wannabe models, he hated being interrupted while he was working.


“What the hell is it Tati?”


“I love you Alexei…” She purred in her heavy Russian accent. (Alexei wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t faking it.)


Alexei rolled his eyes. They’d slept together once. And Tatiana wasn’t naive. She might have been twenty years old but she had been around the block. She’d starred in around fifty pornography films before “retiring” and trying to become a professional girlfriend for a living.


“Listen… Tatiana… I can’t handle this right now. I’m working on a case…”


Tatian hit back, “You’re always working Alexei. Always working. Why don’t I stop by your office and I wrap my lips around your cock. We’ll see how busy you are.”


Alexei cringed. There was no way in hell he was going to let Tatiana know where he worked.


“Listen… Tati, I’ve got to go. Why don’t you go find some other way to occupy your time. I promise I’ll see you later.”


“You are a terrible boyfriend Alexei. Perhaps I should call another man to occupy me this afternoon.”


Alexei ignored her obvious attempt to make him jealous. “Perhaps you should. And I’m not your boyfriend.”


“What are you afraid of Alexei? You hate commitment.”


Alexei scoffed. He’d known Tatiana a grand total of eight days. Afraid of commitment or afraid of crazy Russian girls?


“I don’t have time for this.”


“Fine! You’re a fucking scumbag Alexei! I spread my legs for you and what do you do… you shit all over me.”




Tatiana hung up. Alexei smirked. She was so dramatic. He knew she’d be crawling back for more later anyways. He really didn’t have time for her. Alexei was working on a celebrity lawsuit and his work had always taken priority over bimbos. The deeper and deeper Alexei got into his work, the less he had time for women. Of course, all the women his age wanted nothing more than to tie him down and start milking him for money and babies. Alexei was still looking for fun. Crazy as she might have been, Tatiana was fun.


Alexei’s receptionist paged his office.


“Mr. Petrov? I have your two o’clock.”


“Send her up.”


Alexei looking in the hand mirror he kept in his top drawer. There were dark bags under his eyes from all the late nights at work. His eyes were a gorgeous champagne color that picked up the deep chestnut brown color of his hair. Alexei sat up in his office chair and straightened his orange and black Princeton tie. Breathe. His receptionist had hinted that this client wanted to remain anonymous to the meeting. Alexei wondered who it would be… Some celebrity bodyguard hoping Alexei would get them a big cash payout from alleged mistreatment? A woman with a botched boob job?


A knock on his door interrupted Alexei from his fantasizing.


“Come in!”


When the door opened, Alexei’s jaw might have dropped if he hadn’t had so much practice maintaining his composure.


“Good afternoon, miss,” He greeted her. Of course, most people on the West Coast knew who she was but people who were famous preferred the pretense that they had any kind of anonymity.


The first thing he noticed about her, was her physical appearance which was far sexier in person. And Simone Greene noticed the same things about him. Simone wondered if she’d come to the right place at all. The man sitting across the desk from her looked more like a runway model than a high-powered lawyer who had been personally responsible for bankrupting a number of high profile men.


“Good afternoon Mr. Petrov.”


“So… What are we speaking about today Miss…”


“You know who I am…” She said, cutting the bullshit, “But you can call me Simone.”


Simone sat down without being invited to. She folded her arms and tried to work up the courage to begin asking Alexei for what she wanted.


“My husband and I are getting a divorce. I forced him to file the papers and I need a lawyer who can help me get what I’m worth,” Simone said flatly.


Before, thinking of walking into a lawyer’s office would drive her into a state of panic. Today, she was calm, cool and collected as she stared at Alexei Petrov. He was the best, everyone agreed he was the best. But Simone was still skeptical when she saw him. Alexei still looked more like a pretty boy than a renowned lawyer.


“What do you have in mind?” Alexei asked.


Simone wasn’t sure how to answer him. She had thought for a while about what she wanted but just thinking of specifics like that made Simone feel like a gold digger. But that wasn’t who or what she was.


“I want at least half… More than half if I can get away with it. It’s just… I’ve been through a lot and I’m afraid of what my husband will try to do.”


Alexei looked Simone up and down. She didn’t look like your usual NBA gold digger, but she had some of the trimmings of one anyways. Simone was a butterscotch color with dove grey colored contacts and tired eyes that had obviously once been lively. She was curvy and sexy, but everything about her outfit was classy. There wasn’t a hint of cleavage and her skirt fell far below her knees. Simone Greene seemed just as wholesome as her TV image when it came to how she dressed.


“Right… So may I ask why you’re filing for the divorce?”

“We have confidentiality in here right?”


Alexei nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”


“Well… Omar hasn’t necessarily been faithful. And I want out.”


Alexei raised his eyebrow. Even he wasn’t resistant to such a delightful piece of gossip. Omar Greene was a famous NBA player whose entire image as a celebrity was constructed around his Christian faith and his love for his Christian wife that he’d been with since college. Alexei couldn’t believe that the pure and wholesome family man could actually be a philanderer. A part of him wondered if Simone was telling the truth.


“Listen… Mrs. Greene. I’m not sure what you’re looking for,” Alexei said with a smile.


Simone’s expression changed. She could tell that he wasn’t taking her seriously and Simone was absolutely sick of not being taken seriously. Her eyes narrowed and she spoke to Alexei in a stronger voice than she’d ever managed to muster up.


“Listen Mr. Petrov. I’m a serious client asking you to negotiate a multi million dollar divorce. I don’t know what impression you have of me but I can pay your fee and I want your services. I’ve heard about you… a lot about you… And I know that you’re the only man who will be able to get me what I want. So are you really going to say no to money on the table?”


Simone lifted her brief case off the floor and slammed it on Alexei’s desk. For someone who played the meek, innocent wife on TV interviews, it was clear that Simone was no darling angel. Alexei opened the briefcase and saw wads and wads of cash. That was all he needed to see.


“Listen Mrs. Greene, my tactics as a lawyer have been described as wily… devious and by some men, illegal.”


“I don’t care. All I want is to walk away from this divorce with exactly what I’m worth.”


“And exactly how much do you think you’re worth Mrs. Greene?”


“At least $200 million.”


“Alright. Tell me more about what’s happening with you and your husband.”


Simone sat down and began to tell Alexei about everything that was happening with her husband. It was a shame how quickly everything seemed to deconstruct. She had grown accustomed to the idea of a forever with Omar but everything had turned sour fast. Getting drafted in the NBA had seemed like a dream come true at the time. Now Simone was wondering if her relationship had been ruined the moment Omar signed his contract. Everything had changed. The moment he’d gone from her man to a media darling, her life was completely different.


“Omar and I met in high school. I was part of the Christian Students Association and back then I’d taken a vow of chastity which included not dating any boys until I turned eighteen. Omar honored my promise to wait and I supported his dream to play basketball. We started dating our first year of college. I still kept my promise, no matter what people thought. And he remained committed to me. I still remember after practice every day, we would hole up in my dorm room with our Bibles and talk about the word of the Lord…”


Alexei was trying to focus on Simone’s story but reading the Bible together was not how he thought this was going to start. But Simone was making a good point: when had it all gone wrong? How could a perfect couple that was so committed to each other fall apart so fast? Was the allure of money, cheap sex and power so great that it could break a bond made between two devout soulmates?


Simone was continuing, “When Omar signed his contract I was so happy… We had just been married and I’d just entered into a perfect sexual relationship with my perfect man. I’d done everything exactly the way God had asked of me. Omar was reaping the blessings of his faith too. I felt like nothing could go wrong. But it was only about a year or so before things began to change.”


Now this was the good stuff… Alexei thought to himself.


“He started lying to me. I didn’t know he was lying to me but I could tell. Our relationship with each other and with God was starting to falter. I hated it… I hated playing the perfect couple for the cameras and at all the ball games while knowing he was lying to me. It hurt so much to have to be that person who was being dishonest. But I didn’t dare let up the image. After a while, I started doing my research. If I’d found out it was just one time…” Simone started tearing up.


Alexei waited, stoic for her to continue. A part of him felt for her but another part of him wondered what on earth she expected with a man who played in the NBA.


“If it was just one time I could have forgiven him. God would have wanted me to forgive him. But that wasn’t it. It was more than one time, with more than one person and after I tried to forgive him, he lied and did the same thing all over again. God wants me to forgive, but he doesn’t want me to kill myself for a man who don’t love me no more. Omar might think he still loves me, but he don’t. And when he realizes that he don’t, I’m gonna suffer. Are you capable of helping me Mr. Petrov?”


Alexei nodded.

“I’ll help you Mrs. Greene. But… Please, call me Alexei.”


Chapter 2


Simone dread going home after her meeting with Alexei. She knew that it had gone “well” but it still meant putting the final nail in the coffin that held her marriage. She pulled her Audi up to the house and looked at the mansion that represented the life they had built together as well as the life that they would build together. It just seemed like dust and ashes all of a sudden.


Simone pulled the car into the garage and sat there just for a moment. It was quiet. It was always quiet in this big house. She understood that Omar was busy and on the road often, but she still never got used to the long periods of pure silence. Sometimes, Simone became convinced that the silence was driving her mad. If she didn’t have someone to talk to, she swore she would burst. Of course, she never did burst and eventually silence stopped being so much of a prison. When Omar started to change, it became more of a refuge than anything else.


She walked into her house and her chest tightened. Simone remembered the first day they’d come home together…


Omar was beaming from ear to ear as he handed her a set of keys. He picked her up spinning her around promising her, “This is our place Simone… You, me and God are going to live here forever.”


Everything in the house was shiny and had a new, metallic smell to it. Simone had never been anywhere so pristine and this house had been quite the shift from the modest two-story home she grew up in. Omar had promised to make her dreams come true and he had. Simone had hustled with him, iced his muscles and wrapped his knees throughout college. She’d gone to every single game with signs and friends to cheer him along. She had been more than his cheerleader, she’d been his partner. They’d finally made something happen. Omar had just signed a contract and bought her dream house in their home city where he played.


Simone ran her hands along the counters and turned to Omar…


“I love you babe.”


“I love you too,” He said with a smile. Omar’s smile was one of the most endearing things about him.


“I have a good feeling about this…”


“You do?”


“Yes. We’re doing the right thing here. By God’s grace, I know we’ll be together forever.”


“As long as you don’t cheat on me or anything,” Omar said.


Simone smiled at him, “Omar! Stop! You know I’d never do that.”


“I know. ‘Cause you real.”


“Yes, I’m real.” Simone said.


She reached her arms around Omar’s neck and gave him a long, deep kiss. They were finally husband and wife and they were finally going to start their career together.


Simone ran her hands along the counters, remembering that first day. She knew that crying wouldn’t help matters. Back then, Omar had promised her that nothing would tear them apart. She remembered when he signed his first sneaker deal and she remembered when women first started flocking around, desperate to tempt the Holy Omar. Simone remembered how terrified she was. She would stay up all night when Omar was on the road, reading her Bible and trying to find faith in God. She believed that he would protect her husband from temptation and harm.


Simone had given herself up to him. But this? What kind of test was this? Simone wasn’t sure if she would make it out with God’s grace. Omar had reassured her constantly that their faith bound them together in a Holy bond that no woman could break through, but he’d lied. Was their faith not strong enough or was it something else.


As Simone sat down with a bowl of ice cream, she heard Omar entering the garage. Practice was over and that meant her silent refuge would be interrupted by an aura of anxiety and awkwardness. They knew that this would be over soon, yet they lived in the same house and slept in the same bed. It was almost as if they couldn’t give up on these familiar little rituals despite the fact that their marriage was tattered beyond repair.


“Good evening Simone.”




“What you been up to all day.”


“You know… Shopping… Talking to China…”

Omar raised his eyebrow. “Uh huh?”


Looking up at him, Simone hated herself for being so attracted to him. He was bad for her in every sense of the word. He had lied and cheated and promised her a life he would never be able to give her. Simone was sick of everything, including her memories. They spoke to a world that she would never have again.


Omar pressed, “So you haven’t seen a lawyer?”


Simone rolled her eyes. When asked directly, she couldn’t bring herself to lie.


“Fine. I’ve seen a lawyer Omar. Is that what you want to hear?”


“No… You know I don’t want you to leave Simone.”


“You’re the one who filed for a divorce Omar.”


“Because you made me Simone. What the hell? I can’t do nothing to prove to you I’m your one and only?”


Simone scoffed. “Omar… I’m not your one and only and you know that. You’ve cheated on me at least five times. And that’s just what I know about. How many times do we have to argue about that?”


Omar shrugged.


“That’s the best you can do?” Simone asked, folding her arms.


Omar said, “Look Simone… This just comes with the job. There’s tons and tons of women passing up the pussy. What am I supposed to do?”


“STAY FAITHFUL,” Simone yelled.


She hated raising her voice for any reason, but recently, Omar was driving her up the wall and testing her in ways she’d never been tested before.


Omar smirked and then recomposed his face.


“Listen Simone… I’m trying my best to stay faithful. The Lord is just testing us both. ‘Til death do us part.”


“Oh shut up Omar. Don’t take me for a fool. I know you… I know you’re worried about your public image as this great big light skinned baller who happens to be the perfect Christian husband. That’s all you care about. I care about this relationship but I don’t even know what you care about anymore.”


“I care about you,” He said.


“Save it,” Simone snapped.


She couldn’t take it when Omar said just the right words to wriggle back into her life. Omar moved in closer to Simone…


“You don’t believe me Mrs. Greene? Let me show you,” Omar said. He moved closer to Simone and kissed her on the cheek.


Simone muttered, “This isn’t going to work Omar…”


“Are you sure?”


He kissed her again on the lips. Even if she wanted to resist, Simone could never resist Omar. Ever since the first time their lips had touched, she’d known that Omar had an uncontrollable power over her. His body and hers were connected on a spiritual level.


“Omar! Stop!” Simone said.


Omar stood back.


“What more do you have to say Simone…”


“I want you to tell me that you understand why I’m doing this. I can’t have you thinking I’m in the wrong here,” Simone said.


Omar lowered his head. “Of course I know why Simone… But best believe I don’t want you to leave. We’ve got a long history Simone. I don’t want that to be ruined.”


Simone felt a pang in her chest. If Omar didn’t want their relationship to be ruined, why had he cheated on her so many times? If it had been just once, maybe Simone would have believed him. But she couldn’t bring herself to be quite so naive after the second, third and fourth times.




Her eyes were welling up with tears. Omar knew how difficult this decision had been for her and he’d been tugging on her heart strings ever since. He rushed over to her and wrapped her up in a hug.

“I know it’s hard Simone but I love you… You’ve got to believe I love you.”


He leaned down and kissed Simone on the lips. This time, she didn’t have the strength to deny him. Even if a part of Simone hated Omar’s guts, she couldn’t resist the fact that he had been her best friend for years. He had been a source of emotional comfort for her and he knew exactly how to make her feel better.


Simone wrapped her arms around Omar and let him kiss her. He planted his kisses on her cheek and neck and then lifted her off her seat. Simone squealed as Omar hoisted her off her chair and began to carry her all the way to their bedroom. Omar squeezed Simone’s ass cheeks as he brought her to their marital bedroom. Simone’s dream bedroom felt cold even now. She knew that she was going to sleep with Omar, but this didn’t carry the same weight it had the first time Omar had brought her here.


Now, Simone felt like she was carrying out her marital duty. Before, making love to Omar felt like an expression of her passion and love.


Omar threw Simone onto her back and began to kiss her as she wriggled out of her clothing. They’d performed this act a number of times that this was almost as regular as taking a shower for Simone. She stripped down to nothing, letting Omar see her butterscotch skin, letting him stare into her gray eyes and press his lips to every inch of her body. In turn, Simone appreciated Omar’s physique. No matter what had happened between them, she couldn’t deny he was sexy.


He had deeply tanned skin, nappy short brown hair, olive colored eyes and lean muscle that covered every inch of his seven foot tall body. Simone pulled Omar closer to her as he undid his pants and revealed his large, erect cock. Simone inhaled sharply in anticipation of Omar’s invasion. Omar was one of these guys who had a dick so big he didn’t have to be good in bed. Just jabbing into her repeatedly was enough to send her over the edge into climax again and again.


Omar began to slide between Simone’s folds. She was wet with anticipation. Even if her heart wasn’t into it, her body responded to all of Omar’s touch. Soon it didn’t matter if her heart was on board; the pleasures of the flesh took over. Simone moaned as Omar filled her with his large bulging member. He slowly moved out of her and then pounded her hard again. Simone dug her nails into her husband’s back; her sharp claws egged him on.


Omar began to thrust into her harder and harder. Simone couldn’t help but beg for more.


“Yes! Yes Omar!” She yelled.


He locked lips with her as he rammed his cock deep inside of her. Simone cried out in pleasure as she reached her climax. Her pussy was dripping wet with pleasure and Omar’s cock slipped in and out of her easily. She clenched her pussy around the invading erection, egging Omar closer and closer. Simone reached another climax and as she moaned and cried out, she could feel the gooseflesh breaking out on Omar’s body, signifying he was getting close to his climax too.

Omar grunted and released inside of his beautiful wife. He would miss doing that… Simone was always available for him in this way. Since she couldn’t have children, he’d always been lucky to experience Simone’s flesh directly. She was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… Omar wondered where he went wrong. He pulled out of his beautiful wife and lay on his back. Simone reached her hand down to his and squeezed it tightly. Omar wondered if he had a chance to win Simone back. He’d messed up so badly, but maybe she had forgiveness in her heart…

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