Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey: The Investor's Baby

Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey The Investor's Baby"The Investor's Baby" is one of Jamila's new books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. In this story, there's an attractive white billionaire investor who falls in love with a gorgeous African American woman from a small Vermont town.

This story deals with many issues different from other interracial romance books. For example, what is it like to be an African American woman in a majority white town? This contemporary romance fiction story deals with dark themes of abuse as the main character Moesha grapples with the difficult escape from an abusive relationship.

As this book deals with Moesha's experiences, we're forced to acknowledge the lived reality of many women in our society. These women are trapped in situations and sometimes wonder how they got in so deep... 

If you enjoy reading free romance books online, you'll love this delectable excerpt and the limited time price for this full-length 50,000+ word story. 

Read the description of this story below to find out more, and keep reading for an excerpt from the prologue of this story: 

Full-figured, African American woman Moesha is trapped in an abusive relationship with no visible way out. Her boyfriend Chase is cruel and sadistic. Staying with him means constant pain, but leaving him means certain death. He's a dangerous man and not the guy she thought he was. However, it's too late for escape. Moesha has lost a piece of herself to be with this man and she can see no way out...

When she meets a local legendary investor named Cliff Blackwood, Moesha's life begins to change. Cliff's had a troubled past and he's desperate to reach out to this local African American woman. Cliff isn't looking to save her, but he can't help but want to convince her to save herself.

As Moesha finds herself falling for Cliff, Chase's grip on her life increases. She doesn't have much time before she'll have to make a choice. The problem is, either decision could cost Moesha her life. 

A pregnancy changes everything for Moesha and puts the pressure on for her to make some changes and grow up if she wants to protect the babies she's carrying in her womb.

Is it possible for her to have a happy ending or will the mistake of dating Chase haunt her forever?

Books Like 50 Shades of Grey Excerpt: The Investor's Baby



To understand Moesha’s story you have to have been there at the beginning...

The Vermont bar was crowded for a Friday night. The line to go in had been out the door and it had been almost 11:30 since Moesha, Tonya and Marie got in through the front door. In Vermont, women of color had to stick together. Moesha and Tonya weren’t fully convinced that Marie’s story about being half Abenaki Indian checked out, but she certainly got treated like an outcast when they were in school together so they became fast and close friends.


Moesha was beyond thrilled to get a chance to go out with her girlfriends. It had been a long time since she’d been able to cut loose. She’d been rejected to two of the top art programs in the country and she’d been working around the clock to make ends meet. Moesha’s long braids dangled down to her waist. Her chubby waist made her look better than both her friends.


She was large, in charge and owning it. Moesha loved being a confident black woman in this small town. You didn’t see many women like that in Vermont and Moesha had come to enjoy the whispers and stares from the white people around her. She knew they were judging her but she didn’t care… Moesha had everything she wanted in life. She was thick and gorgeous, pursuing her career and she had a clan of amazing friends who would stick by her no matter what.


The music was pumping through the bar. Moesha and her friends were dancing better than everyone in the place and drawing a lot of attention. Tonya was looking around the bar anxiously, waiting for her second group of friends to arrive. Tonya had plans for her friends that night that didn’t involve another boring night of dancing and ending up alone. Tonya was tired of the routine and she wanted to shake things up. Tonya knew a couple of guys who were amateur boxers just outside of town and they promised to bring their rugby player friends over to the bar. It was a little surprise for Moesha. Tonya knew one of those guys had “a thing” for black girls and she couldn’t wait to introduce them.


Three drinks in, Tony’s gang of friends finally arrived to spice things up. She motioned them over to the table where the women were taking a break from dancing.


“Chase! Ryan! Come here!” Tonya called.


Chase and Ryan were both boxers and they’d brought their equally thick, meaty and muscular friends with them for a fun night out on one of the few January nights that there wasn’t a snowstorm gripping the Vermont countryside. The rugby players were Tommy, Tanner and Tim. Tonya had trouble keeping track of all the T’s.


She introduced all the men who had arrived to her table of friends and then took special attention to introduce Chase and Moesha.


“Chase… This is my good friend Moesha. She’s an artist and… she’s single.”


Moesha turned to look at Chase and smiled. He was exactly the kind of guy she liked and exactly the kind of guy who never looked twice at her. The group split off and left Moesha alone to chat with Chase. It was an obvious set up but Moesha didn’t mind. Her friends had been lecturing her for a long time on being so reclusive. But Moesha was tired of the dating scene in Vermont. Moesha had been black in the state her whole life and dating had never really gotten anywhere.


She tried dating black men but they were all interested in chasing white girls and using Moesha just as a sexual object. The white men in Vermont were different but not necessarily much better. Most of them expected Moesha to act out their “ghetto fantasy”. Moesha wasn’t a stereotype and she wasn’t going to be a caricature of herself to get some white boy into bed. So Moesha was wary about meeting Chase.


“Moesha… That’s a nice name…” Chase said.


Moesha nodded. “Yup.”


“Wanna dance?”


“Chase, right?”


Chase nodded and grabbed Moesha’s hand, leading her to the dance floor. As the music blasted, Chase held onto Moesha’s hips and pulled her close as they danced together. Moesha swiveled her hips and rocked as Chase held her. For a white boy, Chase had rhythm and before long, Moesha found herself enjoying dancing with him. Chase knew how to move and he pulled Moesha close, pulling her hair out of her face and looking her right in the eye. Moesha’s eyes were a deep brown color that nearly matched the dark sienna color of her skin. She was gorgeous and confident and exactly the kind of woman Chase liked.


There was something about Chase that made him unlike most of the guys Moesha met around her. He seemed to have the power of seduction on lock. And he was holding her as if he wanted to be with her forever. When Chase whispered into Moesha’s ear, all she wanted to do was comply.


“Let’s go somewhere quiet… On the tables outside,” He said.


Moesha nodded and followed Chase onto the tables outside. He ordered them another round of drinks and sat across from her, holding her hand and staring into her eyes. Staring into Chase’s eyes was like getting swept up in a hypnotic storm. They were a gorgeous teal color and his blond hair was cut short, allowing the angles on his face to show.


“So… you’re a boxer?” Moesha asked.


Chase nodded and grinned, his perfect Vermont-boy, smile.


“Yes. I’m a boxer. I love it… There’s nothing better than knocking a guy out. It’s a rush you know? I had a tough life but I’ve always been an active guy. I love a sport that just allows me to be who I really am…”


“Violent?” Moesha asked.


Chase chuckled, “No… It’s not about violence Moesha. That’s just not me.”


“Oh yeah? So what type of guy gets a rush from knocking another man out then?”


“A man who’s passionate about what he does… And passionate about everything else,” Chase said, lifting Moesha’s hand off the table and planting a kiss on it.


“What other things are you passionate about?”


“Women… Having a family someday,” Chase said.


Moesha giggled, “Pulling out the big guns on the first date, wow…”


“Who said this is a date?”


“Oh so it isn’t?” Moesha said with a smile.


“You got me there,” Chase said grinning, “I’m sorry but you’re just one of the prettiest, realest women I’ve seen around these parts. You know… I love me some brown sugar.”


Moesha smiled. It was one of the least offensive ways she’d heard a guy say he liked black women. Moesha figured he still had a chance of proving himself to be worthy. They talked for a while with the sound of the music outside. Moesha found herself quickly attracted to Chase. He was handsome, flirtatious and charming.


“I want to make you my girlfriend,” Chase said after around an hour.


Moesha laughed, “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve only known me for a little while.”


“But I’ve heard about you from Tonya,” He said.


“So this is a blatant set up then?”


Chase smiled, “I want the same things you want Moesha. Why not give me a chance?”


He had a point. Moesha nodded, “Okay then Chase. I’ll be your girlfriend.”


“I can already tell, you’re the kind of girl who will last forever…” Chase replied.


Moesha leaned over the table, allowing her sizable bosom to droop down and touch the table. Chase planted a kiss on her lips -- a delicious kiss that let Moesha know she’d made the right choice. It was the fastest she’d ever jumped into calling someone her boyfriend but Moesha wanted to settle down and she knew that her biological clock was ticking. Heck, she’d vowed to do something different next time she got back into dating, and dating a guy she just met certainly counted as “something different.”


It wasn’t long after that first night that Chase and Moesha slept together. Chase couldn’t get enough of her and he had her phone blaring off the hook. It felt good to be pursued by someone so aggressively. Normally, men would string Moesha along, forcing her to to do the brunt of the work. With Chase, that wasn’t the case. Chase called her at least fifteen times a day. He checked up on her at work and send her text messages throughout the day.


It was a whirlwind romance. Moesha never expected to fall in love with someone so quickly but Chase was her perfect match in every way. Everything she wanted, he wanted too. Everything she liked, he liked. Moesha never expected to have so much in common with a backwater Vermont white guy but Chase proved her wrong. He was everything that she’d wanted in a man and more.


Within a month, Chase and Moesha moved in together. Chase had convinced her it was the best move. With his income from boxing he could provide for them, plus he would get occasional cash gifts from some mysterious benefactor that Moesha never questioned. Chase had some eccentricities but overall he was the perfect guy. Moesha figured every guy was a little strange, but Chase’s charm more than made up for the few odd experiences Moesha had with him.


The biggest issue Moesha faced once things started getting serious with Chase was her friends’ jealousy. It wasn’t just Tonya and Marie, but all of Moesha’s other friends seemed to judge her relationship. Their jealousy was transparent. What she and Chase had was different, it was special and she couldn’t expect them to understand when they’d never experienced true love. Maybe there was a reason they were still single and she wasn’t…


Moesha’s friends complained that Chase hogged her too much. They complained that he called too much. They complained that he wanted her to move in. But weren’t those the things they’d always wanted? Moesha was finally getting the perfect life that they’d all wanted with a man and they were lashing out. Moesha thought friends would be more supportive but the tables were turning quickly.

As she was building her perfect life, Moesha was worried that her friendships wouldn’t last. But sometimes you had to make difficult choices didn’t you? And Moesha was willing to make whatever choices she had to in order to have the perfect life… with the perfect husband, the perfect kids and not a single thing out of place.