Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey: The Artist's Baby

Books Similar To 50 Shades of GreyOrlena James strikes again with this pregnancy romance story that will appeal to readers searching for books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. If you enjoy dark romance books and interracial romance books featuring strong black female leads, you'll love this spectacular work of short pregnancy fiction by Grenadian author Orlena James.

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In this steamy interracial romance short a professional multimedia artist named Isaac attends a gallery opening in New York. While admiring his work and soaking up the attention of his new found fame, he meets an attractive African American artist named D'Anna. D'Anna's alternative spirit instantly magnetizes Isaac. 

Isaac's first encounter with D'Anna is something that he'll never forget.

When D'Anna becomes pregnant, they must both face the consequences of their night of passion... 

Will their story have a happy ending?

Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey Excerpt: The Artist's Baby


Isaac King hadn’t been to New York in years, at least not since his parents sold their Greenwich Village brownstone. There was something strange about returning to the city after a long absence. Everything moved so fast that missing out on a day in the city was like missing out on a year. Missing out on years was like coming back a generation later. Of course, there were some things that would always be the same, but then there were some differences that Isaac could never move past.


Isaac was in town for a few days, glad to get the space from his brother and his “girlfriend”. Well, Lisa was only sort of his girlfriend -- they were on a break. Either way, Isaac knew that he needed this time to just focus on his art away from Lisa’s drama and his brother’s. Isaac’s twin brother Jackson was a thorn in his side. There was nothing Isaac could do to free himself from the competitive spirit that haunts identical twins well into adulthood. No matter how they differed and attempted to individualize themselves, there would always be comparisons.


Here, Isaac was supposed to be focused on two things: reassessing his relationship with Lisa and ensuring he landed this gig at the gallery uptown. For an artist, Isaac was successful enough. He’d sold a few paintings at over $100,000 each and finally he’d stopped relying on the inheritance he’d collected from his parents when he turned 22. Isaac was almost certain that the trip would be a success. The more money he made from his paintings, the more his confidence grew. In fact, Isaac knew that art would be a bigger problem than his “sort of girlfriend” Lisa. Isaac thought about Lisa’s tanned caramel colored skin and her long black hair. She was drop dead gorgeous, desirable by many. She was a mixed African American woman and exactly the type of girl Isaac could see himself with.


Lisa was everything Isaac had ever fantasized about: curvy, tanned and sexy. But she had two problems: she didn’t understand Isaac’s passion for art and Isaac had just discovered that she’d had a fling with his twin brother Jackson. Upon finding out about Lisa’s dalliance, Isaac had temporarily ended things. He needed time to think and decide if Lisa was worth it all; was his jealousy petty? It wasn’t necessarily Lisa’s fault, but Isaac had been forced to compete with his brother Jackson his entire life. He didn’t want the dating arena to be just another area of his life that would be scrutinized and antagonized by the specter of competition with his twin brother.


Space. I need my space. Isaac thought to himself as he wandered the overcrowded street towards the gallery. Isaac was thirty minutes late for the gallery opening where he would be featured. In his small town, Isaac would have felt rushed but here, everything was bustling so quickly, his instinct was to slow everything down whether or not he was late.


Isaac arrived at the front door and flashed his ID card to the security guard. He was given a stamp on the back of his hand for artists and then he proceeded to the gallery. The gallery was like a second home within minutes. Most fancy locations required a strict dress code but trying to corral artist types into coats and ties was as futile as trying to stop the popularity of the iPhone.


As Isaac wandered the gallery, he noticed people standing in awe of his installment. His heart was swollen with pride. Months and months of work finally being acknowledged. Isaac wondered if he was living in a dream -- he didn’t know many other brilliant artists who actually had their contributions to the art world acknowledged.


D'Anna stood before her piece in the gallery she’d been invited to. As usual, she was the only black woman here. Her mentor -- an elderly white Buddhist from Bed Stuy -- had gotten her this in and D'Anna was both parts thrilled and uncomfortable with the opportunity. This was D'Anna’s first chance at a big break. As a small time, mostly unknown Queens artist, she made her living mostly through selling paintings on Etsy and teaching art classes to wealthy teens from Bayside.


D'Anna was a deep mahogany color with a slender physique. She had smallish breasts, a slim waist and a nice, plump buttocks. The day of the gallery opening, D'Anna took the opportunity to wear clothing that showed off her sleeves of tattoos. D'Anna wore a black cropped tank top and a matching black maxi skirt that fell nearly to the ground. Standing at a modelesque 5’10”, D'Anna never bothered with wearing high heels.


Her ears and nose were pierced; she wore gold studs in both holes. Her belly button was pierced and a gold butterfly charm dangled from her navel. D'Anna’s left arm was covered in a sleeve of afrocentric tattoos. Her right arm had just one tattoo -- a heart on her shoulder with a set of initials in the middle. D'Anna knew that she stood out amongst this fair of white artists, but she didn’t care. Being alternative had always been her thing. Her punk look had either drawn people to her like a magnet or pushed them away.


Despite her tough-as-nails exterior, D'Anna was a sweet and delicate person. The one place where she really expressed that innate sweetness was in her art. D'Anna’s giant photography prints were the reason that she’d even received this opportunity. She was staring at one of her installments on the wall when she smelled a man’s leathery cologne. D'Anna turned around, thinking that the gallery curator was behind her.


“Hello, I’m Isaac… Are you enjoying the gallery?” He asked.


D'Anna could tell from his tone that he thought she was a guest and not an artist.


“D'Anna… I’m enjoying the gallery very much.”


“This piece in particular is so… rich. Did you catch the name of the artist? This guy must be a genius.”


“This girl… This girl must be a genius. I’m the artist,” D'Anna said.


Isaac’s face turned bright red and he started to apologize profusely.


“Listen, it’s okay, I get that a lot.”


“But I should have known not to be so foolish as to assume…”


“Listen, don’t worry about it. Are you here with someone?” D'Anna asked.


Isaac shook his head.


“Nope. I’m the token sculpture and mixed media guy here,” He said.


“Isaac King?!” D'Anna said surprised.


Her deep brown eyes widened.


Isaac blushed and pushed his hair out of his face. “Yes, Isaac King… Have we met?”

“No it’s just… You’re quite popular on the contemporary art scene. I’m surprised to be here with you… Wow…”


“I wonder who else we have in common.”




“Buddhist Jim?” Isaac asked.


D'Anna smiled. “Buddhist Jim” was the very reason she was here.


“Yes, Buddhist Jim.”


“Small world isn’t it?” Isaac said.


Silence hung in the air for a moment between them. Isaac began to appreciate everything about the woman standing before him. In the few seconds he’d been speaking to her, he instantly noticed her poise, the way she stood out from the crowd without shame and with confidence most people never embodied in their entire lives. Looking at D'Anna’s photography, he felt that there was something in her spirit that he was magnetically drawn to, something that he couldn’t live without.


“Do you want to get out of here? Maybe grab a tea?” D'Anna asked before Isaac could get the words out himself.


He nodded, “That would be wonderful.”

D'Anna led him out of the gallery early before he could even feed his ego on the acknowledgment from the art world. They walked down the street towards the nearest Starbucks. When they got their tea, they burst forth back into the street.


“Do you like taking risks?” D'Anna asked him.


Isaac looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“It depends on what kind of risk you’re talking about.”

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