Short BWWM Books: The Trucker's Baby

Short BWWM Books The Trucker's BabyOrlena James is back at it again with her delightful short BWWM books. This contemporary fiction romance author is particularly skilled at writing interracial romance books and pregnancy fiction books that appeal to black women and all people who love IR fiction. 

Check out the description of her upcoming release below and keep reading even further for a titillating excerpt that will keep you wanting more! 

Rhonda, a 30 year old African American woman, is working the night shift at Two Brews Coffee Shop and Bar to put her way through university. The night shift is usually lonely until one blustery night, a trucker named Malachi is rolling through town and he stops by for a pint of ale.

Rhonda is instantly attracted to him but Malachi's married. He's just found out his wife is cheating on him and Rhonda provides him a listening ear. When he leaves, she expects to never see him again. 

Weeks pass before Rhonda sees Malachi again. This time, everything is different and neither of them can deny their desires any further...

After their night of passion Rhonda is forced to wonder if she'll ever see Malachi again or if everything he said was a lie to get into her pants... 

Short BWWM Books Excerpt: The Trucker's Baby


The night shift at Two Brews Coffee Shop & Bar was often empty. Rhonda had taken on a few late shifts to help pay her way through school. She was working on a degree in education at the local state university so she could head back home and do some good in her life. Until that day came, Rhonda had to support herself entirely on a minimum wage job. She’d had a late start in life and at age thirty, most of the other students in her classes looked down on her for being such an old college student. They couldn’t see past their snooty noses to realize that Rhonda had to work hard her entire life to get half of what they had for free.


Rhonda was a tall, thick sorrel colored woman with long braids that fell down the middle of her back. Her eyes were a deep mahogany color with reddish undertones peeking through. Rhonda was by all definitions beautiful, with perfect unblemished skin and a bright white smile that made every customer’s day. It was too bad that taking on the late shift there were very few customers for her to charm into extra tips.


With forty five minutes left until closing and without having had a single customer for over forty five minutes, Rhonda had nothing really to do. The entire coffee shop was spotless, everything had been put away for the night and Rhonda didn’t expect to see a single person. On Monday nights, most of the students were too busy studying to think about “brewskis” anyways.


As Rhonda scrolled through social media on her phone, she almost didn’t notice the man that strolled in until he sat down at the bar. The man was tall, which thick muscles bulging through his flannel shirt. He had brown hair swept to the sides and icy blue eyes. His full beard was thick and covered in a few flecks of snow from being outside. As he entered, Rhonda noted his woody scent mixed with notes of patchouli and vanilla. Something about his musk was instantly comforting.


Rhonda put on her customer service voice and asked him, “Can I get you anything?”


“What ales do you have on tap?” He asked.


Rhonda listed off the ales with a brief description for each one. He ordered a mid-tier ale and began to sip it slowly after slamming a five dollar bill down on the table. Rhonda busied herself nearby so he could holler if he wanted anything else. As she was pretending to have work to do, Rhonda couldn’t help notice more about this mysterious stranger. Not only was he incredibly handsome but he seemed to carry a certain amount of grief on his shoulders only visible to her because she looked into his eyes.


He sipped his ale bitterly and Rhonda could have sworn that she saw him nearly tearing up.


Strange… He seemed to be close to forty years old and she’d never seen him around town before so chances are he wasn’t local.

Rhonda jumped out of her skin when the man started speaking to her.


“Do you believe in love?”


“Excuse me sir?” Rhonda replied politely.


She wasn’t sure if she’d heard correctly but this stranger had just asked her if she believed in love…


“Sorry for being rude,” He said gruffly, “My name’s Malachi.”




“If you don’t mind me askin’ Rhonda, do you believe in love?”


Rhonda nodded -- she knew from her years in customer service to never disagree with a customer.


“Yes, I believe in love. All of us have multiple people who we’re meant to get along with in life. When we find one we really really like, heck all we can do is hope they feel the same way.”




Malachi downed another sip of his ale.


“Well what about soul mates Rhonda? What do you think ‘sposed to happen when you find yours?”


For the first time, Rhonda detected a mild Southern twang in Malachi’s voice. He definitely wasn’t from around here.


“Well, when you find your soulmate, you’re supposed to love each other. To work hard to be together until the very end.”


“Ain’t it ‘sposed to be easy?”


Rhonda shrugged and replied, “From what I know of life there’s not a damned thing easy about it.”


Malachi’s questions were starting to make Rhonda uneasy. Just because a guy was rustic and sexy didn’t mean he didn’t have nefarious intent. He knew that they were here alone and maybe this was all some twisted precursor to try something with her. Rhonda reached down into her apron pocket and fondled her (very illegal) pepper spray for some security.


No need to panic. He’s just a regular guy. She told herself.


“Bet you’re wondering why I asked you all them strange questions.”


Rhonda smiled, “Not at all,” She lied.


“Well Rhonda, my life’s a fuckin’ mess. Look at me… spilling all my problems out to a small town waitress. I’m a fuckin’ cliche.”


“You’d be surprised,” Rhonda replied.


“Mind sittin’ with me for a minute?”


Rhonda sat across from him and started to warm up. Maybe this guy was strange or even depressed but he definitely wasn’t going to hurt her.


“I’m shit outta luck. My wife… Poppy… She cheated on me and I don’t know what to do.”


“Well, that’s certainly a tricky situation.”


“You don’t know the half of it. She slept with this guy… he’s a single dad… a real Romeo. I guess I thought she was the love of my life but now I’m not so sure.”


“Do you want to forgive her?”


“I don’t know.”


Malachi continued, “She said that she did it because I was never home enough. I drive trucks up and down the highway from Delaware to the Canadian border. I know I’m not home enough but hell, I need the money and she does too.”


“Still, it’s never fair to cheat on the one you love,” Rhonda offered.


“Don’t I know it. I ‘spose I deserve it though,” Malachi said, finishing the last of his ale.


“Deserve it? Why would you say something like that?”


“‘Cause I cheated on her first. We were younger… Before we got married… I slept with a friend of hers… She was a beautiful Latin thing and she seduced me before I even knew my head from my asshole.”




“I did my time for that one and I deserved it. Never strayed since. But Poppy? I’m surprised. If Poppy cheated on me, that must mean she don’t love me anymore.”


Rhonda let him brood for a moment.


“What do you think you’re going to do about it?” She asked.


Malachi shrugged his shoulders.


“I guess a part of me would like to whisk off a pretty young thing like you and get revenge. But I’m just not that type of guy anymore. I can’t hurt Poppy like that.”

Rhonda’s breathing sped up as she heard Malachi call her pretty. She found him drop dead gorgeous and something about him bearing his heart out to her made him even sexier in her eyes.


“You’re a good man then Malachi. All you can do is try to work it out or leave and never look back,” She said.


Malachi nodded.


“You’re right. Mind if we talk about something else over another glass?”


Rhonda nodded and poured Malachi the ale. She sat across from him as he filled her ears with tales from his experiences on the road. Rhonda had never imagined a trucker to be anything other than a sort-of dirty, country bumpkin white guy. Malachi was far more than that. He was kind, caring and handsome. He had a country twang to his voice and a rugged exterior but after only a few minutes of speaking with him, Rhonda knew that he was kind and obviously a loving person.


Rhonda needed to close up shop before she was ready. She would have kept it open just to keep talking to Malachi but she knew that with class in the morning it was an awful idea.


“Hate to be abrupt but I’ve got to close up shop.”

“I understand. Thanks for being a listening ear missy,” He said.

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