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dark romance books illicit love affairIf you enjoy dark romance books, you'll love Illicit Love Affair -- one of Orlena James' most intriguing interracial romance books. If you like reading free romance books online, check out the sample included below after I tell you a little bit more about the book.

Mysterious, sexy and a complete secret. This suburban club is specifically for interracial couples interested in spicing up their sex lives. This is a place where your secrets are safe and if you're a black woman you can fulfill your wildest fantasies with the man of your dreams... whether or not you're married to him.

In this story, Robert breaks the one and only rule of the BWWM Swinger's Club: Don't get attached. DON'T FALL IN LOVE! He gets caught in a vicious love triangle between his wife, Laquisha, and the new apple of his eye, Janice.

How will Janice respond to his romantic feelings?

What will Laquisha think about Robert's illicit affair?

Will everyone be able to keep their feelings under control, or will they get kicked out of the swinger's club for good?

This steamy story is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised. The BWWM Swinger's Club is a collection of steamy short fiction stories about different characters all interconnected by this club. While this story is part of a series, all stories in the series can be enjoyed independently.

Feast on this fantasy.

Dark Romance Books: Illicit Love Affair



Robert felt guilty. He and his wife had been married three years, and, well, he knew in the back of his mind that things were getting worse because there was one husbandly duty for which he was an abject failure. He was desperate. As a last ditched effort to save his marriage, he decided to give up one of its most important covenants. He didn’t want to do it. Nothing was more abhorrent to him that the thought of his wife sleeping with some other man. Robert, however, felt as if he’d run out of options…


Twelve years of marriage for some, isn’t very long. But for others, it can seem like an eternity -- especially if they haven’t felt sexually satisfied for that whole time. That’s sort of the predicament that Robert had found himself in. See, Robert had been running around with a pretty severe case of undiagnosed generalized anxiety disorder for his whole life. For him, that meant constant worrying, fear, and the not-so-infrequent panic attack.


Robert liked safety. His job as an inventory auditor was safe. His car was the safest on the market. Safety made him feel comfortable, and to him, nothing was more unsafe than getting naked in front of someone else. Perhaps his fears had stemmed from some sort of childhood trauma in the boy’s locker room, or something. Whatever the case, Robert always felt uncomfortable getting naked in front of someone else -- even his wife, Laquisha.


When they’d first gotten together, Robert had avoided sex for over six months. After so many years of marriage, he didn’t have a complete meltdown every time he got in the sack with Laquisha anymore. He did, however, have chronic premature ejaculation. Herein lay the problem in Robert’s relationship. His wife was fed up with the frustration, and, after twelve years, she wanted out.


Robert came up with a compromise. Stay together -- at least for the children’s sake -- but see other people. His compromise wasn’t a total free-for-all. Robert didn’t exactly want to hand his wife over to another man so that she could fall in love with him and have even more motivation to leave; no way! If Laquisha wanted to sleep with other people, he wanted the sex to be as meaningless as possible. He wanted explicit rules. Most of all, he wanted the other men to be white.


Perhaps this last condition was some hair-brained rationalization that Robert had conjured up to convince himself Laquisha would continue to love him vicariously through other people. Or perhaps he Robert really was afraid that what they said about black men was true. Either way, the BWWM Swinger’s Club seemed like just the right place for Robert and Laquisha’s controlled sexual adventures.


Don’t believe what the moralists and bible thumpers say -- Laquisha and Robert couldn’t have been happier. They had attended the swing meetups every weekend without fail for almost four months in a row now. Neither of them and spoken to each other about their marital departures, and they preferred it that way. How would Laquisha be able to handle looking her husband in the eye and admitting that she’d fucked twenty eight different men, sometimes, on the same night?


With both husband and wife sewing their wild oats elsewhere, the tension around Robert and Laquisha’s home had diminished drastically -- even the dog seemed to be happier. Robert might have guessed that his wife had fallen off the deep end after they’d joined the BWWM Swinger’s Club, but he chose to turn a blind eye to it. For one thing, Laquisha had honored the rules of their open marriage to a tee. For another, Robert couldn’t fault Laquisha for having her fair share of fun, because he himself had been having his unfair share…


The BWWM Swinger’s Club was founded on a single unifying idea. Society can’t and won’t accept the notion that married couples might want to fuck other people and stay together at the same time. “If two people really love each other,” they say, “then they’d never even think of having an extramarital affair.” The folks who’d started The BWWM Swinger’s Club disagreed with that notion entirely. Naturally, they themselves were a biracial couple. They’d fancied themselves to be inherently more open minded individuals than other people, because in a world of rampant racism and bigotry, they had looked past the color of the other person’s skin and fallen in love with the real person beneath that skin. The original founders had sought out more people like themselves and so began a tradition of black wives and white husbands coming together to bang each other like animals was born.


This was the perfect place for Robert and Laquisha to explore outside of their marriage safely. Robert especially liked the idea of standing in solidarity with other white husbands who were unsure of how to keep their black wives happy. He also loved the idea of only allowing his wife Laquisha to fool around with other married men. Those men, he reasoned, were already married, but not looking for a divorce, so it would be harder for Robert to end up getting replaced. It’s too bad for Robert that he couldn’t follow his own advice. While Laquisha had been hopping on more poles than the star spangled banner, Robert had found himself entwined in a deadly love triangle. He had started to fall in love with someone else…


Janice was half black, mixed with something else. Indian? Chinese? It was something like that. Even though she was over forty, she still had a cherub’s face, and an zesty, treehugger-like personality. She’d never felt as if she belonged to anywhere in particular. As a youth, she never quite fit in with black folks at her school, or the hippies. Her quadroon babies were even more confused. (Her daughter only referred to herself Zion and claimed that she was Ethiopian -- even though she started peeling after ten minutes in the sun. Her son denied that his black heritage entirely. In effect, he was the world’s most white-passing black redneck.) Having grown up in a world of confused racial identity, Janice found herself feeling extremely drawn to the other BWWM Swinger’s Club members, who themselves, had their own confusing interracial relationship challenges.


On Robert and Laquisha’s very first night as BWWM Swinger’s Club members, Laquisha went off on her own with some zany-looking white guy, while Robert spent the night with Janice. His night had gotten off to a rocky start. He and Janice had checked into a hotel to do the dirty deed, but something was off about the whole thing. Robert’s heart was pounding and he was hyperventilating. His palms were cold, and beads of sweat were forming on his nose and forehead. Janice asked him if he was okay and he swore he was fine. Then he rushed her to bed to get it over with, but Robert had ejaculated all over the sheets before he could penetrate Janice.


Even then, Robert was determined to get what he’d ‘come’ for, so to speak. He shut the lights off and tried to pretend as if he hadn’t just ejaculated everywhere… and he tried his damndest to stuff his soft twinkie dick inside of Janice. She let his struggle continue for a few minutes -- until Robert started getting frustrated with himself. Then she decided to intervene…

Janice told him that it was okay to be anxious on his first night, and that they didn’t have to have sex right away. It was her first night, too, so both she and Robert counted themselves lucky that they didn’t have to go ‘all the way’ on the first night. Now that sex was off the table and the pressure was gone, Janice and Robert decided to take the time to get to know each other.

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