Short BWWM Books: Black Woman Tricks Her Italian Billionaire

short bwwm books black woman tricks her italian billionaireCheck out another one of Jamila's erotic short bwwm books. This story has a dash of humor, but still remains one of her sexiest interracial romance books. This book is perfect for you if you also enjoy pregnancy romance books and thrilling escapades narrated in a clean, crisp way.

She will sacrifice her virginity to get a baby by a billionaire...

Kayla is a young black woman who leads a boring life, and to make matters worse, she's desperate for a baby. When she meets an Italian billionaire, Marco Battaglia, online, she sees her opportunity to trick him into a pregnancy. Kayla doesn't realize that Marco is onto her...

When her cover is finally blown, Marco makes her a deal that involves her entering a long time contract to partner with him on an explosive venture into a long-term BDSM relationship. Is trading her freedom worth having a beautiful, rich, biracial baby?

Find out more in this page turning erotic short story, filled with all the sexy, red hot details.

Short BWWM Books: Black Woman Tricks Her Italian Billionaire Excerpt


My name is Kayla and I have a little secret… I’m desperate to have a baby. Of course, I don’t just want any baby. I want to have a baby with a rich guy, not just the manager of a store, but a millionaire, or if I’m lucky, a billionaire. The only problem is, it’s sort of hard to meet guys like that roaming around in the real world. I mean, the odds of someone just running into a billionaire are slim to none. No, if you want someone rich, you have to go out of your way to find them. So that’s what I did and that’s how I met Marco Battaglia.


Yes, I ventured into the world of online dating, the world of sugar babies to be precise. Rich guys pay young, beautiful girls to hang out with them, often times no strings attached unless you have great chemistry. I experimented with a couple of guys from my sugar baby dating site. They bought me nice things, nice dinners and had no expectations of sex. What kind of men were they? The rich and lonely could solve their loneliness by dropping a few grand a month, and to them, it was worth it.


Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t going this route because I wasn’t attractive. Far from it, I’d had numerous men interested in me since I hit puberty. You wouldn’t think it because I don’t have that mainstream attractive look, but I still got plenty of attention. I have medium brown skin, soft to the touch. My hair used to be in a big afro throughout most of my life, but now it’s in neat braids that go down the length of my back. I have big round melons on my chest and a big video vixen booty, completely natural. I’m not very tall, around five foot five, but men seem to love that “petite but thick” look that I’m sporting. It makes me feel good to get all that attention from men. None of these men were the ones I wanted though, so I kept my body unavailable, that is until I met Marco.


Oh and I mean completely unavailable too. Yes, I’m a virgin. Some find it surprising that I made it to my mid-twenties without giving it up once. But without sex as a distraction, you would be surprised how much one can accomplish. I excelled in high school, college and throughout my career mostly because of it. Well, once I found a rich billionaire none of that mattered. But up until that point, I was set for life.


I met Marco and immediately knew that he was the one. In our first flirty text chats, I could tell that he was intelligent and he had a hilarious, slightly inappropriate sense of humor. I wanted badly to see him in person and when Marco and I Skyped for the first time (he was in Switzerland skiing), I finally got a chance to see the man from the online photographs. He was the most attractive Italian man that I’d ever seen. That’s saying a lot because that country is filled with incredible beauties. He had perfect brown hair and an amazing angular face.


Marco and I decided to meet up in person finally. I was nervous as hell. I wanted to make a good impression on him obviously… he was wealthy, European and my dream man in every sense of the word. We had decided to meet at my house and I couldn’t wait for him to get here. Yes, he had billions of dollars, and we could have gone anywhere, but somehow I felt safer at my place. You can’t really trust people on the internet anyways.


I was dressed in my fanciest cocktail dress, a black Chanel knockoff shift dress, and wore some two inch black strappy heels. My braids were let down my back and I only wore light makeup. I wanted to impress Marco when he arrived. I heard a car horn outside my house and when I looked outside, I saw the most beautiful Ferrari that I’d ever seen parked outside and an even more beautiful man exited the car. Marco Battaglia was far more sexy than even his profile had let on. He was around six foot five, just as his profile promised, and not the usual three to five inches shorter. He looked like a midweight bodybuilder, with muscles bulging out from beneath his t-shirt. His pecs and thick biceps practically glistened as he walked over to my house. I was practically salivating… This was one billionaire that I could definitely take things further with.


Marco knocked on the door, with one hand behind his back. When I opened it, he asked, “Are you Kayla?” I replied, “Why yes I am, come on in Marco.” He entered the house and revealed to me what he was hiding: a bouquet of roses that smelled sweeter than any other flower I had ever smelled. “These are for you. They’re organic, one of a kind roses, they last longer than what you would get at your local florist,” he said. Of course. Rich men always knew exactly the right gifts to get a woman’s heart pumping.

Marco and I began talking over glasses of wine. He’d brought a bottle of course, that was far nicer than anything in my liquor cabinet. We began talking and our chemistry was clear. He was looking at me deeply, occasionally smirking at what I said whether or not it was funny. At one point, he even took his hand and moved a braid out of my face as I spoke, gently stroking my cheek as he did it. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and my gaze wandered down to his rosebud lips. I wanted him to kiss me so badly… Not only did I crave his kiss, I craved his rock hard body on top of mine. Okay, I confess, I wanted Marco to get me pregnant. I wanted to trick him into spilling some of that billion dollar sperm inside me so I could have a baby. But I needed a plan for this to work out. I was desperate for a baby and willing to do anything, including compromising a normal relationship with this guy to get it. What was I really risking? What would a “normal relationship” with a billionaire look like anyways?