Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: The Billionaire Plastic Surgeon

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Meet Melanie, a lonely housewife with incredible insecurity surrounding her big breasts. A friend on an online forum recommends the world's best and most costly plastic surgeon to her, promising she won't be disappointed.

Meet billionaire playboy Dustin Davenport.

He's made billions due to his plastic surgery skills and he makes Melanie an offer that's too good to pass up. Not only is he sexy as hell but he's so so talented.

Was this all a mistake?

After her passionate encounter with Dr. Dustin Davenport, Melanie is pregnant and realizes the gravity of what she has just done. How will she handle this new pregnancy? What will she tell her husband?

Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: The Billionaire Plastic Surgeon Excerpt


Melanie absolutely hated her breasts. Most women do, but for Melanie this hatred was deep, passionate and she spent a lot of time hating her breasts. They were just too big! Of course, most people who she tried to speak with about this problem didn’t take her seriously. What kind of idiot woman complained about big breasts? Well, Melanie’s were so big that they actually impaired her life. Try spilling coffee on your tits nearly every day. Hell, Melanie couldn’t even wear white anymore the problem was so bad. She couldn’t lie on her tummy and even lying on her side, it seemed like one breast crushed the other.


Melanie desperately wanted to have work done. She wanted these boobs taken down a few cup sizes. Nice 34Ds would be her ideal breast size. These giant melons would be much better if they were the size of small plush grapefruits. The only problem was, Melanie had seen a lot of botched boob jobs and she couldn’t let that happen to her. Yes, she wanted a breast reduction but she also wanted her nipples to stay nice and beautiful for her husband.


She wasn’t ugly by any means. She was a big bodied woman with voluptuous curves all over, but she still tried to keep fit. Melanie had warm brown skin, the color of coffee beans that was silky smooth. Skin care was one of her passions. Melanie had an ass to die for; it was so damned round and bouncy that she was nearly certain it was why her husband had even married her. How’s that for a life: married due to an incredibly fat ass.


Her husband was white, wealthy and had an extreme love of thick black women. He had kept Melanie well for many years but refused to have a kid with her. He just wasn’t ready he claimed. Melanie suspected that he had some racist family members he needed to work on before he even dreamed of bringing a multiracial child into the world. Yes, it was sad that interracial relationships could still be taboo to some ignorant minded people. Melanie was willing to wait for him, even if her desire for a child was growing stronger each day.


Her desperation for a breast reduction was growing too. So Melanie did what any woman in the modern age does when she wants advice she’s too ashamed to ask for. She took to the internet forums, filled with women just like her who were unsatisfied with their bodies and their look. Some of these women were plastic surgery junkies who would only be satisfied when they looked like carbon copies of reality TV stars. But some were regular women who just had a few “problem areas” that needed fixing. Those were the women Melanie could really relate to.


Melanie met a woman on the site who she really connected with. This woman was just like her. She was really unsatisfied with her large breasts until she’d had amazing surgery that made it look like she hadn’t had any work done at all. This woman was called Anette. She had a lot in common with Melanie otherwise. They both had rich husbands; both of their rich husbands seemed to neglect them. However, these neglectful rich husbands were willing to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to make their wives happy. See, when the wife of a rich man is happy, she makes him happy. She tends to be more sexual, more giving and all of these things are what rich men strive for in their marriages.


One day, Anette messaged Melanie. “I have a great surgeon I can hook you up with if you’re willing to pay the price,” she said. Melanie was intrigued. She had posted a lot on the forums; she and Anette had messaged each other back and forth a lot, but the two had never messaged privately like this. Melanie couldn’t help but leap at the chance to respond to her and ask for more information. Anette mentioned that there a billionaire plastic surgeon who lived just a few hours away from Melanie. His fee was high apparently but he fixed all flaws with simple nips and tucks, leaving absolutely no scars. It was unheard of. Women were healed immediately once they left his operating table and there were no signs whatsoever of surgery.


Melanie got his contact information and immediately made an appointment through his secretary. It was a weekend trip that Melanie’s husband would foot the bill for. She wanted to surprise him so she didn’t reveal any explanation about what she was spending money on. She only mentioned that it was a spa and it would ramp up the passion in their marriage. That was all he needed to know and he seemed to be satisfied with that knowledge completely.


The weekend came and Melanie got in her Maserati to drive to the giant mansion where the plastic surgeon performed surgeries. Yes, he was so totally wealthy from his skill at surgery that he could have an entirely outfitted operating room within his home. It ensured that his client’s privacy was maintained. Some of the most famous celebrities went to him to get work done and they absolutely wanted these secrets kept.


Dr. Davenport was a man of two talents: science and art. He took both very seriously and came to the decision to become a plastic surgeon when he was eighteen years old and he realized just how much money he could make. He had hustled his skill into billions of dollars and here he was, young and attractive and raking in the millions working with beautiful female clients. Most of them were so insecure, so desperate for perfection, that they would do anything, literally anything to get just a little bit closer to it. Yes, Dr. Davenport was aware of that fact and he did anything in his power to let this knowledge work to the best of his ability.


Melanie walked into the house and Dr. Davenport’s secretary led her into the examination room. The room was white, sterile and smelled incredibly fresh and clean. Melanie was one of the few people who didn’t feel creeped out in a doctor’s office. She actually liked that feeling of sterile freshness that seemed to permeate throughout a hospital space. When she sat on the examination table, waiting for Dr. Davenport she felt nervous. She’d found out from Anette that he didn’t accept all clients, plus she had no idea what fee he would be asking for his services. What if it was too high? What if she had to hang her head in shame and leave having wasted a trip because of the exorbitant cost. She was rich and her husband didn’t mind spending money on her, but even he had his limits.


Dr. Davenport entered the room and Melanie was immediately struck by how attractive he was. Would she really have to expose her breasts so a man who looked like that? If he were some ugly mole of a man perhaps it would have been easier to accept, but Dr. Davenport was attractive. Heck, he was more attractive than her husband! (Although that was something she never would have admitted out loud.) Dr. Davenport was easily six feet, five inches tall. Underneath his labcoat, he was dressed in simple slacks and a blue button down which fit snugly over his apparent broad muscles. He had thick longish brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Melanie was stunned. She felt wetness between her thighs followed immediately by guilt. Had it been so long since she’d made love that she would become instantly wet the first time she saw an attractive man?


“Good Afternoon, Melanie,” Dr. Davenport said, eyeing her chart to ensure he got her name correctly. “Good afternoon Dr. Davenport,” Melanie replied. “Please, call me Dustin,” he said. Melanie could have sworn she detected a flirtatious tone to his voice. Maybe it was just her imagination and the strange sense of attraction she was feeling. Gosh, was she really this desperate for attention. “What seems to be the problem Melanie? What are you here to fix?” Dustin asked her. He was eyeing her body like a piece of meat. She would have been offended if she wasn’t so hopelessly attracted to him. “Well, I’m unhappy with my breasts,” Melanie responded.

“Well, most women are unhappy with their breasts Melanie. What did you have in mind? Augmentation?” he asked. Melanie was suddenly shy. But she’d already come so far and Anette had promised her that he would be the best surgeon that money could afford. What’s a little discomfort to experience the best? “No actually, my breasts are much too big. I think I need a reduction,” Melanie replied. “Well I think we’ll need to open your shirt up and take a look,” Dustin Davenport said, with just a hint of slyness in his voice.


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