Romantic Comedy Novels: NFL Player Wants Black Wife 2

romantic comedy novels nfl player wants black wife 2This is another one of Jamila Jasper's short romantic comedy novels. Another shocking addition to her series of short pregnancy romance books, this is one of her interracial romance books that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find out more about it below...

Kimani, a black owner of a PR firm, opens up a new world of pleasure when she has an erotic experience with a white NFL player she meets at a party. Their love escalates, spiraling almost out of control and she ends up pregnant... to her surprise and his. That was book one. In this book, watch Dallas and Imani find a way through the complexities of marriage, especially when one partner is a professional athlete forced to move around a lot. Will their spark remain, and can another pregnancy help quell the pain of distance? Find out more about the depth of their love and passion in this equally tantalizing sequel to NFL Player Wants Black Wife

Romantic Comedy Novels: NFL Player Wants Black Wife 2 Excerpt


Dallas and Kimani. The love story pulled straight from your wildest romantic imagination. Black woman with her head on straight, life on point and eyebrows on fleek lands the white NFL player of her dreams. It’s the new American dream, landing a rich athlete, getting married and moving on to become a candidate for the next reality series: “Wives from Famous City Fight Constantly on Television”. Listen, I’m not knocking the lifestyle. Heck, I’d love to be on reality TV. Think about how many millions of people I could make jealous of my perfect life: I have the perfect biracial baby and the perfect husband.


Dallas only cares about one thing more than football, and no, it isn’t me, it’s constructing the perfect all-American family. In that sense, we share the same goals. I just can’t wait until the next time Dallas gets it in his head that he wants to have another child. His virile energy when baby making is on his mind is comparable to none. I guess having our first child, conceived during a night of passion, turned him onto baby making. It’s all he ever seems to think about when he’s not working out or traveling with his team.


Hey, I don’t mind. I have the life I’ve always wanted. All the money I could ever want is completely at my disposal. I have a beautiful baby boy, Dante, who keeps me going. Well, I try to spend as much time with Dante as possible but we have so many people on staff and I have an image to uphold, so perhaps we don’t spend as much time together as we should. But I assure you, besides Dallas, Dante is the most important man in my life. That little nugget with his caramel skin and nearly blond hair is the reason I get up in the morning. I can’t wait until Dallas decides that it’s time to expand our family. I’ll be ready and waiting for him, the perfect wife, the perfect, fertile receptacle for his seed.


I sometimes wonder if Dallas is truly faithful to me on the road. I know traveling can get lonely and these guys sometimes need a big “release” to help them win a game. I mean, we did meet under hurried circumstances and although we are well matched, I can’t help but wonder if he craves other women. If he were honest with me, I would be willing to oblige his desires. I am a reasonable woman of course and not opposed to engaging in some light bisexuality to please my man. If he brought home one of these Instagram hoes, you bet your ass I would be tongue deep in her pussy if it made Dallas happy. That’s the kind of wife I am, one who aims to please. Those of you looking to bag professional athletes could stand to learn how to be more like this. None of these “bad bitch” or “independent hoe” lifestyles will land you the man of your dreams.


Dallas was on a team bonding trip in Magic City. Yes, I let my man go to strip clubs and as long as he doesn’t fuck, I have no problem with him getting quite close to these big booty hoes. Dallas knows he can get all the pussy he wants right at home. I didn’t expect him to be back for a while and staying in our mansion (one of many!) was getting to be boring. Yes, I spend hours in the gym sculpting my perfect body with a personal trainer and hours a day shopping with my personal shopper. But even that life gets dull. Sometimes you just need love, the tender caress of your husband as you lay together in glowy post-orgasmic haze. I wanted Dallas to return early, to tell me he would never leave me for a younger woman and to spend at least one passionate night with me.


I was lonely, and I missed my husband. I didn’t marry an NFL player just for the money you know… I wanted more. I wanted a man with drive and ambition, a man who cared about his health and fitness, a man who was outgoing and loved sex. Dallas was all of that and more. I had imagined a life with Dallas to be a life with Dallas, not a life spent mostly alone while he spent all his time traveling or in the gym.


Dejected, I went out onto our lawn with a bottle of my favorite Pinot Noir, just hoping to find some peace of mind before spending the evening with my dear son. Enveloped in misery and about half a bottle of wine, I noticed a car coming down the driveway. It was Dallas’ Maserati! I was thrilled. If I wasn’t so tipsy I would have run to greet him but I’m way too tiny for half a bottle of Pinot Noir to have no effect on me. Dallas got out of the car and started walking towards me. He looked so sexy on his way over, the sunset shining through his longish hair, adorning him with a godly glow. He was wearing a sexy flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves that allowed his huge biceps to stand out. His khaki pants added to his crisp, All-American look as he walked over to me, a single rose in hand. He was always so hopelessly romantic, but without much creativity to back it.


When Dallas got close to me I lept up and jumped into his arms for a hug. He squeezed me tightly, and I smelled the rich clove scented cologne he knew that I loved. Little things like that reminded me why I married him when I barely knew him. “I brought you a rose,” he said, blushing just a little bit. I thanked him and held the beautiful flower with it’s tiny buds and blood colored petals. I hugged him again and looked up at him, tears in my eyes. I know, I know, I can be a bit of a sap. I had just been so lonely and it felt so good to have Dallas home again. Strong, sexy, wealthy and ready to take care of me.


He sat next to me and helped me finish the rest of the Pinot Noir while regaling me with hilarious tales of his trip with his brothers (as he called the team). Things sounded like they got pretty intense, and a few of the guys on the team were struggling to avoid arrest the entire time. Dallas claimed that he’d been pretty good, but I must admit that I had my suspicions. I mean, I love my husband, but I have no pretenses about the life he leads.


Having plied myself with alcohol, I began to wonder if Dallas had that animalistic fervor that had first drawn me to him… Was he willing to continue making additions to our family? I felt like I had waited long enough for him. He was always on the road and Dante was almost two years old. If Dallas was truly faithful to me, his desire for me should be off the charts. I wanted him to crave me desperately, to prove his faithfulness. Of course, I felt like I couldn’t confront him about my fears of his infidelity. What if he confessed? Then I would be heartbroken, another foolish girl who thought she could keep a professional athlete just for her.


I didn’t have to wonder for long. As he lay next to me, Dallas turned over and looked deep into my eyes. Unlike what they say in romance novels, this wasn’t half as much of a turn on as much as a point of bewilderment. Why was he staring so intently? Dallas cleared his throat and asked me, “Have you been faithful to me Kimani?” I was surprised to hear him voice the same fear that I’d had. Were we really on the same wavelength to that degree? “Yes, of course I have!” I responded urgently. I honestly didn’t think I’d given him reason to doubt me.

“I worry, leaving you here lonely in this big old house, that you’ll find someone better to replace me,” he said. “No one could ever replace you Dallas. I mean, think about how we met, how Dante was brought into our lives. No one could give me the excitement, the passion and the protection that you offer to me,” I assured him. Dallas seemed satisfied. It would have been the perfect opportunity for me to share my concerns about his infidelity on the road, but I said nothing.


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