Dark Romance Books: Billionaire Breeds Twins With African Princess

dark romance books This torrid sequel is one of the most taboo dark romance books that Jamila Jasper has written. Billionaire Breeds Twins With African Princess is one of her steamy interracial romance books perfect for you if you love romantic stories with an edge to them.

While the prequel focuses on Adesuwa's marriage to Tom Chadwick, this story is centered around the steamy passion that develops between them. This book is SO TABOO that it's been de-indexed by Amazon's search endings and you can only see a sample and a direct link on this website...

Adesuwa is back... and this time her last name is Chadwick. She's grown to love her sexy Texan husband and she loves his penchant for showering her with gifts even more. Tom returns from a business trip with a surprise for Ade, as well as a request... he wants to get her pregnant again.

Dark Romance Books: Billionaire Breeds Twins With African Princess


My name is Adesuwa Okonkwo Chadwick. Now, I prefer to be called Adesuwa Chadwick or “Mrs. Chadwick”. Although, that last one always makes me feel like I’m an old suburban housewife. I am now married to a white billionaire who made his fortune in oil off the backs of the Nigerian people… my people… You might remember the story of how I met my Texan billionaire husband Tom? To close a business deal, my father had ever-so-nobly made a transaction with a Texan billionaire for my hand in marriage. At first, I had been uncertain about the whole affair, especially considering he wanted to get me pregnant immediately. But my father gave me no choice and I was soon married to Tom.


It’s not as bad as it sounds. I should have known that my father was grooming me for an arranged marriage for most of my life. My father ensured that I had the best education and the best physical appearance of any woman in Nigeria. My perfect skin had been exfoliated and moisturized every day by servants - a lot cheaper to have in Nigeria - and my body had been toned perfectly since I was younger through various athletic exercises. My father had even hired me a coach to ensure my flexibility. At the time, I didn’t realize his intentions behind it all. But now I see that he was preparing me for the wifely duties of the bedroom. I was beautiful, relatively wealthy with dark skin. I was the black wife that any trophy-seeking billionaire would desire.


So Tom had me. And he got me pregnant. Our beautiful baby, Xahlia, was born a few months ago. She had soft caramel colored skin and hazel eyes - a trait that ran in Tom’s family. Tom seemed to travel endlessly, leaving me at home with Xahlia. Of course, as a newlywed billionaire, this isn’t as much work as it seems. I spent a lot of time with Xahlia of course, but I also had a team of the world’s best child rearing experts by my side to style her, educate her and care for her every need. Xahlia seemed to be growing so fast and I couldn’t help but wonder how her life would compare to mine. I was a twenty year old African princess, yet married to an American billionaire. I was already a mother of one. What were my middle class counterparts up to? I rarely interacted with anyone my age and the world outside was a mystery to me.


Life as a wealthy socialite could be surprisingly lonely. As I’d gotten closer and closer to Tom, and our relationship had deepened beyond sex, I pined after him more and more during his long trips. Tom Chadwick… My six foot tall adonis. I missed running my hand along his chiseled jaw and feeling his five o'clock shadow when he came home from work. I missed the smell of scotch on his breath in the evening as we made love over and over again. Even now, he maintained his proper gentlemanly Southern behavior. He treated me like a princess and his wife all at once. Women who believe in true love struggle to find marriages like this. As time went on, circumstance created love and that love that we both chose to create was deeper than anything that could “just happen”.


I was waiting for Tom to come back next week. He had just spent a week in Dubai and he promised to bring me gifts from his Saudi business partners. I was looking forward to it. Tom’s personal assistant shared my eye for expensive jewelry and she always urged him to purchase the exact pieces that I liked. I had chests of drawers just filled with diamond necklaces and tennis bracelets. I bet that Tom would try to top his last gift which had been a sapphire encrusted ring. I couldn’t wait. Unfortunately, there would be an entire week until he would be home and I was forced to wait idly for him. I just hated attending these Texas oil mogul garden parties without Tom. Some of the uber-rich were quite racist and I could tell that without Tom to defend me they were anxious predators, waiting for a chance to pounce and tear down my self esteem.


I needed my white knight to protect me. One evening, I was pining particularly hard for Tom at the bar of our Texas mansion. The chef/bartender was a sweet thirty year old black woman named Anthea, an immigrant from some small Caribbean island, who was listening to me as I ordered some evening cocktails to help me pass the time. “I just do not know how to make friends with people out here!” I complained to her. Anthea was helpful, assuring me that I would find someone to relate to. We were worlds apart in terms of wealth but I could tell she sympathized with the difficulties I was facing in this social landscape due to the color of my skin. I wasn’t sure if I believed her. I wanted Tom to come back. He was my protection… I drank my tall glass of rum punch while fantasizing about his strong arms wrapped around me, holding me tightly throughout the night.


After I finished my drink and Anthea had left the bar to go prepare me a tofu wrap for dinner, I heard an alert on my phone. Our home’s alarm system app had alerted me to the presence of Tom’s phone in the building… He was home early! I couldn’t believe it. Tom was here. He had come back early to see me! I stood up from the bar and ran as fast as I could in heels through the house to the location of his phone on my map. Tom was standing in the foyer on the second floor. “Tom!” I screamed and I ran down the stairs leaping into his arms. I wrapped my legs tightly about his hips and his back flexed as he supported my weight. His cologne had rich woody undertones that permeated my lungs as I inhaled his neck deeply before kissing him.


“It’s so good to see you my beautiful lady Ade,” Tom drawled and kissed me on the lips. He set me down on the ground so gently that you couldn’t even hear my heels click against the marble. Tom reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny box. I opened the box and saw a key inside. “A key?” I asked him. “Look outside,” Tom replied, a huge grin breaking out across his face. I looked outside and saw a deep purple Lamborghini aventador parked in the driveway. I began to jump up and down screaming in delight. This was certainly not what I expected, but it was definitely beautiful! I loved looking at luxury cars and off hand a few times I mentioned wishing I could have owned one in Nigeria. “Thank you Tom!” I squealed, covering my mouth.

Tom walked up behind me, wrapping me in his arms and kissing my neck. “I’m glad you like it. You’ll always be my princess,” he murmured. I turned around and began kissing him on the lips. “Do you want to take this upstairs?” I asked. “What about Xahlia?” he responded. “She’s out with Melissa on a Montessori field trip,” I whispered. Tom hoisted me up and carried me up two flights of stairs to the master suite. He was still so strong, even if he worked all the time. I couldn’t wait for him to make love to me. I’d been starved for Tom’s company since he had left and I needed my husband more than anything.

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