Romantic Comedy Novels: NFL Player Wants Black Wife

romantic comedy novelsAlthough not quite one of Jamila's romantic comedy novels, this is one of Ms. Jasper's short bwwm books and one of her earliest pregnancy romance books. NFL Player Wants Black Wife is sweet and funny without sacrificing deliciously steamy content. This story is about Kimani, a black owner of a PR firm, opens up a new world of pleasure when she has an erotic experience with a white NFL player she meets at a party.

Their love escalates, spiraling almost out of control and she ends up pregnant... to her surprise and his. Find out more in this tantalizing tale of forbidden love and sacred passion. Also, if you enjoy this book, you'll definitely want to check out the sequel.

This book is one of Jamila's steamiest stories, and luckily for you, the audio book is available as well and it's narrated by the author herself.  Check out the excerpt completely free to see if you enjoy it.

Romantic Comedy Novels: NFL Player Wants Black Wife Excerpt


White football players are desperate for black girls. They are desperate to fit in with their majority black teammates and the one place where it’s easiest for them to do that is in the bedroom. If a white football player can get with a black girl, it essentially validates him to the entire team. These multimillionaire athletes are hungry and desperate for the rare breed of upper class nouveau riche black girl looking to come up in life. She might be an instagram model or she might be a professional “business woman” who you can “book” for god knows what.


I’m not knocking the lifestyle at all. See, I’m one of these women. I feed off these white boy’s desperation for black pussy and I have satisfied many of their needs in exchange for having my own needs satisfy. Of course when I first got into the professional athlete sex game, I had no notion of settling down with any of these guys. I was working on starting my own PR firm, Kimani Jones PR. I was mostly in it for the fun and the extra wealthy connections it would provide.


I started this because it was fun and I guess I ended up having too much fun because I ended up having a child by a white football player baby daddy. Yup, I got pregnant. If you want to hear my story, keep on reading. It was totally unexpected and it totally changed my life. I guess I was initially attracted to football players because this was ultimately my destiny. I was searching for “the One”, for the guy who would be able to step up like a real man and treat me like a lady. Real men are hard to find these days, but somehow I managed to find one.


One of my platonic NFL friends was a large buff player for a southern team who was gay. Yup, a gay NFL player, they’re more common than you would think. One drunken night I came onto him aggressively. He took me back to his place and as I tried to aggressively mount his cock, he pushed me off and confessed to me he was gay, sobbing the entire time. He’d tried so hard to fuck all the women who were throwing themselves at him and he’d had the final straw with me. Oops. Although I was drunk, I did feel a great deal of compassion for him. I turned off “vixen Kimani” and held him close all night as he cried about the difficulties he was experiencing with his sexuality. Sometimes, he still took me out, if he wanted to avoid questions and have someone to guard him from the homophobia he was likely to face if he was seen single for too long. Devon was a sweetheart, and I was glad he had stopped me from sleeping with him. I’d made a lifelong friend.


Devon had taken me out one evening to a big party hosted by his sister, Aaliyah, a light skinned diva (think Mariah Carey meets JLo) who was married to an incredibly sexy Dominican baseball player. Normally athletes from all kinds of teams knew each other so there were more than just baseball players and their women at the party. There were baseball players, basketball players, NFL players, a few Olympic athletes and even a few hockey players. Although, most of these guys were Canadian and didn’t frequent the south very much.

Aaliyah welcomed me and her brother into her giant mansion which was already filled with hundreds of high profile guests. I swore I saw a few rappers and celebrities along with their groupies. I suppose I was nothing more than a groupie myself, but I was so close with Devon that I didn’t quite see myself that way. Plus, I’d cooled off on my quest for football player dick a lot since my last ex and I had dated. He’d done a number on my self esteem and put me off the idea in general.


As I was milling about the party, separating from Devon to get a chance to meet new people, a beautiful man caught my eye. He was tall and thick; he was definitely an athlete but I couldn’t tell what sport he played specifically. Probably not basketball, but perhaps he was a point guard, who didn’t need to be as tall. I wasn’t sure he noticed me, but soon he began to make his way over to where I was standing. “Can I get you a drink from the bar?” he asked me. “Yeah sure,” I said, smiling up at him, flashing my perfectly white teeth. “What would you like?” he questioned. I told him that I wanted a cranberry vodka and he disappeared towards the bar. Just as soon as he left, he appeared again holding the most delicious looking cranberry vodka that I’d ever tasted.


“What’s your name? I’m Dallas Scott.” he asked me. “My name’s Kimani Jones, Kimani Jones PR.” I said to him, looking up at him seductively. This guy was amazingly attractive. We began talking. Dallas was the most interesting football player I ever met. We hit it off even better than I’d hit it off with Devon. Plus, he could give me something that Devon couldn’t. He was so arousing and I could tell he was aroused by me too. He kept biting his lip as he looked down at me. He seemed like he wanted to ravish my tiny black body.


I kept flirting with him, trying to get closer to him. What was most amazing about our meeting is somehow I felt like we connected on a level deeper than physical attraction. Within a few minutes, our brief conversation sounded like it was between people who had known each other for years. I was hanging onto his every word as he moved closer to me. There was something here. I wanted desperately to sleep with him and test this connection out. How could one guy seduce me so quickly? We had so much in common from our interests to our childhoods… and it all came out so fast. I felt a strong urge to touch him… to kiss him.


“Do you want to go talk upstairs?” I whispered to him, tiptoeing to reach his ear. He nodded, and took my arm, leading me up the stairs to the part of the mansion that was technically off limits to the party. Dallas was close with Aaliyah’s husband however so we easily made it past the security team to the plethora of furnished bedrooms upstairs. It was the perfect place to sneak off and have sex and it was remote enough that it seemed romantic, and not like your typical trashy party hook up.


Once upstairs, we closed the door to the giant bedroom we were occupying. It was so luxuriously fancy, perfect for a long night of pleasuring each other. Dallas began to take off his clothes the second we were up there, and I did too. We quickly dropped the pretense that we had any intention of just talking. I am around five foot four with a fat ass and decent sized tits. I was wearing a dress that hugged all my curves so it took extra effort to peel it off my tight, small body.

Dallas was staring at me the entire time I undressed, mesmerized by my petite frame and my voluptuous curves. I couldn’t help staring at him too when he undressed. His frame was perfect -- NFL bodies aren’t always. He was thick with a big juicy ass and incredible muscles. His build was broad, as opposed to slim and muscular, just the kind of body I was attracted to. When we had both stripped down to our underwear, he made a move to get closer to me and started kissing me. It was so passionate and erotic. Thrills and shivers ran down my spine one after the other as he held onto the small of my back and kissed me. His arms were so big and strong. I immediately felt safe… I was so wet, as my kiss put me in tune with his body. Our energy, the vibrations of our connection felt incredibly strong. I couldn’t wait for him to penetrate me deeply.


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