Short BWWM Books: Her Hostel Billionaire

bwwm books her hostel billionaireIf you love romantic stories, you'll enjoy one of Jamila's delightful short bwwm books. Her Hostel Billionaire is one of the steamiest and most intriguing interracial romance books today that's perfect if you also enjoy pregnancy romance books.

Aisha meets the billionaire man of her dreams when he visits her parents humble Peruvian hostel. She's an African American expatriate and he's Pierce... a grey eyed bookworm with the sexiest body she's ever seen. They hit it off and Aisha considers giving him the ultimate gift... her virginity.

After a passionate romp they spend a magical two weeks together after which Pierce must return to the United States. Aisha wants to wait before joining him but with a baby on the way, she might not be able to wait any longer to make a decision...

BWWM Books: Her Hostel Billionaire Excerpt


Aisha’s parents were African American expatriates of the United States. They had both gone to liberal arts colleges and with their newfound (relative) wealth, they’d decided to leave life in the inner city behind and move somewhere with fresher air. Well they’d certainly moved far. Now they lived in a small tourist town in Peru. Aisha’s parents owned a hostel and as expected, once she graduated from the international school she joined the family business. Joining the family business wasn’t quite what it cracked up to be. Aisha knew that eventually she would inherit the entire thing but for now her days seemed to be filled with service work. She made breakfast for the hotel guests, she cleaned some of the hostel dorm rooms and she spent hours recommending local hot spots. Why should she be a waitress here when she could be a waitress anywhere else?


Aisha was nineteen but she was already frustrated with her life. She couldn’t understand why her parents insisted on living in this impoverished town. Sure, they were the wealthiest people there and they had a pretty nice life but there was no reason they couldn’t have this life in the United States. Aisha’s international friends were fine but she didn’t really get along with many of them. All they cared about was smoking pot, drinking and living luxurious lives. But surrounded by so much poverty, how could Aisha live guilt free around so many people who were in desperate need?


She secretly dreamed of returning to the U.S. and lobbying on behalf of the unwashed masses in her tiny Peruvian town. If they just had some money and a little bit of infrastructure, she knew that there could be change. For now, she was saving up all the money she was making working at the hostel just hoping she could eventually have enough to break free from her parents. The time would come sooner than she thought…


In the middle of summer (which was December in the Southern hemisphere), business at the hostel was slower than ever. There were no bands of college students on summer vacation, no happy backpacking couples. Christmas season hadn’t always been this slow but since the recession, the season had been slowing down more and more. One Wednesday afternoon, a single guest checked in. His name was Pierce Lowell and he was damned sexy. Aisha had noticed him when he checked in and she’d felt the powerful urge to flirt with him. Thankfully the hostel had no other guests so she could have her chance to flirt with the attractive guests without her parents nagging her about work.


That evening, Pierce was sitting in the lobby/living room with a thick book. Aisha peered around the corner of the entrance, catching a glimpse of him sitting there with the book. He was so damned fine. He must have been a few inches taller than six feet. Pierce had pale peach skin with slightly flushed cheeks like he spent a lot of time outdoors. He had thick black hair and beautiful steel colored eyes. Aisha had never seen a guest that attractive. But even if she approached him, would he be attracted to her?

She wasn’t one of those lily white innocent looking girls. Aisha had sepia toned skin, a thin athletic body and she stood at a tiny five foot three. Her hair was black with brown streaks, with giant curls that stopped in the middle of her back. Aisha’s eyes were a striking olive green color that always turned heads. Even if she was beautiful, she wasn’t particularly confident, partially because she had no experience with men. Many had looked at her but none had gotten very far. Aisha was still a virgin and she thought that she was likely to remain one until she got her chance to return to America. She often fantasized about meeting an attractive American man who would sweep her off her feet.


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