Short BWWM Books: Banging A Billionaire on Spring Break

short bwwm books banging a billionaireCheck out one of Jamila's most passionate yet most taboo short bwwm books yet. This is not for the easily offended or the faint of heart but my goodness, this story is sexy. If you love reading free romance books online you'll definitely want to stay tuned for this sample of one of her spiciest interracial romance books. Be warned, this story is quite salacious and naughty.

Imani Xavier is a black activist and college student who takes a special spring break trip with Cancun to blow off steam before her last semester in college. She meets a mysterious white billionaire who propositions her with the best post-grad plan anyone born after 1985 will ever receive! The only problem is, committing to this plan involves a pregnancy and giving up her precious single life... See what Imani does in this brief page turning erotic romance story.


Short BWWM Books: Banging a Billionaire on Spring Break Excerpt


I couldn’t wait for my vacation to Mexico. I spoke Spanish fluently as an International Studies major at a prestigious liberal arts college. In fact I would be grateful to leave the United States as a whole. As a black activist on a white college campus, this past year has been nothing but distress. I got dumped by my black boyfriend just last year for my radical politics and honestly I felt like it was no big loss. Activism could be alienating, but I knew what I was getting myself into. In fact, I had known all along and I was totally okay with it. Why would I care about alienating people who didn’t care about me at all?


I’m Imani Xavier and my skin is some of the darkest brown you’ve ever seen. My father is Haitian you see, so I come from a long line of dark skinned French blacks. I am an undergraduate in college but I’m twenty three in my senior year. My parents luckily had the financial ability to let me take a year off to travel around Europe where I perfected my Spanish and German. I have a pretty good body for a college student since I’m not really a part of the beer and ramen crowd. I am a little thick with round hips and a big “ghetto booty”. My boobs are decent C cups with plump nipples that I used to be incredibly self conscious about.


When I was in my late teens I always thought I would be in a serious relationship at this point in my life. At least, I thought I would be able to have kids soon after finishing college. The stars did not quite align with these notions and that trip to Cancun changed my entire life and my entire trajectory. That spring break my senior year was the best time of my life. Plus, it changed my life forever. After those two weeks, I found my soul mate and became a mother. It was a wild and unexpected time, but overall, I’m still happy at the way things turned out. Sometimes, the best people and the best circumstances are waiting for us right around the corner. As a woman, being a hopeless romantic does not always mean you have to be hopeless forever.


I flew to Cancun on a Thursday evening with my best friend Trinity. Trin and I had been friends since high school and we had the good fortune of attending the same college together. Where Trin was gregarious and the center of attention, I was more of a wall flower. I wasn’t totally anti-social or anything, I just needed time to warm up. With Trin’s influence, I could easily be the girl doing tequila shots and dancing on a table. Trin was great too because she understood my activist tendencies and she didn’t judge “black power Imani” as she called me.


Our first evening in Cancun was the night my life changed forever. Trin and I were staying at a wonderful resort that our parents had paid for - graduation gifts to us both. We had a nice incredibly filling dinner and wandered over to the hotel bar to start our night of drinking. Trin wanted to “meet some new people” which was code for “have crazy sex with a rando”. Trin had a boyfriend but they were in an open relationship. The poor guy was head over heels for her, but she wanted to maintain her freedom as much as possible and he was willing to wait. I loved Trinity but I couldn’t understand why he was hell bent on turning a hoe into a housewife.

We were at the bar, each of us sipping “Slippery Nipples” while we gabbed loudly about our sexual encounters. Well, Trinity was loud enough for us both, but I’m not going to pretend that I’m some kind of innocent maiden! As usual, Trinity and I were talking about some of our worse hook ups. We both had some wild experiences but Trinity’s always seemed to trump mine. My story about a guy trying to sneak his dick my asshole thinking I wouldn’t notice was quickly one-upped. Trinity started telling me about this guy who tried to pee on her and her story got even wilder when she confessed that she hooked up with him again and he tried to trick her into a gangbang with his friends. I was laughing hysterically at Trinity’s story when I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I could tell by Trinity’s face that someone unexpected was behind me.


I turned around and saw the most attractive guy that I’d ever seen. Trinity patted my shoulder and before I had time to react she had disappeared into the crowd. She was an expert wingwoman but sometimes she disappeared a little too quickly. “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. I nodded and he ordered a couple glasses of beer. I guess I could indulge in a beer every once in a while without compromising my figure. The guy standing behind me was a little over six feet. He was a pale American looking white guy with thick short brown hair and a cleanshaven face. I could tell being cleanshaven gave him a more youthful appearance and he was probably around thirty years old. I didn’t ask too many questions though.


He bought me a drink and we began talking. His name was Brian Wood. He seemed really nice and he was really attractive with perfect white teeth, a strong jaw and a warm smile. I felt oddly close to him for some strange guy I had just met at a bar. We were flirting intensely and he leaned in closer and closer to me as we sipped our drinks. “So what is it that you do?” I asked him. “I don’t think you would believe me if I told you,” he replied. I probed him further, teasing him into telling me. “Fine… I own and operate a series of hotels here in Mexico and across Central America. I started when I was twenty four and turned the entire thing into a multi billion dollar operation. Now all my cards are on the table,” he said, downing the rest of his drink in a swift gulp.


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