Books Similar To 50 Shades of Grey: Pregnant For The Big City Billionaire 2

pregnant for the big city billionaire 2.jpgThe second in this series of short bwwm books, Pregnant For The Big City Billionaire 2 is perfect if you're interested in books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. This is one of Jamila Jasper's best short contemporary fiction books that's also available as an audiobook. While this book is the second in the series, you do not need to have read the first part to enjoy it.

In this story, Kenya -- a young black woman -- has John's baby, but she's worried about their relationship coming to a standstill. She makes a plan to seduce John and try to squeeze some commitment out of him. Dressed to kill, Kenya goes to his office midday to let John know that she means business....

Of course, their attraction to each other surpasses her anger, and they have a hot afternoon together that restores the passion in their relationship.

Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: Pregnant For The Big City Billionaire 2 Excerpts


Ever since their first child was born, it was difficult for Kenya and John to keep up the pretense that they were just seeing each other casually. John stayed over at Kenya’s almost every night. Although he was a billionaire and a CEO, they both felt it was best for their child to grow up more humbly at first unless they decided to take their relationship a step further. In caring for a baby together they began to see each other more as life partners than as people who were casually dating.


Kenya and John had met when she had applied for her dream job at his company. When John noticed the attractive black applicant, with her beautiful body, glowing caramel skin and glimmering olive eyes, he knew that he had to have her. He called her back for a second interview which was really a highly orchestrated seduction. John Ogilvie always got what he wanted and in this case, he didn’t want an employee.


Before Kenya knew it she was pressed against John’s desk screaming his name throughout the empty office building. She had initially found his dominant alpha male demeanor repugnant but she couldn’t help getting turned on when he whispered sweet nothings into her ear and took charge of her during sex. They had continued to see each other on and off for weeks afterwards; that was when Kenya found out she was pregnant. The last thing she’d expected when she went in for a job interview was to leave with a billionaire’s baby. John had come up with a solution that was likely to make them happiest. He wanted Kenya to have the child while they kept their relationship’s pace natural. Why rush into anything? If things were meant to work out, they would. Plus, John was financially equipped enough so that the burden of child rearing would be kept to a minimum.


So far, that plan seemed to work. Of course, in the last few months of her pregnancy, Kenya had been unable to keep her job at John Ogilvie’s company. Caring for a baby was just too much work. John was a competent provider anyways; she never wanted for money or anything. When Kenya quit, her only job became caring for herself during the last trimester, and eventually caring for the baby. When Candace Nicoletti was born, Kenya and John had considered moving in together, but neither of them felt that they were ready for it. They figured there would be some sort of sign beyond necessity that would push them together when they needed to be. For now, Kenya liked her space and her time alone with her child. John’s work was so stressful that he thought living alone was an absolute necessity to decompress.


But after months at home, even with the help of a babysitter, Kenya began to get frustrated with the monotony of her life. She’d had dreams of being a high powered professional and although she was happy to have John providing for her, and he was more than capable of doing so, she felt like something was missing. She wanted him home more. Kenya knew John would be able to have plenty of downtime if they lived together, and he could build a relationship with Candace.

Kenya’s loneliness got stronger with each passing day. The silence that filled the rooms of her apartment haunted her. Even listening to soft music just highlighted how alone she was. The baby girl, Candace, was a gorgeous little cherub but you just can’t have the same level of connection with a baby that you can with an adult. Kenya felt like she what she was really missing was John. Her friends were all busy working too, so they didn’t have time to help her or keep her company like they used to. None of Kenya’s friends had babies and Kenya knew that they secretly judged her for having the CEO’s baby. They wanted nothing to do with her. Their lives were still all about partying and having a good time.


As Kenya’s frustration mounted, she knew she had to do something about it. What kind of young, attractive woman wants to wallow in misery at home all day? Hell, if John didn’t want her around, she’d find someone else who did. Why should John get the experience of being a high powered professional while she had to give up everything? In addition to her overall frustration with staying at home, Kenya began to worry that maybe John was seeing someone else and that’s why he was so reluctant to take their relationship to the next level. The fear was likely irrational, but with all her time alone with her own thoughts, that fear crowded out the forefront of her mind. She was suspicious however. She and John had brought a life into the world but he hadn’t proposed or so much as hinted at it! Perhaps things were just going at their own pace, and the pace was certainly slow, but Kenya couldn’t help but wonder if he had something to hide.


As Kenya’s worries became more and more fearful, she knew she had to do something. She came up with a plan. She would call the babysitter, march over to John’s office and then demand that he tell her the truth about what he was up to at work all day and what he was up to during his evenings home “alone”. She also wanted to demand just a little bit more attention. The company wouldn’t die without him and he needed to understand that he could lose Kenya if he didn’t give her the attention she wanted. She had his baby after all. Couldn’t he at least cancel a few appointments to have lunch with her?


Kenya fixed herself to go to his office. Once her babysitter came over, Kenya dressed to kill. She wanted John to take her seriously and she knew if she looked like a bombshell he would be paying extra attention. Men were visual creatures after all. Kenya wanted to capitalize on that fact.  She wore a bright royal blue shift dress that clung to her curves perfectly. Her breasts and ass looked perfectly proportional and soft to the touch under the delicate fabric. With light makeup and her hair left down, she knew that she would be able to grab John’s attention and maybe even the attention of a few of the other employees. Kenya was a woman on a mission. She was finally taking a stand and confronting the man she loved. Kenya had let John run the show long enough.


When she arrived in the big office building, Kenya couldn’t help but flashback to the first time she had met John. She was so innocent and hopeful back then. She remembered his dominant personality and his abrasive attitude that she seemed to find so abhorrent. In reality, she was turned on by his confident demeanor, the very attitude that had likely led to him becoming the rich CEO of this entire enterprise.


Kenya checked in with the soft voiced secretary and took the elevator up to John’s office. All of a sudden, she found herself getting nervous. She did have a plan and even a whole speech prepared but what if John didn’t react the way she thought he would? What if he became angry and kicked her out of the office, cutting her and Candace off forever? Since she had no job, Kenya couldn’t afford to lose John’s generous financial support. She would just be another abandoned young single mother left to fend for herself.


Kenya let herself into John’s office. He looked up from his desk and smirked when he saw her outfit. Ogling the way it hugged her caramel curves, John said, “Good afternoon babe. What brings you to the office dressed to kill?” Kenya knew she had to have a little more self control, and ignore the way his flirting seemed to melt away all her anger and frustration.  “John, I came here to tell you something important,” Kenya said, moving over to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “What is it dear,” John said, still smiling devilishly.


“Well, I just think that you need to spend more time with me. I spend all my days caring for Candace and I’m just lonely! I thought over time we would be getting closer but all you care about is work and I don’t want to be left here alone to be a single mother while you bang your assistant or whoever in the office!” Kenya said, practically hysterical by the time she got to the end of her planned speech. John’s smile disappeared. He really did care for, no, love Kenya and he was stunned to hear that she felt so lonely and dejected. He knew that he somehow needed to remedy this problem. Kenya meant the world to him whether she knew it or not.

John stood up and pulled Kenya close to him, planting his lips on hers as she pulled away from his embrace. “I love you Kenya. I know I’ve been working a lot but I’m only thinking of you. There’s no one else,” John said, gazing into her eyes. John comforted Kenya even more, explaining that his work load would slow down in the coming weeks and he would have plenty of time to be with her and to rearrange his schedule overall so he could run the company with fewer weekly hours. Kenya was satisfied by that as well. John didn’t just seem to understand the right things to say, he also seemed to know the right things to do.


He wanted to keep the woman he loved close. John pulled Kenya close to him again and began to run his hands along her hips as he kissed her. Kenya closed her eyes and felt John’s warmth while inhaling the smell of his suit and Italian leather shoes. John pushed her hair out of her face and caressed her cheek before going in for another kiss. Their kisses were growing longer and longer. As John’s tongue pushed gently into Kenya’s mouth, she had the sneaking suspicion that John was angling for another agenda now that she was here and dressed in such an attractive manner.


John reached his hands back to Kenya’s ass, cupping her round buttocks in his palm. Kenya gasped and kissed him again, reaching her hands to John’s belt buckle and swiftly removing his belt. “Have any afternoon appointments?” Kenya asked as she stroked the outside of John’s underwear. “No, I’m all yours kitty cat,” John growled. Kenya pulled John’s massive dick out of its clothing entrapment. Kenya stroked his cock a few times with her hand, making sure he was nice and hard. Kenya got down on her knees and licked the tip of his erection. John moaned. He loved Kenya’s blowjobs.


Kenya began to run her tongue along John’s shaft. She slurped along his length and then wrapped her lips tightly around the head of John’s cock. John groaned loudly as Kenya deep throated his entire length. She used her hands to fondle John’s velvety ball sack. Kenya moved her head down to John’s balls, and used her hand to stroke John’s lengthy shaft. Kenya moaned and hummed as she rolled each testicle around in her mouth. John’s cock seemed to get harder as she continued to suck on his balls.


Kenya lubricated her index finger and began to massage John’s puckered asshole as she sucked his dick. Kenya slowly slipped her finger in and began to stroke John’s hidden pleasure spot. John groaned out, thoroughly enjoying Kenya kneeling beneath him, submitting to his sexual needs. Kenya plunged her finger in and out of his asshole and then moved her tongue down to his perineum. She lightly tongued his perineum and then moved her hand to his shaft again, stroking him close to orgasm.


John knew he was about to cum, but he had no intention of reaching release until he’d brought Kenya to her own satisfying finish. That would show her that he cared about her… that there was truly no one else. John sometimes found it hard to express his feelings verbally, but when it came to sex and physical intimacy, he knew exactly how to express himself and let his feelings be known. John pulled Kenya to her feet and kissed her on the lips. Kenya was filled with anticipation over what would happen next. She needed to be filled by her billionaire CEO boyfriend and she needed it now. The power dynamic between them was still a massive turn on for both Kenya and John. Even if they’d known each other a while, John was still her big sexy billionaire and Kenya was still the hot young employee desperate for a job.


John lifted Kenya up onto his desk, squeezing her thick ass cheeks tightly before setting her on the desk. John lifted Kenya’s dress and revealed her tiny black thong. Kenya was perfect at dressing up to tantalize John. He slid her underwear to the side to find that she was already completely wet for him. John plunged his strong index finger deep inside her and gently fingered her g spot. Kenya moaned loudly as he touched her soft pleasure center. Her pussy clenched around his finger as John caressed her pussy again and again.

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