Dark Romance Books: Making Me Crazy

dark romance books making me crazyOne of Jamila Jasper's first best selling dark romance books, this short interracial romance story has an air of mystery and intrigue to accompany its erotic edginess. If you love romantic stories and pregnancy romance books with a certain edge to them, you'll love Making Me Crazy.  This story begins by introducing you to Vanessa. Vanessa Blood is an African American woman with a Thursday Evening talk show. But something’s not quite right in her life so she starts seeing a therapist at least twice a week.

She’s made a vow not to become entangled in any serious romantic affairs and to abstain from sex to make sure she can heal. She plays a dangerous game when she meets Darryl Jordan, a retired NHL player turned investor with billions to his name.

Darryl has secrets and problems of his own, after all, they met in a therapist’s office. He has his own vow of abstinence, but when an alpha male sees a woman he wants… he goes for it. Vanessa is charmed by his dominant personality and good looks and she doesn’t have the strength to resist her urges.

The two become entangled in a “casual” night of passion that they know shouldn’t lead to more. When they try to pull away from each other fate pulls them back together. Vanessa has a baby on the way and secrets need to be revealed if the two are to have any chance at happiness together.

Check out the excerpt below for a taste of the action. Towards the end of this post you will find a link to both the Kindle download and audiobook version of this delicious story.

Dark Romance Books: Making Me Crazy Excerpt


The office was pristine and silent, except for a tiny whirring noisemaker outside the therapist’s door. There were a couple fake plants in the corner of the room but overall it was silent and morose. I mean, people going to see a therapist didn’t typically want to strike up conversations with anyone except the doctor that they were going to see. It made sense.


The office was relatively empty that Friday afternoon. It wasn’t a popular time for appointments. Most people healed on the weekends without a therapist, preferring drugs or alcohol which were far less costly and relied far less on confronting childhood traumas. Vanessa was sitting in the waiting room anxiously. She was forty five minutes early for her appointment, as usual. She just hated this waiting room, how everything appeared so clinical and clean.


She didn’t like to think of herself as one of the crazies. But she supposed she had to be if she was here again just like she had been every Friday for the past four months. Vanessa just hoped this treatment would help. Nothing had worked and her problem was getting worse and worse every day. This was her last shot, her last attempt at fixing herself before she ran another relationship, friendship or opportunity into the ground.


By all appearances, Vanessa looked like a normal woman in her late twenties. She was African American with deep caramel colored skin, average height with a curvy build. Vanessa was relatively voluptuous with large curvy breasts, a slimmer waist and attractive hips. She wasn’t particularly shy but she wasn’t outgoing either. It wasn’t like she shied away from social situations but more and more she was starting to and that scared her. Was she losing that joie de vivre that would make her attractive to a romantic partner? It was something that Vanessa often felt desperate about. She knew that her time was ticking and she hadn’t found love yet. Vanessa had a beautiful round face with highlighted rosy cheeks. Her hair was in long black braids and her eyes were an attractive dove gray color and unusually large. Vanessa had thick eyelashes that added an element of seduction to everything she did. If she had more self confidence, she would have been a danger to every man who encountered her.


The other man in the therapist’s office was the most handsome man Vanessa had ever seen. He seemed to exude the confidence that she lacked. Even sitting down he was quite tall; he must have been around six foot five or six foot six. He was broad and clearly muscular. His biceps were ripping out of his tight v-neck black shirt. His jeans were a classy dark wash that were cuffed to show his well worn desert boots. His clothing was simple and tasteful but expensive. Vanessa’s eye for detail caught this immediately. The man had thick dark brown hair that was slicked back and aquamarine eyes. Vanessa couldn’t help but glance up from the magazine she was reading and look over at him every once in a while. He was gorgeous.


Vanessa was thinking of introducing herself to him but all of a sudden the man leaned over and asked, “Hey are you Vanessa Blood from Thursday Evening?” Vanessa couldn’t believe that he’d actually recognized her. She was the host of a local news talk show that discussed some of the trivial little happenings in town like local politics or local business. Honestly, Vanessa didn’t think that many people watched and if they did watch, they were probably creepy old guys who watched for perverted reasons. “Yeah, it’s me,” she said shyly reaching for his hand. “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name?” Vanessa probed. The tall man smiled and ran his hands through his hair before replying.


“How rude of me… Sorry. I’m Darryl Jordan,” he replied. He paused as if expecting her to recognize his name but Vanessa had no idea who he was. “Well, it’s nice to meet you,” she said smiling. Darryl wasn’t done. “I’m sorry to be forward but you’re absolutely beautiful and I’d love to take you out some time. Here’s my number. Please call me,” he said. Vanessa smiled as he handed her a small piece of paper with his phone number scribbled hastily onto it. She was really flattered that this handsome stranger had not only recognized her, but he had nearly immediately given her his number.


“Are you sure a therapist’s office is where you want to pick a girl up? I could be bat shit crazy for all you know,” Vanessa teased batting her eyelashes at him. “Well you can’t be any crazier than I am,” Darryl joked back. Before they could get to know each other better the therapist’s door opened and Darryl had to leave the waiting room. “Give me a call Vanessa,” he said and winked before entering the grim faced therapist’s office. Vanessa only had to wait a few more minutes before her own therapist’s office door opened but for the first time in months she was absolutely beaming when she went into her appointment.


Darryl’s therapist closed the door behind her and looked at him sternly. “Darryl, I certainly hope you weren’t asking that young woman out,” she said. “Actually I was Dr. Laurel,” Darryl said in a blase manner, fully aware that what he had done had breached the agreement he’d made with his therapist. “Darryl, do you remember why you are coming to this session instead of one that’s better suited for a man of your financial… caliber?” Dr. Laurel said to him. Darryl sighed. This therapy bullshit involved way more introspection than he’d ever really wanted. Darryl knew that Dr. Laurel was right too, but he was a red blooded, attractive American male. How was turning down every piece of pussy that passed his way going to help him heal? “Yes, I know why I’m here,” he replied in a huff.


“Well maybe I should remind you,” Dr. Laurel said, matching his tone. She walked over to her desk and pulled out a small brown chest that was locked shut. Darryl brought the key out of his denim and handed it to his therapist. She unlocked it and he stared at what was inside wistfully. A tear rolled down his cheek. “She’s dead because of me,” he whispered. “And that’s what we’re here to work on. So please Darryl. Stick to the agreement so we can both be rid of each other,” she said as she slammed the chest shut and turned the key again.


Both Darryl and Vanessa had incredible sessions and left without seeing the other. Vanessa had desperately hoped she would run into him but she didn’t. Darryl wasn’t thinking about Vanessa when his session ended. Yes, she’d been beautiful but Dr. Laurel was right. He probably wasn’t ready. Vanessa Blood was beautiful; he watched her show all the time. But he would cause her nothing but pain.


Darryl was still mildly fascinated with Vanessa and as he was about to fall asleep that evening he couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t recognize him. Darryl was a retired NHL player. He had thought he was one of the stars of the league and thus easily recognizable. After he’d retired, Darryl had invested his money in a number of hyper successful tech start ups and he was one of the most sought after Angel investors. He was a multi-billionaire who was renowned in many circles, but apparently not Vanessas. It was rare for him to meet a woman who had no idea who he was. Most of the women he’d tried to date were after his money and his therapist had deemed dating a hindrance to his recovery.


That evening Vanessa toyed with the piece of paper wondering if she should call the handsome guy she’d met in her therapist’s office. Unlike Darryl, her therapist was encouraging her to date but only casually. Vanessa had issues of her own to work through and while casual dates (with no sex) were deemed positive to her recovery, casual sex and serious dating were not. Vanessa really needed to get better. So she figured she would call Darryl and ask him out on a date. What’s the worst that could happen? He could say no. The voice in her head whispered to her. For the first time in a while, Vanessa was able to quiet the negative voices that crowded out her rational brain. She picked up the phone and dialed Darryl’s number.


“Let me guess, it’s Vanessa,” he said as he picked up. How on earth had he known that? Either way she was grinning from ear to ear. “Good guess,” she said. “Well now that you’ve called me I assume you want to go out some time?” Darryl said. Again he’d guessed correctly. He suggested meeting up at a local restaurant for drinks and if they got hungry, some dinner afterwards. Vanessa agreed eagerly. You couldn’t get more casual than drinks and dinner. This was good. She could work on the tactics her therapist taught her. This was great opportunity for change.


To prepare for her date the next day, Vanessa worked on her confidence boosting exercises. “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am worthy of love,” she repeated over and over to herself as she applied her makeup and got dressed. To an outsider, she looked like a crazy person but Vanessa knew if she had any hope of not messing this date up she would have to sound like a crazy person for just a little while. Vanessa added her deep breathing exercises to relax herself as she got closer and closer to the time Darryl had agreed to pick her up.


She was dressed simply and tastefully with a beautiful emerald green dress that seemed to highlight the color of her eyes, bringing out the dormant green undertones. The colors of the dress appeared richer thanks to her brown skin. Vanessa pinned back the front of her hair and went downstairs to pour herself a glass of wine while she waited for Darryl to arrive. She could really use the wine. She hated to admit it to herself but she was nervous and she could hear the voices of insecurity starting to creep in.Vanessa downed her glass quickly before she heard a horn honking outside of her house. When she looked outside she saw the nicest car that she’d ever seen. Honestly, she was shocked. Darryl was well dressed when she met him, but he hadn’t given off the aura of wealth that someone with that kind of car would have.

Darryl got out of the car, like a gentleman, and met her at the door to her house. Vanessa opened the door before he could knock on her door, she opened it. Darryl was there smiling. “Let me walk you to the car,” he said, clearly unable to take his eyes off of her. Vanessa could tell he was bewitched by her presence but she was still too shy to make the first move. Darryl opened the door to the car and helped her in. Vanessa was impressed by how much of a gentleman he was.


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