Short BWWM Books: Escape With Billionaire

bwwm books escape with billionaireThis is one of Jamila's most intruiging short bwwm books. This is perfect if you love romantic stories and interracial romance books. Keep reading to learn more about the story and check out the exclusive excerpt below.

She Has An Impossible Choice...

Stay with her abusive boyfriend or run away with the billionaire she just had a one night stand with? t's a tricky choice for African American woman Zaida. She's been with Danny for years... but there's something different about billionaire Gavin she just can't resist.

Running from Danny could cost her life, but escaping with Gavin means plunging into the unknown...

A surprising pregnancy changes everything, and makes her choice that much easier.

Short BWWM Books: Escape With Billionaire Excerpt


Zaida felt trapped in her relationship. It had been three years of absolute fucking boredom and she was just sick of it. “Why don’t you just leave him?” her friends asked. But it wasn’t that simple. Danny wasn’t the type of guy you could just ‘leave’. Especially if he wanted you. Especially if you wanted to stay alive.


Zaida hadn’t always been afraid of him. Of course, there were some good times. The first time he’d hit her, she had rationalized that he just had a little too much to drink. The next time, she rationalized that maybe she had been getting a little out of hand. But soon it seemed like Danny was always drunk or always angry. Why did Zaida think she could fix him? Why did she stay? At first, she really had believed things would get better but now she knew the truth. She was trapped. And if she tried to leave, Danny would kill her.


She couldn’t figure out what exactly he wanted out of her. Was it sex? Was it his twisted idea of love? Was it control? He seemed to have no trouble getting sex elsewhere. In fact, he often flaunted his conquests before Zaida, making no attempts to hide the steamy texts from Stephanie or Tammy. At least these were the only other women that Zaida knew about. She was sure there were others. Zaida desperately needed help but she didn’t know where to find it. Her friends would always tell Zaida how jealous they were of her ‘perfect relationship’.


To them, Danny was a perfectly nice guy. He was everything they could have dreamed of: smart, funny, charismatic and sexy. Even now, Zaida still thought Danny was handsome,  despite the monster that seemed to have taken hold of him. He was half white, half Indian. He was tall and olive skinned with catlike green eyes and thick black hair on his head and all over his body. Unfortunately for Zaida, Danny was a boxer and his favorite punching bag was his much smaller girlfriend.


Zaida’s self esteem had withered since the abuse started. She hardly recognized her own beauty. She was African American and had brown skin with cool, jewel undertones. She always wore her hair long (the way Danny liked it) in soft waves or in a thick braid that fell down her back. Zaida’s eyes were a deep brown color almost indistinguishable from black and she seemed to hold entire worlds in their darkness. She had a nice, curvy body that she kept in shape through yoga and salsa classes. Danny had ‘encouraged’ her to quit salsa when he realized how much she interacted with other men but he’d allowed her to do yoga on the condition that she checked in with him often.


She had no control over her life and this loss of control felt suffocating. Zaida had contemplated many solutions but nothing seemed to be realistic. She had no money, nowhere to go and no one who would understand what she had been through. Plus, Danny was smart. No matter where she ran, she knew he would find her.


One weekend, Danny had gone out of town on business. These trips happened infrequently but they represented a rare break for Zaida. She could reconnect with her friends who always thought she was so absent because of how much of a ‘great time’ she was having with Danny. If only they knew. Zaida was at the bar -- something Danny had expressly forbidden -- having a much needed margarita alone. She was supposed to be meeting Alisha who had conveniently bailed on her.

Zaida’s margarita was heavy on the tequila. The bartender could tell she needed it. Luckily Zaida wasn’t sporting any bruises that day. She was morosely sipping her drink when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Excuse me miss, what is that you’re having?” the man asked. Zaida thought it was a poor attempt at a pick up line but once she saw where the pickup line had come from she became quickly forgiving.


The man standing behind her was one of the most attractive men that Zaida had ever seen. He was white, around six foot three and commanded the attention of the room. Nearly every woman in the bar was stealing glances at him yet he was here, in front of her. “It’s a margarita,” Zaida said, trying to break contact with the man’s icy blue eyes. His gaze was so unrealistically hypnotic, like he’d walked right off a Ralph Lauren ad. She struggled to look away. The man smiled and said, “A margarita sounds good. I’ll have what you’re having. My name’s Gavin by the way.”


Gavin as it turned out was a forty year old CFO of a major corporation. Zaida was surprised. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy to have billions of dollars to his name, but from a few of his context cues, Zaida could tell that he was exactly that kind of guy. He had his own helicopter, a couple houses and by all accounts a pretty fabulous life. Zaida knew it was wrong and maybe even dangerous to flirt with him. But she couldn’t help herself.


Gavin’s voice was hypnotic and deep, he smelled like a breezy but masculine cologne that hooked Zaida in whenever she tried to pull away and remind herself that she had a boyfriend. He talked about his life, but he also had the decency to ask Zaida about hers. Not once did he ask if she had a boyfriend but he asked her about work, what she liked, and actually took an interest in her. Zaida had been so lonely for so long that she opened up to Gavin more than she’d opened up to another person in years. It felt strange, letting another person into her life so deeply.


Three margaritas later and Zaida realized that she was most definitely going to go home with Gavin. At the time she’d made that decision, she was probably tipsy and most certainly horny. She hadn’t fucked a guy she actually wanted to be with in a while. Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest thing to do but Zaida craved the gentle touch of a man. She craved affection. She wanted sex that wasn’t tainted with years of hatred and abuse. Zaida knew that this wasn’t sustainable emotionally, that it was wrong in so many ways, that she was risking her life if Danny found out. But somehow she managed to shove all these fears to the back of her mind.


Gavin had his share of drinks and he could tell the beautiful dark skinned girl he’d just met was totally down for sex. He noticed something strange about her, something in her aura that was off but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He found her beautiful, charming and incredibly sweet. He hadn’t met a woman like that in a while. Plus, she’d barely flinched when he’d mentioned all his money. She seemed out of this world and down to earth at the same time, a paradox that drew Gavin in. He wondered if she had a boyfriend but he had no intention of asking and ruining this entire thing.

When the evening was clearly winding down and they were approaching the inevitable awkwardness of who would ask “do you wanna go back to my place”, Gavin was man enough to make the first move. “Let’s go back to your place for a bit,” he asked Zaida. She was terrified, thinking about what Danny would say if he found out about this. But the thought of pulling one over on Danny exceeded her fear especially in her drunken arousal. Zaida nodded. “That sounds like an idea,” she said.

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