Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: Pregnant For The Big City Billionaire

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Pregnant for the Big City Billionaire is one of Jamila Jasper's short bwwm books similar to 50 Shades of Grey. If you like dark romance books that feature black women and their steamy encounters with billionaires, you'll definitely enjoy this book which is the first in a two part series. This steaming story follows Kenya, a young black woman who just moved to the big city and she thinks she had a long career ahead of her when she heads to a big firm to interview for a job. She ends up getting the part of office slut and getting pounded and impregnated by the white CEO of the firm, John. Read more of the excerpt to catch a glimpse of the dirty details because this story is chock full of red hot surprises.

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Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: Pregnant For The Big City Billionaire Excerpt

The sun poured through Kenya’s apartment window waking her up bright and early. She lay in bed in her moderately sized apartment not wanting to get out of bed and begin her day. At ten in the morning she had an interview with a law firm for a position as a paralegal and she needed her beauty sleep before heading out! This was her first year living in the big city and her job hunt so far had not gone well. She’d been turned down by three snooty interviewers who looked so frigid and cold. Kenya was excited about the opportunities the city was going to provide for her.

She got out of bed, dressed in her typical bed-time outfit of pink body hugging lingerie, low cut so her 34 C cup boobs formed an attractive amount of cleavage in the front. Her underwear was a matching pink panty that revealed just enough of her perfect round booty. Her thighs were toned and muscular from her years playing tennis at a Division I school. Kenya looked into the mirror noticing that her tan from spring break still hadn’t worn off completely. She was a black girl through and through but she had easily tanned caramel colored skin. Her green eyes were large and luminous and her shoulder length brown hair was in a perfect braid down her back. Kenya had an idea for her interview look and wanted to create the perfect waves when she was ready.

After putting on her robe and making a simple latte in her espresso machine, Kenya looked over to her phone to see what new drama was brewing among her new group of twenty-somethings who had all just moved to New York. The more scandalous of her friends Maggie had left her a text that began “OMG I fucked the guy with the biggest dick EVER last night.” The text went on to reveal the steamy details of the sexual encounter in Kenya’s message box. “Maggie thinks every guy has the biggest dick ever,” Kenya thought as she opened the message to read Maggie’s entire description of the night.

So he takes me outside of the club right? And I’m like wearing this totally skanky red dress and he pushes me against the wall. It’s fucking cold right?? And he just reaches up my dress and let me tell you he has big warm hands and he just starts fingering me right there in alley. LOL what are we fifteen? And then after a little bit I’m like this has to stop so I get on my knees and I get his dick out of his pants and it’s big it’s like ten inches.  Maybe bigger. Basically I start sucking on it and licking the tip and he is loving it. I use my hands on his balls and he’s going crazy! Before he’s about to cum he stands me up and pushes me against the wall and he puts on a condom (I think) and starts fucking the shit out me right there?! Someone could have seen it! But omg it was sooo hot I came like three times.

“Thanks Maggie…” Kenya muttered under her breath as she read Maggie’s account of her scandalous weekend. She didn’t understand how Maggie could have a job as a hot shot editor for Vogue yet go out five days a week, coming home with a new guy nearly every time. Kenya had barely any love life of her own compared to Maggie. She’d slept with a few guys but she typically preferred to just date them. Her sex life had been lackluster so far and this year she planned to move her focus from sex to finding a job that would be interesting to her.

Eager to get started with her day, Kenya started removing her frisky sleepwear and exchanged it for a simple black thong and matching black bra. She believed that matching black underwear would give her the best energy for her upcoming interview. Kenya put on some light makeup - not that she needed it - and her new fancy long lasting lipstick. She pulled on a designer button down and a thin black pencil skirt that hit just under her knees. The outfit really highlighter her firm perky breasts and wide sexy hips. Kenya felt amazing in the outfit and even better when she completed it with five inch Louboutins. The black heels made her booty pop even more than she expected and she admired her figure a little bit in the mirror before heading outside in an attempt to get a cab to get to her interview on time.

She stood outside with her brown trench coat shielding her from the usual city winds and started looking for cabs going uptown. It didn’t take much effort for her to get a cab. “Very nice. You look very nice lady!” the cabbie said after she gave him the address of the office she was going to. She settled into the back knowing this cab ride would cost quite a bit; it was much better to do this than to try to scuffle through the dirty subway with the likely possibility that some creepy guy would stare at her or ask her for some money.

The cab swerved through the city streets and Kenya couldn’t help but have her mind wander to her last sexual experience in the city. She’d dated this guy Michael for a few weeks and the sex had been amazing. Why did he have to move to Chicago? He was one of those guys who’d gotten a job on Wall Street immediately after graduating and he’d fucked her on the desk of his high rise office. She’d blown him in the elevator of his work place at midnight and they’d had an amazing time. It was so hard to find hot guys to open up to in the city. Kenya was convinced she wouldn’t have another sexual experience like the one she had with Michael.

Kenya arrived at the office where she was going to be interviewed and left the cab driver with a decent tip. She walked into the massive foyer of the building and was struck by how white the walls were and how incredibly fancy everything was. The majority of the workers walking around were men in suits that must have cost thousands of dollars. The women all looked extremely busy and were hurriedly walking from office to office, all wearing skin tight professional looking dresses, had their hair in crisp tight buns and heels that seemed taller than Kenya’s. Every outfit looked like it had come right off the rack at Barney’s.

Kenya walked to the main counter in the back of the room and said, “Good morning, my name is Kenya Nicoletti and I’m here to interview for the paralegal position.” The secretary didn’t look up for a few seconds and Kenya stood there, uncomfortable and uncertain of what she was supposed to do. The secretary looked up at Kenya and said, “Wow. It looks like you’re actually scheduled to interview with the CEO today. It’s a really rare opportunity! I’ll send you up to his office. You’ll need a passcode to get the elevator to go to the ninetieth floor.”

Kenya received the passcode and moved to the elevator, her heart was beating rapidly and she had no idea what to expect. The CEO of the firm was a well known heir to a fortune. They were essentially New York royalty and were in every magazine and paper in town from the New York Post for scandals to high-brow articles in Vanity Fair. Kenya wasn’t sure she was ready for this interview and even less so the job. How could an ordinary girl from out of state impress the highest of the upper class?

The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened into a room that looked more like an old fashioned study than a modern CEO’s office. Everything in the room smelled like expensive leather and the walls and shelves were all a dark hardwood with an oaky smell emanating throughout the room. She was so awestruck by the appearance of the room that she barely noticed the giant oak desk right in front of her with the CEO of the company staring at her, waiting for her to acknowledge him.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” Kenya gasped, flustered that she hadn’t even noticed the man in front of her. She became even more flustered when she noticed the man sitting in front of her was one of the most attractive men she had seen in New York. Although he was seated, she could tell he was over six feet tall. His muscles were defined even through his perfectly fitted suit. He had a chiseled masculine jaw with perfect white teeth. His hair was thick, short, dark brown and parted to the right. His beard matched the color of his hair and was neatly trimmed. She could tell that his aftershave was something classy and pricey. His eyes were the most stunning part of his face; they were large and curved downwards at the ends into slight crows feet. They were a stunning blue

color that reminded her of the midwestern sky on a clear summer day. Everything about him made her aroused. Kenya felt almost guilty at the levels of attraction she felt towards this powerful and important man who was about to interview her for the job opportunity of a life time.

“Have a seat Miss Nicoletti, I’m Jonathan Potter Ogilvie,” he said, giving her a sexy and mysterious half-smirk that made her shudder slightly with lust. She wasn’t sure what to expect. The most important man at the firm and one of the wealthiest in America was seated across from her, about to determine her fate. She settled into the plush leather seat across from him and forced herself to remain calm for the interview.

He asked her a few boring questions to gauge her qualifications and interest in the job. Then the questions started to veer slightly off topic. “So Kenya, are you living alone in New York?”

“Yes sir, I moved here earlier this year,” she responded, unsure if she actually saw the corners of his mouth turn up when she said sir or if she was merely imagining it.

“So you don’t have a boyfriend, fiance, husband?”

“Well sir, not at the moment, no.”

Kenya was starting to get frustrated with his probing inquiries about her romantic life. So what if she was single right now! How did that affect her qualifications for the job?

“Well,” he continued, “when was your last major relationship?”

Kenya was fuming. How rude! Wasn’t he supposed to be a hot shot billionaire CEO? How did her love life concern him?

“It was a few months ago actually,” Kenya responded, sure to give him a huffy stare down that she was certain would cost her the position.

“That will be all, thank you Miss Nicoletti,” he said. As she got up, ready to storm out of there as fast as her five-inch heels could carry her he called after her, “By the way Miss Nicoletti, you can call me John.”

Kenya stormed to the elevator as fast as she good, her beautiful brown hair bouncing behind her. She thought that the interview had gone terribly and she couldn’t believe the personal questions that she’d been forced to answer! She took the subway home, this time not perturbed by the prospects of perverts and creepy old men. At this rate, she would have to be pinching her pennies anyways. By the time she finally arrived at her modest apartment, she saw that she had a message on her home phone - an archaic method of communication her parents had convinced her was necessary.

She pressed “Listen” wondering what kind of person actually left a voice message in this day and age. The voice message began, “Um Hi! This is Mr. Ogilvie’s assistant and I’m just calling to let you know that the interview went really well and we were wondering if you could come back in around 7 pm tomorrow for a follow up interview? Just call us back and let us know if you can make it! Mr. Ogilvie was really impressed with your interview.”

As soon as the message ended Kenya reached into her purse, pulled out her cellphone and called the secretary to confirm that she would be there for the interview the next day. Kenya made and ate dinner and tried to get some reading done about the firm before bed. Maybe everything would work out after all and she could finally get her dream job and have her dream apartment in the city. All she needed was her dream guy.

Kenya spent the next day doing chores and taking care of uninteresting adult tasks before four in the afternoon when she finally started getting ready for her follow up interview which was at quite an odd time for a firm. Kenya put on a skin tight black dress, imitating the style of the women she saw during her first interview, threw on her heels and pulled her long brown hair into a perfect tight ballet bun. She got a cab with the same ease that she had the first time and made her way over to the firm’s building.

When she arrived there the building was quiet except for the front desk where the secretary sat typing away looking slightly disheveled and surprised despite the fact that Kenya was keeping an appointment. The secretary let her past to the elevator; she typed in the code and began her ascent to the top floor. The doors pulled open revealing Mr. Ogilvie sitting at his desk, a half drunk bottle Macallan whiskey sat on his desk, with an empty glass next to it.

“Miss Nicoletti,” he said, “Pleasure to have you back in my office. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve called you back and why it’s at such an… odd hour.” He stared her down with piercing blue eyes, a look that was almost lustful Kenya thought. “The truth is Kenya, you would fit in great here,” he stood up and wandered over to her, “but I don’t think I can hire you because, I’m just too attracted to you.” Kenya was shocked. Here was this billionaire, standing inches away from her, the musky smell of expensive whiskey on his breath, and he was saying that she was attractive!

She could feel the desire building between her thighs and she felt herself getting weak at the knees as she moved close to him. They made eye contact and John Ogilvie grabbed her in his arms and started passionately kissing her in front of his desk. She could feel his dick rising in his pants as he held her closer and undid her hair from the bun. Her dark hair fell down her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck, his kisses sending chills through her whole body and causing a wetness to build up beneath her clothes. John lifted her up onto his desk and began to unzip her dress. He weaseled the dress off her tiny frame and then stared at her perfect breasts which were sitting perky in her bra like a present waiting to be unwrapped. He unhooked the bra and then bent down to suck on each of her hard pointy nipples.

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